When Will Americans Put A Stop To This Nonsense?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Mar 16, 2007.

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    This past week a $124 bil appropiations bill was approved out of the Appropiations Committee to the full house with it's purpose of funding the efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan. What upsets me is not the $95 bil going to the various war efforts, our guys are there so give them all they need to protect themselves and do the job, but what gets me is the rest is nothing but setasides for political advantage and vote buying in the long run. I'm not saying that some of these issues don't have merit in the current scheme of how gov't is run but here's what gets me.

    The democrats were pushing to include language in the bill to forbid Bush from going into Iran without first approval of the Congress but then caved to this effort. Did they really cave? The appearance is not so reassuring. To me, it looks like they learned from the republican setaside masters and waved the Iran limits flag in order to sell in exchange for including numerous setasides that would obviously endear voters in certain areas going into the 08' elections. And then to make matter worse, the republicans not to be out done also jumped into the fray and got their "chickens for the pot" to pass along to they're supporters. They both used this bill to wheel and deal.

    Democrats came to power assuring the public that the same ole' republican games were gone and that a new sheriff was in town. Really? May be a new sheriff but they act like members of the same ole' robbin' crew that's been stealing our cattle and horses and robbing our hard earned money from the local banks!

    One of numerous articles on the net about this legislation

    House Panel Approves Bill To Fund War, Set Timeline - washingtonpost.com

    BTW Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid, the need for legislation to demand Bush come to you for authorization to invade Iran was never needed. He's bound to do so by the language under Article 1 Section 8 of the US Constitution so hold his ass to it!

    Something sez you guys already knew this but instead are working hard to play catchup with the republicans on those set asides, ie vote buying. Should have known you couldn't resist the urge. What do you expect when you send drug addicts to guard the drug store!
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    Sounds like a country that desperately needs the line item veto.
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    Good point but we have a President currently who has all but not used the veto in the first place so I've not got a lot of confidence that would work. At the same time, if Bush were the principled fiscal conservative and if this bill is passed into legislation he should veto the whole thing but that won't happen.

    US Comptroller has been discussing some frightening economic scenarios of recent but I doubt the executive or legislative branches have the guts to face them head on and make some hard choices that quite frankly I don't like or for that fact most Americans don't as well. I think most of that stims from lack of trust from the broader public and IMO gov't at about all levels has rightly earned that lack of trust.