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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Fredless, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Fredless

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    To all the APWA cheerleaders? Have you guys just gone down the river? From what I recall you guys were all for the teamsters losing control of CS and now that this is occurring and UPS is bailing it out - its Ron Carey was a hero!

    Were you guys just looking for anything opposite the IBT could do? I strongly feel that if Hoffa would have said no to UPS leaving (which I've heard was impossible anyway, UPS could opt out regardless), that you guys would do the opposite. Same goes for the TDU cheerleaders.

    Its very hard to take either remotely seriously when it seems you guys will just bash Hoffa no matter what choice is made by our current leadership. I'm still voting no because of my own reasons (ex. the shaft the part timers got on the pay raises versus the full timers, and split raises? get bent), I could give a crap about the pension because I am not trusting anyone but my self for retirement.

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    Its because of all us apwa "cheerleaders"
    that the teamsters let ups pull us out of the sinking ship of central states... Thet were scared to loose everything
  3. Fredless

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    proof? As I said, I heard (and I could be VERY wrong) UPS could pull out of CS regardless of what the IBT thought about it. They'd have to pay out the arse for it, but they could leave.