What's the Best Gift You Have Gotten on Area So Far?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by outta hours, Dec 17, 2005.

  1. outta hours

    outta hours Active Member

    What's the best gift you have gotten so far? This is the time when they should start rolling in. Mine so far is a check for $ 500.00. Comes every year in a card sent to my house from a big rancher on my area. Lot's of other smaller things so far also. Cookies, candy, and a few twentys. It is nice to be appreciated.
  2. UPSmeoff

    UPSmeoff Active Member

    Im not even going to touch this.
  3. ups79

    ups79 Active Member

    my best gift came from UPS, two years ago. They allowed me to retire with a decent pension and health benefits for both myself and wife. All the 20's, nuts, candies, and wines for the previous 25 years meant nothing compared to what UPS was capable of giving.
  4. brett636

    brett636 Well-Known Member

    All I got was a smart mouthed turkey :(
  5. quebec_driver

    quebec_driver New Member

    couple of bottles of wine and some chocolate
  6. Fredly000

    Fredly000 Just Another in Brown

    box a chocolate, and being its a training route, I was nice enough to share it with the few trainees that followed me.

    But the biggest gift of all is the big smiles I get from people when I show up at 9pm with that AEO or QVC or Omaha steak box...
    but 500.00 would be nice... wow.
  7. scratch

    scratch Least Best Moderator Staff Member

    Gosh, Outta Hours, I can't campare to the $500.00 you get, the most I've got cash wise was $100.00. When you run a residential area like I do, you don't rake in the tips like I did when I ran a warehouse route. So far I've just got the candy, cookies, and pastries. Next week the Christmas Cards with twenties and resturant gift cards will be stuck in my pockets. Take good care of your Rancher buddy, I used to raise Limosine beef cattle myself!
  8. outta hours

    outta hours Active Member

    Don't take this thread the wrong way. I did not start it to brag about the $ 500.00 check I recieved. I thought it would be cool for all of us to share with each other some of the nice things we are given by our customers. As for my rancher friend you must understand this is a huge place and he is one of the wealthiest people in the country. So much in fact that I have a daily pickup there that is used almost only for his wife to return clothes that have been sent to her from Beverly Hills stores. These outfits are selected by her personal shopper who sends them to her to try on. She sends back the one's she does not like. Some of the declared value's on these returns exceed $20k. They have their own runway and heliport so this is not just your average ranch. I have old ladies in mobile homes who give me cookies, I appreciate these as much or more than the big money from rich ranchers. The look on peoples faces when you bring THEIR Christmas to them is it's own reward and is probably a better gift than anything they could give us. So please continue to share your good fortune on this thread. Stay safe this peak week and Merry Christmas to you all.
  9. danlin

    danlin Member

    An art print from the artist herself...signed"With love and thanks for Christmas
  10. ok2bclever

    ok2bclever I Re Member

    That was not a gift, it was a contractually fought for and negotiated benefit, compliments of the Teamsters you always badmouth, but then you knew that and your statement was just more politics.

    There were a lot of nice things given to me over the years, but rather than one particular gift what I remember with the most fondness was the amazing outpouring of shows of appreciation my fourth Christmas as a driver from so many on my first bid route.

    It was a very heavy industrial and commercial route that I was only on for two years (and ecstatic to get off :laugh:) and when I informed them I was going to another route after the first of the year they showed themselves to be Christmas giftgivers extraordinaire.

    I still have some of those gifts around my house.
  11. ups79

    ups79 Active Member

    ok2b:Just like you, I've grown accustomed to knowing your responses. I don't believe the union added any cent to the money contributed to my pension plan. However, I have heard that they removed a portion of yours.
  12. over9five

    over9five Moderator Staff Member

    ..and I'm sure the giving, caring, family loving UPS would have given just as much without it being negotiated for by the Teamsters.

    Yeah, right.
  13. ok2bclever

    ok2bclever I Re Member

    So illogical.

    Actually, nothing has been "removed" from mine by the union as of this time.

    UPS though has removed a portion from UPS retired workers.

    Retired medical comes from UPS and they have significantly raised and are continuing to raise the UPS medical premiums each year from here on.

    That is UPS that is taking the money from UPS workers in case you didn't understand that.

    As for your personal cushy situation, every dime you spend from your pension check was forced out of UPS in negotiations, but give all the credit to UPS, you always do.
  14. tieguy

    tieguy Banned

    I think perhaps this post if segmented might demonstrate a few points I made earlier in regards to Ok's posting technique:

    So illogical.

    Here Ok starts off his post very critical and on the offensive. The correct response would be to either state he disagrees or to simply point out where he disagrees. Instead he "labels" the post he responds to as being illogical. This is because the poster he responds to has apparently erred by disagreing with Ok thus encurring the flame.

    That is UPS that is taking the money from UPS workers in case you didn't understand that.

    Here Ok flames again with a little sarcasm. Punishment for disagreeing with him.

    "As for your personal cushy situation"

    Notice the use of cushy to allege the poster he responded to is somehow privaledged.

    every dime you spend from your pension check was forced out of UPS in negotiations, but give all the credit to UPS, you always do.

    and more of the same arrogant sarcasm. I thought it a great example of what you continously get from an Ok when you make the mistake of disagreeing with him. This is certainly one of his milder posts but still captures the essence of his arrogant sarcasm.
  15. susiedriver

    susiedriver New Member

    Are you:
    a) showing off your spelling skills?
    b) adding to the discussion with facts?
    c) making an ad hominem attack?

    Correct answer is 'c'.

    For extra credit, how many spelling errors were made in your post?
  16. unregistered

    unregistered Guest

    I know!
    The correct answer is four.
  17. teddyr

    teddyr New Member

    $500 is quite a gift, good svc does pay. Best I have ever done was $200 and all the candy, cookies and Hickory Farms one could eat in one month.
  18. UPSmeoff

    UPSmeoff Active Member

    One time i saw a hot naked lady through the window at her house.

    Thats kind of a gift....isnt it?
  19. xracer

    xracer Member

    Any gift that I get is greatly appreciated but a few things that really stand out are a card that on the inside say the best UPS man ever and also the personal invite to Christmas party that is basically for their family. But the one that really touched me was the one that I recieved today via my helper when he came back to the truck with $3 dollars in quarters and told me that the lady told him she did not have much but appreciated the hard work and kindness that she sees throughout the year..
  20. xracer

    xracer Member

    UPSmeoff, I have gotten a gift like you mentioned and did not consider myself fortunate because aside from being naked she was on a exercise bike and approx 300lbs..