What is considered bad weather???

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    Being a driver in Florida where we have massive amounts of rainfall most afternoons at this time of year. I was wondering what is considered unsafe working conditions to the point you can actually sit in the package car and watch it rain..
    And I thought they were supposed to alert you if the weather is really bad. A few weeks ago I called in to the center because I was in one of the worst thunderstorms I had been in years.. They looked it up on the weather channel and said stay in the package car it is directly overhead.. not a problem I was not getting out with lighting hitting the ground one after another and hail striking banging like I was in a drum..
    So get out if it is just pouring no lighting or sit it out..
    I hope it is not too stupid of a question..
  2. Big Babooba

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    I asked to come in once when a tornado touched down a half mile from me. Permission was denied.:angry:
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    probably because they knew which way the tornado was moving while they are in the building and you didn't cuz you were out there by it:biting:
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    Right, I'm sure the OMS are sitting there with NEXRAD radial velocities up and running watching for rotation...:knockedout:
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    lightning has to start somewhere......
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    Every great once in a while I get caught in a big thunderstorm like that. If I can't see to drive, I just put my flashers on and pull over in a safe spot. Time to sort or take a break. Usually these storms fronts blow through pretty quick.
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    When Hurricane Charlie hit we were forbidden to come in before we were told that we could.
    I watched a tornado jump over me about a 2 miles from the building. I sent in a message that it was time to come in. I was told to stay out.
    We were called back about 30 minutes after that. We had drivers far to the south of us in worse storm conditions and they had to drive back. There was solid rain blowing horizontally through the building upon return.
    UPS wonders why we are STILL mad at them for that!
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    ups management doesn't care about any driver out there. I've been here 17 years all they care about is the almighty dollar and thats it.... we have 18 area's and they run 17 and try to cut to 16 dailly so nuf said.. ran 17 areas had 1 under 8 traing route management fault there and had 9 over 10's nothing done and an over 12. still they'll try and cut again in the morning. over 9.5 3 weeks straight.............
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    If you don't feel safe then it is time to park and sit. I've parked in very heavy rain. Steady rain no big deal. I don't mind getting wet, just not soaked.

    We only get called in for snow if it is late and still snowing heavy or they have called a State of Emergency and we have to evacuate the roads.
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    I've delivered in rain so hard that my front shirt pockets filled with water!
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    I don't know about rain, but in 1999 we got several feet of snow and they still sent everyone out. My dad got stuck and called in for help, the center manager tried to get through with personal vehicle with no avail. Long story short, he spent the night in a brown hotel. I don't know about rain, but with snow since that incident, they have been a little more precautions with the weather around here.
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    Heh..snow? They just send drivers out earlier if we get a nasty snowstorm..That way you can drive slower in the blizzard and make all commits.
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    Man, out here in Cali I had to drive one day in 65 degree weather. Sun in my eyes and everything. Would they let me come in? Nooooo! Just playing with ya'll. I do pull over during earthquakes. :happy2:
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    :slap: :happy2:
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    I use my own judgment. I only text to the center I am stopping for a while, due to weather.
    I used my cell one time and when I was trying to explain why I stopped a lightning bolt hit a tree about 30 feet from my truck.
    The sup asked what was that noise?
    I could only laugh.
    Use your own judgment when it comes to safety, for yourself and the public at large.
  17. ORLY!?!

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    I’d say 100% humidity is probably the worst type of weather, no doubt. I will admit, I work in the southern part of the country, and boy is it hot at all times of the day and night.

    Let me explain humidity to you all. This weather phenomenon is generally a mass of water in the air. An abundance of steam like very thin mist lifted off the ground. As you sweat, the humidity doesn’t allow you to be cooled from sweat, hardly. The water just stays on your body, and doesn’t allow you to cool down as sweat intends to do.

    Oh yea, I can see rain so hard that you can’t see 4 feet in front of your window. That should be terms of pulling over and waiting it out for all drivers on the road.
  18. PASinterference

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    My all too caring mgmt team always sends messages AFTER the tornado has blown over my head.I would buy them a weather radio if I thought theywould use it.My advice to UPSlady would be to use your own judgement-Its your life and they will get over it!!!!
  19. PASinterference

    PASinterference Yes, I know I'm working late.

    I forgot to add this-if you pull over in that orange grove(and you know which one),if that go cart is a rockin,dont come knockin:funny:
  20. DS

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    Its normal here to start out with 2 feet of snow,no chains allowed here.
    They usually forego the commits,thats it.
    Humidity is bad but worst of all in the winter,I hate freezing rain the most.
    Ice collects on the wipers and windshield,especially when you follow methods by shutiing it off at every stop.
    We had one ice storm about 10 years ago that they actually called us off road...about 5PM.I had an 84 olds cutless supreme and I deaked out dead hondas till I got home around 1030.