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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jeannie50, Jul 7, 2010.

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    If you r a new driver (3yrs), no route .When I do work there can be 180-240 stops. No one seems to care no union rep nobody. what r my rights? what is a normal work day ?:sad-very::sick::angry:
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    Go back to FDX.
  3. TheKid

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    Whatever they put on your package car.
  4. TheKid

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    Ask to see the report the next morning and ask them to show you what the planned day was
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    Talk to the regular driver or see the report to see what other cover drivers do on that route. If it is a split route you won't get much info on it. Not much you can do really, except file over 9.5 grievences. Make sure to take your full lunch and break, do not use this time to sort truck or deliver. If you aren't getting to drive much, then just do your job as best you can and cash that check with a big fat smile on your face.
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    Your rights are to be paid by UPS for every minute that you work each day. Up to a maximum of 14 hrs. per day including your meal period. And a maximum of 58 hrs. per week. Unless you have mgmnt. approval you can work up to 59.59 hours per week.

    If you have chosen UPS as your career please remember it is not an 8-5 job. It never has been, and it never will be. Once you learn that aspect of our job it becomes much easier.