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    Several colleagues of mine submitted letters of intent a month ago. Our FT supervisor has yet to complete any of our intial assessments.Not one of us. Other PT sups seem to have breezed thru(under Different FT sups), but of course not selected as of yet. Some of us have degrees, some military experiences, some even ran a business. The rumor is that FT Sups neglect to complete assessments as a way of denying promotion without outright saying "your not promotable", hoping you will simply forget about it. Another rumor is that the FT SUP, will delayed it untill he has unoffical approval from a higher manager, because HR takes over the process and it gets outta thier control. Finally, another rumor is that the FT Sup will undermine your promotion in order to avoid to being transferred to a "help needed" facility or simply He/she is too lazy to do it. My thing is, if selection is not guaranteed after passing the panel, why hold anyone up. What are some of the experiences you all have had?Whats is the cold-hearten truth?
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    This is just giving you time to come to your senses and run the other way!!!!
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    Most likely it is as Upstate quoted. Even if they do not want you to be a Sup they will pass you but when it comes time to hire they will just say you are not ready. Just happened in my building I was promoted last week, but another person on my belt didn't get an interview.
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    The "cold hearted truth" is, Do you really want to sell your soul?
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    Good luck with your descent into the bowels of hell. Please secure your honesty, dignity and character in the storage area above your head as you will not be needing them any longer.
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    btrlov is going into Union Management as a Business Agent?

    Think twice before becoming a BA ... whatever shreds of dignity and self-respect you have after a year will be subverted by the inability to discern the truth.
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    Then, and only then, will he be on an even mental and moral playing field with his managerial adversaries.
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    What would you know about a BA? Hear some old war stories about operations at the water cooler this morning from the latest token to get promoted?

    Unlike you I actually live what is posted about here day in and day out, as a dues paying member and a steward. Unfortunately, you are just a poser with some extra buttons given to you by Cheryl.
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    I think there is a lot of truth to this statement. I like Hoaks humor sometimes but feel that most of his comments and views are out of touch in the real ups world. These days what the hell does he really know about how things are these days.
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    Colleagues :D
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    He has admitted there is some truth to that, to my knowledge. I don't see the big deal.
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    Me neither

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    Another mouthpiece with his ear to the emerald city !!!!

    At least a BA knows how screwed up Atlanta has become. A BA speaks for the workforce, THE SAME workforce that will carry you into retirement without you touching a letter or package. Tell Atlanta to keep on its path to a devastating strike !!!!!!
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    Any teamster with half a brain will vote no on the next contract to show the international and Atlanta that we are done with all this :censored2:.
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    Hoke spent the first part of his career (10 years?) in operations.

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    Drivers are the backbone of the company, period !!

    If he was a driver WAY BACK THEN, he had it easy. The company has setup all their rules now to blame a driver for ANY POSSIBLE situation that comes up. The telematics is used for harrassment, not for the mechanics. The micromanagement is at unprecedented levels. Hard work is not appreciated anymore. A driver now does more work than a driver did even just 5 years ago.

    A steward and BA spends most ,if not all of their time, dealing with a micromanaged employee, not a lazy one.
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    Nice speech---now how does it relate to ..."THE SAME workforce that will carry you into retirement without you touching a letter or package"?

    I don't know if he ever drove but if he did it wasn't for very long. He worked at the center level so is well aware of what we go through. I will grant you that he has no idea of the level of micromanaging that goes on today but to say that he is going to retire with experiencing nothing more that the occasional paper cut is grossly unfair.

    Drivers are the face of this company but it takes a lot of people behind the scenes to keep the operation going and for an employee to spend 40 years working for the same company in this day and age is to be commended.
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    A quick pause as we return to the OP's question -

    When did you submit your letter of interest to HR? You referenced your colleagues, but not when you submitted your own letter.

    Which process was this for? The MAPP or Sales Selection (BD) Process as how they are handled is completely different these days.

    At the end of the day the Initial Assessment (IA) has to be completed, your FT Sup cannot just hold onto it indefinitely, although I can see a period of time that is longer than it should to get it complete, they have to complete it at some point and either approve you or deny you.

    Yes, they do have to have the approval of the next level manager before the paperwork is submitted, but they would have already reviewed this with you more than likely.

    Is there a particular position that you have been made aware of or that is posted on the Management Career Opportunities (MCO aka Job Board) that you are not able to be considered for because of the delay?

    Have you talked with the Supervisor in question regarding your IA? Checked with HR to confirm receipt of the letter? Depending on the process that you are going through there are other steps that I would recommend

    There are a lot of rumors that you mentioned in the OP, but not a lot of facts. It's not a perfect system, but it is a lot better than it used to be.
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    I meant to sound stupid ... I'll assume you did too!

    Happy trails.