What would you guys do? FRUSTRATED!!!!

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    I moved over 300 miles for this driver position, I had around 2 years in with UPS as a preloader, air driver, seasonal and what have you. Before I get here I am told that when Im bumped I will be able to do preload and local sort. I get here and its a different story, you have no "inside seniority" so now you cant do that. So apparently my supervisors think all I can do is sit around on my thumbs and wait for them to call at anytime. The way they have it I cant go get side work at all. Nobody is going to hire me knowing that OH I will only be here the days that UPS doesnt decide to call me in. Then ontop of that I know many people will say to file unemployment "which I refuse to do" but they have been offering upper seniority drivers days off and all this does is get me in one day a week, so there goes that whole theory if you work a day you cant file unemployment. They have my hands tied every which way and Im sitting here going broke. Ive told them the situation and it just falls on deaf ears and Im sick of it. OH well it will pick up here for peak, YEAH for a month and then what???

    On a side note Im sick of the offering Seniority drivers days off to "get you guys in" yeah on what Monday or Friday cause the same people keep wanting 3 day weekends. Which is fine I understand them wanting a 3 day weekend but dont freaking offer me a full time postion, promise me that I can do local sort and preload and then change it on me once I get here. I think its ridiculous that a seniority driver can have 6 month leave for "medical" reasons, then come back and that very week be wanting Friday and Mondays off EVERY single week. People may say well dont complain it gets you in a day, Im sorry but $100 dollars doesnt solve anything. Apparently Im suppose to "MAKE IT" by sitting around being on call and being a fill in boy for Monday or Friday. The more I write about this the more it just P----s me off!!!!!
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    Sounds like they tooled you and have you right where they want you. If I were you, I wouldn't put up with that for much longer, especially since you made such a drastic change in choosing to take the job. When push comes to shove, the only way to get what you want is to go in there and ask when that job they promised you is to begin. Unfortunately it's all down to poor communication and while your old supervisors wanted you to get that job, the people running the new building don't take orders from them and could care less.

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    I don't know where you are, but here they are required to post your scheduled start time the friday of the preceding week for the following week.
    Although they list people as on call, there is no contractual language to support this practice.
    If it were me, and the same language holds true in your region, I would simply inquire every Friday as to your start time the following week and if I wasn't scheduled i would file for unemployment the following Monday.
    IMHO you are under no obligation to sit by the phone on a daily basis waiting for a call that may or may not come.



    Yeah I just contacted my BA and was told that I have stay available until my start time. To me thats total bull crap so yeah I have to sit there next to my phone every morning until 9. So what other jobs can I go get, and without being able to get other work which is extremely hard to find right now anyway I cant do unemployment. Im really getting sick of this!
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    There are lots of other jobs available.
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    I say quit too. How can you still want to work for a company that rooked you like that?


    Well believe me Ive been applying like a mad man for jobs but never hear anything back.
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    Dude, I totally don't blame you for quiting. Even if you did work inside then you would be at the starting rate @ $8.50 sence you have NO seniority, so even that's not worth it cause that brings u $100 paycheck and no 2nd job cause of your oncall status as a driver.

    The only other possible solution I can think of is trying to hook up with a landscaper or construction and work something out were you can call them and come in if UPS doesn't use you. But even that's hard to pull with present economy.

    How was you able to transfer in the 1st place????

    What did you actually bid into??

    Fulltime driver, Cover driver, Single Day vacation cover driver(yea, there is a difference), Seasonal Driver???

    I've been part time air for 5 yrs. single day vaca cover and seasonal for the last 2yrs. I revert back to part time air after season over. Well, on my 3rd yr. with volumn drop I was tooled like that as well. On call everyday and maybe 1 day work a week. I was lucky cause I still had another fulltime job after my UPS air so it helped with the wait but sucked calling in every 4am to be told call again later and then be told they don't need me.
    I almost quite a 100 X's during that. If I hadn't had that other job to hold me, I would have. The other job treated me well and was really good with how they managed. I miss 'em sometimes.
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    Watch, you quite and thats when a guy gets a yr off due to medical and they coulda used you. Then again, after that yr. they can tool you all over again just as you start to feel secure about your job.
    They put you in a bad spot.
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    That just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy about our company, dont it. Yeah, I took the ERI today, and I used all 1600 words, OOPS it is anonymous isnt it?

    it doesnt sound right that you cannot work inside, You were not an outside hire. You did not have to quit and be rehired did you?
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    This job is actually posted as a FULL TIME DRIVER. So Im a cover driver, I know I dont have a set route or anything. What gets me is I know how UPS works and I specifically asked them before I moved here. "I know I will be bumped alot, can I bump into preload and local sort?" "ABSOLUTELY!" At the time they was down 3 drivers for medical and other reasons. So all they did was freaking LIE to me to get me here. Its so nice to see driver that actually UNDERSTAND what Im saying about finding other work. I talk to management and they act as if its no big deal. YEAH well if you was YOU going broke it would be a different story! What really makes me mad is the way it looks to me this job should have been posted as a seasonal then I wouldnt have freaking wasted my time or energy even farting around with it.


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    I may be wrong but....
    Read your local contract.Here.ft drivers are guaranteed 8 hours if they show up for work.
    Grieve it, and ask for back pay.They may just find a way to squeeze you in(minus the back pay I bet)
    You have every right to be pst off
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    And Upstate says UPS has changed since I retired --- bull. Sounds like the same old UPS to me. This ranks right up there with the lie they tell the temporary jumpers every peak season----you know---- If you bust your butt and run your tail off they could keep you on after Christmas.
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    What would I do? I'd start typing up my resume. Btw there's a 4th courier starting up, maybe they could hire you, it was co foundered by an ex-UPS guy.
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    I was hired as an outsider after being a pt sup for 6 yrs, and 8 yrs total pt. I was offered a job, 70 miles away, ft driver, I took it. I drove 140+ miles a day for 4.5 yrs. I was "suppose" to get the wage I was getting, like ptimers do when the go full time, until the progression goes over their rate. Did not. I was making what equallled a driver rate of 20 per hr, for sup work, at 5 hrs a day. Never ever worked 5 usually 8 or more, my bad, I did it, was dumb. I took this job, they dropped my rate to new driver status and there was nothing I could do but quit. 9.19 ph, driving like I said 140 miles a day. On call at 8 and it took me 1 hr 10 minutes to get there. While a position opened in my center that I had left. I wrote a letter to my dm which was almost 20 yrs ago. My mother developed, rest her soul, lung cancer. I asked to be transferred back to that center since they were working me there every day, so I could be near her and check on her, Im still waiting on the answer, my Mom died, I moved to be closer to work, once she was gone, then my Dad got sick. All gone now, I have a job, in a town I know no one but customers. I make a lot of money and have no family here. Move on with your life at your first chance. UPS doesnt care about your life you are just a number. If I were 20 yrs younger I would leave but no one is left to go back to. So IMO, leave now. It is truly not worth it, UPS is not the only work out there, and most companies treat employees a whole lot better.