When the contract is voted down it will be awesome!!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by revitup, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. revitup

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    Teamsters can read!! teamsters can mail a letter!! I'm thinking 80% no!
    I no of atleast 60 drivers/loaders voting no and not one yes. All these clowns on here talking up the yes vote are in management,like we don't know that.
    The talk about a strike is a scare tattic,WE DON'T HAVE CAREY WE HAVE HOFFA.......THEY WILL GO BACK TO THE TABLE.
    Can't wait to see what they change to sway the vote.. proud teamster
  2. rpoz11

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    FT'ers need to talk to every PT'er they can get to.
    Inform everyone.
    Provide truthful literature.
    Present good arguments why they should vote.
    Every PT'er I know I tell them to go and read.
    It's all on the IBT website to view.
    I tell PT'ers in my area that if they want a career here, then you need to get involved.
    So far I think I have helped nearly 100 PT employees think about their future.

    Stand up and participate!!!
  3. Coldworld

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    Scratch for teamsters general president in 2015!!

    HEFFERNAN Huge Member

    I hope you have a lot of seniority, cause you'll need it !!!!
  5. scratch

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    Hopefully, I will retired and have plenty of time on my hands. I will need something to do to keep me busy. I couldn't do any worse than who we have now.
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    ​They hate you already!
  7. scratch

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    I'm gonna change my handle to "Least Best Mod".
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    ​Do what you want but "Worst Mod Ever" is worse than "Least Best Mod" ... even if it is only so psychologically.
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    You could follow your son's lead and become an extra in movies and television shows. You would have to start in low-budget porn and work your way up.
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    Remember when hall was going around to rank and file before the negotiations. His big talking point was "Any company making $4.5 BILLION in PROFIT (after all the bills are paid) can maintain what they are currently giving". To bad he forgot he said that. This is the doom of both the company and the union if this passes. UPS will not be able to hire and maintain a good work force (those with a good work ethic) to replace the ones they have now in the future (10-15 years from now) and at that point UPS will start to crumble because they wont be able to deliver anything (service or packages) any more. The union will fall because they will bankrupt the pension to cover a healthcare plan (that will eventually get dropped all together) and future UPS work force will vote to withdraw from the union, leaving no incoming dues to keep the union alive. Remember, UPS dues are what fund the union now. This sounds like a bleak post, but the future is bleak if this craptract passes.