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    Hi all i have a very simple question. After you go to your 6 day training school and the 7th day being your first day on the job really, how would a fresh driver know where he has to go? Do they start out with current drivers and learn the routes? Obviously a new casual driver will not get his own route.
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    They quite often will send a driver out blind. Yes you are lost and confused and PO'ed but you are getting paid by the hour so about the only thing you can do is grin and bare it (and call in to tell them what is happening). The job isn't for someone who is easily flustered.

    Usually they will ride with you for a few days to get you to understand what a worthless POS you are and make you realize that no matter what you do it won't be good enough and to let you know who is boss.
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    EDD will make your life easier, follow it the best you can. When management asks you why it took you so long just tell them you're doing the best you can. Just work safe and steady, you'll be fine.
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    They should send you out with a SUP for 1 Day them your on your own... Most small businesses get delivered through the front door. Larger businesses usually have signs that say Shipping and receiving go there. If your unsure ask someone at the business.
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    There fixed it for u.
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    I wish you could use GPS in the package cars that would help a bit.
  8. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The only drivers that it may help are air drivers and those on country runs. GPS would be more of a nuisance to most of the others.
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    In a pinch, I use google maps on my phone. Great in a city. Shows you one ways or if you don't know a break.
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    oops I did it the other day
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    I use my iPhone maps for O/A's, that's it.
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    I have a trailer park on my area that is next to an industrial area. The main road through this park used to go through to the industrial area but has been blocked off for some time now. There is a sign at the front of the park which says "Dead End" or something to that effect but at least once a week a semi pulling a trailer will go down that road to try to access the industrial area because that is what GPS told them to do. Have you ever seen a semi pulling a trailer do a 27 point turn?
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    On the last day of my "making book", my first center manager (who I recently found out was terminated out of another building for fudging numbers) told me "tomorrow, bring a map and a sense of humor". If you know in advance the area you'll be doing, take a ride there on your own time and look around.

    Use all the tools at your disposal including a map and a smart phone. Take notes, try to notice trends in street names (i.e., numbered streets, streets named for trees/flowers, streets with male or female names). Also, never be afraid to ask the customers. Many people live close to where they work, they can be a tremendous help.

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    If your a temp. you will probably quit after the first week. My center had 3 Temps. quit this summer. The temps. really get used and abused.
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    Nothing like a good map so you get the big picture of the area. It's also easier and takes less time...
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    Now you have him thinking,
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    So package car drivers never use GPS like garmin when they start the job fresh? Or that is not even allowed to use?
  18. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is allowed but IMO it is more time consuming than helpful.
  19. menotyou

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    We have a kid who uses one. He has to kinda hide it, as it's not allowed. Management turns a blind eye because they send him out blind on new routes without training, which is why he uses it.
    I wouldn't use it, but that's just me.
  20. menotyou

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    We were told they weren't allowed.