What the Logo really symbolizes

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by anon, Apr 11, 2003.

  1. anon

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    What does the logo really symbolize?

    A new era for UPS?

    Or an abandonment of the core service values that served this company, and country, for a century - for some yuppie hype?
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    To: Anon (Unregistered Guest):

    Times change.

    I started with UPS back in '67 - six years after the last logo change. The shield and box logo are all I ever knew. I grew up with them and hate to see them go.

    Today's UPS is nothing like my UPS. In '67, we serviced <u>three</u> states from my location. Today, we are worldwide. Back then, we delivered furniture and appliances in metropolitan areas. Today, we deliver pandas and killer whales across

    Back in '67, UPS dealt strictly in <u>packages</u>, and the logo showed that. Today's UPS is much more than packages. Don't you think that our new logo should represent that?

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    Plus we recommend that you do not use string or plastic bands when shipping packages, as they have tendency to get caught in the automated system. The pkg. with the bow tie is nice but it was due to be updated.