What is the UPS job oppertunity ladder like after working as a package handler?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by BruisedLegs, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. BruisedLegs

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    So I've been working as a package handler for over two years now and was curious as to what job oppertuniites are available elswhere at UPS? I handed in my application to become a package car driver. What else is out there? How do you move up from being a package car driver? Can you guys give me a breakdown at what I should be looking at ?

  2. rod

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    Being a package car driver would be the top job at UPS. If you go from there into management it is actually a demotion. Some would say being a feeder driver would be the top job but only if your goal is to put on weight and wear larger pants.
  3. BruisedLegs

    BruisedLegs New Member

    What are the hours like for being a package car driver, both part-time and full-time? What's the seniority like to become one?
  4. island1fox

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    Sorry, but I am always accused of being too much of a realist. Opportunities at UPS or any Company today are rather bleak.
    Our country is in tremendous debt and is in a serious decline.
    If we do not come out of this mess and soon --never mind "moving up" you may be like millions of Americans --just looking for work .:sad-little:
  5. rod

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    Every center would differ. Ask around yours.
  6. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Bruised, do yourself a big favor and take everything Really Old Driver tells you with a grain of salt. He is a retiree who has been unable to move on. He still goes down to the coffee shop to hang out with the drivers. Retired means just that---retired.

    The only part-time drivers are our air drivers and they are slowly being phased out. The hours will vary from center to center but you can be sure that it is not a 9 to 5 job. I start at 915 and am usually punched out and gone by 1830. I average 2 hours OT each week. We have 25-27 routes on the road and when I get back there are usuallly 8-10 drivers who have already punched out. Peak is a whole different ballgame.

    Seniority to become a pkg car driver also varies from center to center. When I was hired in 1989 off the street I had my seniority in 11 months. Today that would not be possible. I can't recall the last part-timer who was promoted--that is how long it has been.

    You asked earlier about promotion opportunities beyond pkg car. As the old guy said, that would be management. The decision as to whether you should apply for a management position is yours and yours alone and will depend upon what your career goals are and what experience and education you bring to the table. My on-car was a driver for 15 years and has told me many times that he regrets his decision to go in to management.

    (I just read island's post. I respect his opinion but don't share his pessimism. I think UPS will come out of this recession a leaner, stronger company poised to take advantage of a new corporate mindset. Diversification will continue to where package operation will simply be another division within the company.)
  7. rod

    rod retired and happy

    Bruised---do yourself a big favor and don't believe everything upstate says. He is a brown-noser and will have you working off the clock if you listen to him.
  8. BruisedLegs

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    I don't know how to drive stick shift....is that an issue?
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    It could be but learning how to is very easy. When both my kids were learning how to drive I made sure to teach them how to drive a manual transmission vehicle.

    All of the pkg cars in my center are automatics.
  10. UPSGUY72

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    You have been working at UPS for over 2 years and have no clue what your advancement options are in your building!!!!!! You need to sign the PT to FT drivers list every year or your not on the list. If you want to know where you stand on the list ask your HR REP.

    You need to ask people in your building ie driver or people that have been there a while for specifics.

    Again you have been working over 2 years and don't have a clue how long drivers work in your building.

    First you need to start paying attention to what is going on around you or your never going become a driver.
  11. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    then again if you have any IT knowledge, they are always looking for help, ask HR about TSG or Plant Engineering, these positions are the ones who keep all those belts moving.
  12. JonFrum

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    You'll find the location of the stick will bruise your legs as you leave the seat to open the bulkhead door.

    Other body parts are in danger as well.