What is the real potential for career advancement at UPS?

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    Hey all, how's everything going? I was just hired as a p/t package handler for UPS, I'm due to start in a few weeks, and wanted to know what the real potential for career growth within the company is like. I'm in my mid 30's now, have a family, taking classes towards a college degree, and would like to work for a company that has strong potential for upward advancement. I thought that UPS would be perfect for that, but after hearing from one of the managers at my local hub that he has been on the driver waiting list for 14 years, and reading other similar stories, I'm beginning to wonder if this is a wise career move. I don't mind the hard work and low starting wage if the position can serve as a solid stepping stone for better opportunities down the road, but if it's going to be a decade or more with only limited advancements, such as becoming a sorter or a p/t sup, then I'd like to know in advance. Any info that you experienced guys/gals can provide would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are some of the other opportunities that a package handler can move into, besides supervisor or driver positions?
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    I have been loading for 4 years(Feb 2008) now still waiting. My Hub started Hiring last February (first time in 5 years) from the 60+ people that were on that list only about 5 made it. They are still in the Hiring process, from being last on the full time list I'm now 10th. Every month I believe its going to be worse because all the people that didn't make it last year will return on that dam list. Gl. As far as part time sup you can be one in 30 days i believe. After that going full time is all up to how hard you work. My friend was a part time supervisor for about a year. He is now full time supervisor. I also know part time supervisors that are part time for years abn years and cannt get a promotion. Kiss some ass, dont question and youll be fine.
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    First, Not all hub wait times for full-time advancement is the same. In my hub, it took me 9 years before I went full-time. But just a few years ago in a hub just 100 miles from me, it was only taking a year and a half.

    As far as what that manager told you of how he's been on the list for 14 years, that is because managers can only be hired on a 6:1 ratio. In other words, 6 inside hub workers would have to be hired before he was even eligible to go into driving.

    You will probably get a more straight answer from one of your fellow collegues that is high on the seniority list. Ask them how long they've been waiting etc to get a better idea of the movement in your particular hub.

    As far as wages go, I'm an article 22.3 job which is a full-time combo job (two shifts) I make about 55,000 a year and get no overtime. Package car Drivers can get in excess of 75,000 a year. Feeder drivers is about 100,000 a year and they get a lot of overtime.

    If you're going to school, management may be your thing. Often times they will pay for your school. Let me know if you got any other questions!
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    All depends on the hub you work for. At mine its an average of 3 years to go full time. In your post you wrote that a manager has waited 14 years to go FT driver? It's probably going to take lot longer for a non union employee to go FT. If you want to be a driver inquire about sat air or shuttle driver while you wait for FT position to open up
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    id say ZERO, operations level is pure smoke and mirrors, if your the right color or sexual orientation you have a shoe in,, besides that its a thankless, dead end job where you will work more hours than anyone you know,, make MUCH less,, and life will be miserable,,,.... ask around
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    RJ77, The wait time for FT driver position varies greatly from area to area. However, usually it is a decent length of time. It is a relatively well paid position especially in this economy. You said you are attending college classes. If so, there are opportunities for job in management (esp sales). There is no seniority issues, just a matter of qualifying for the job. You can look for jobs within upsers.com Also, many sales jobs and other managment jobs are posted on linkedin.com
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    Good question...I haven't been here to long. Hired in Nov. Put on permanent in Jan. I applied for part time sup position. Mind you there were two positions open.And in my opinion I was overlooked for both. :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ted on in my opinion. I have a pretttty good idea of how things need to be ran, I get a long with every other pre-loader, I'm never late etc...etc. same sad story.

    I'm educated, but I hear you don't need to be. Guess that didn't help me.

    They hire two new supervisors in which one has never worked a day of her life in a UPS. The second I have no clue. But our 3rd pt sup was showing her how to tape damaged boxes today. They are training these two from the ground up. Which showed me that they weren't looking for the most experience. I feel my intelligence was insulted. They pretended I had a chance and behind closed doors probably laughed at me thinking I could move up.

    I am currently looking for another job in the mean time. A career. But with my experience they don't want you moving up. They rather I scan boxes and do small sort so they don't have to search for another person that will stay for b/s.
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    They were both female. Enough said.
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    The management personnel I've spoken with said that I should really look into opportunity in a department called IE after I put some time doing manual labor in building.
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    What does them being female have to do with it? The previous two were men. One quit, one fired. Now we have 3 female pt sups. And another female sup who sits in her office almost the whole time.