When you thought ORION hit Rock Bottom...


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Show up. Then have the OMS schedule another pickup (I ask for a duplicate through the DIAD) at the proper time. If everyone did this, along with following ORION, it would force corporate to fix it.
Why quietly handle minor problems by myself when I could call my management team and remind them that I exist?

This is some amazing boomer logic right here.


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I was actually told in Integrad that the goal is 80% trace.

I just like to poke fun bc I think a billion dollar program should do better than a C average
I shoot for 0% trace. I just run the route the best way possible so I can go home. Even if it means running it totally stop for stop backwards to what the DIAD says. I actually push for 0% trace. It's a fun game to me. I come in 25-40 miles under each day. I asked management if I should follow ORION. They were like no no no. You're doing great.