whats the best way to deal with this new "push" on production? on production.

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    With many areas experiencing a push in production and ride along, maybe there should be a thread that is started that people can access to become more informed on what drivers rights are and how to approach management when being rode with, or "questioned" about a production issue. There are some drivers who have more "experience" with these types of issues, than others. Any thoughts??
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    You will soon receive an email from corporate to cease and desist regarding this thread.

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    ignore it
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    Article 6

    Section 4
    (8) No employee shall be discharged on a first offense if such discharge is based solely upon
    information received from GPS or any successor system unless he/she engages in dishonesty
    (defined for the purposes of this paragraph as any act or omission by an employee where he/she
    intends to defraud the Company). The degree of discipline dealing with off-area offenses shall not
    be changed because of the use of GPS.

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    Work as instructed. Assume at all times that you are being followed by a Loss Prevention sup with a video camera and stopwatch. Take and record accurately all breaks and meal periods. Obey speed limits and work safely.

    Follow EDD/PAS 100%. You arent being paid to think or make smart decisions any more. Do it their way, even if it results in service failures. They made the bed, let them lie in it. If they dont like it, let them fix it. Thats why they make the big bucks. Your stress level will go way down when you stop worrying about problems that arent yours.

    When questioned about your production, delays on your route, or any Telematics data... say nothing other than "I dont recall". Repeat as necessary. "I dont recall...I dont recall....I dont recall". Make no effort to cooperate or fill in the blanks for them. Always assume that management already knows the answers to the questions they are asking, and that they are trying to trick or confuse you into being dishonest. Dont help them.

    Remember that Telematics data cannot be used against you for disciplinary purposes, and that "dishonesty" is "defined for the purposes of this paragraph as any act or omission by an employee where he/she
    intends to defraud the Company" (Art 6 NMA). The burden of proof is therefore on management to prove that you intended to defraud the company. Do not be intimidated into thinking that you can be fired for a data entry error--- or a 4 minute delay at a stop---or accidentally making a wrong turn and having to drive around the block. Stuff happens. If you allow yourself to be intimidated your nervousness might cause you to say things that could be used against you. This is where "I dont recall" comes in really handy.

    Learn from your management, and adopt their responses as your own. If your sup is being a real hardass and complaining about your overallowed hours on the WOR, look him right in the eye and say...."it is what it is."
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    I would be more colorful than "I don't recall". hahah Good post, I enjoy the psychoanalytical breakdown.
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    and everytime soberups would ask me about that day off or can I get a day off or don't you remember why I had that late air or his response started with I told you.....I called you....I sent a message in..... I would respond with "I don't recall" ....see me with the shop steward in my office.......
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    Boys and Girls...^^^^ that's supposed to be intimidating.
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    I am so very intimidated.:funny:
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    You have a printout in front of you, I don't. I may not be able to recall the info you want. If you're going to want to know the specifics for each stop, I'll have to get a notebook and take the time to record everything after I deliver each stop. Would that make you happy? I don't think so.
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    I think I pooped a little, it's so intimidating...
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    UPSNewbie, I found an update to your avatar.
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    check my profile. Already up. :peaceful:
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    Good post. They always say I don't know so that is what I say back!
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    the sham wow guy never looked better.
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    Some of the best advice is to follow speed limit perfectly.

    Do not run, jog or even walk fast.

    Do not take short cuts like back roads or cut through parking lots.

    Yellow now means stop!

    Take your time pulling out into traffic.

    Remember to count 123 after every red light, stop sign, and stopped in traffic!!!

    Use your hand cart whenever you can. It is one more thing to unload and reload.

    Misloads are a wonderful thing to have to run off and slow down your day.

    OCA's are nice to have to break and go do.

    I would not be running off ground stops with my air either except for SSI accounts and last stop at 10:25am.

    Let your customers know not to help you in advance. Tell them if you have a sup with you do not help.

    Bag or tote all of your smalls and put them on belt as well as airs on top belt too.

    Do proper pre-trips in full as well as post trips. No short cuts.

    Load all your pick ups on shelves and not just thrown on floor.

    If customers ASD not filled out finish filling it out for them like date, weight, from address, service level, make them sign or write N/A, business name for to and from so on and so forth.

    Fill out each delivery notice in full. No short cuts. Write in entire customer name as well as entire shipper name.

    If customers boxes look like they need more tape ask them to add some tape or do it yourself.

    Pull all group 2's and fill out paperwork in full.

    Do a full T cross on all boxes not delivered.

    Answer all DIAD info with complete words and full answers back with no shrt cuts.

    If your truck has something wrong with it on area stop and write it up on area so you do not forget.

    They want perfection give them perfection.

    Follow EDD even if it is wrong.

    Then when you are running out of time you will have to break to go do the last few businesses before 5pm.

    Remember that when you are to send in your numbers to stop 10 minutes before that time to sort truck looking for misloads on the clock not at lunch.

    Take full lunch at your choosing not theirs!

    Good luck!

    Work hard, work smart, work safe.
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    How about you just be productive? Lord knows they are paying you to be. You can't make management the bad guy for wanting to get their money's worth.
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    And you can't make hourly the bad guy for not being able to accomplish the impossible.
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    Blue, they pay us to work by the methods, not to be productive. I don't think the company is the bad guy for wanting to get their money's worth. I think the bad comes in in HOW they want it done.
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    They pay you and I to be productive and to follow methods. Unfortunately, one foot stumbles over the other when it comes to the ridiculous numbers; and UPS can't have their cake and eat it most of the time. Still, it is expected to do the impossible.