Where is my missing MIP

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  1. grinandbearit

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    How come I seem like the only one in my location that is upset about the scam. I got 1 mip split for 2011 and 2012 and wont get another till 2013.

    For me thats a $13,000 hit (based on this year) NO rsu for 2011 nadda, zip

    and my magement keeps saying that its only delayed...I say not. No matter how many times we look at the years, it doesnt add up......I will never get the missing mip.

    And on top of it they told us last year that UPS was not making any money on this. Well the shareholders got .15/per and the company saw .40......how could they not, they only paid out 1 mip for 35,000 over 2 years, Thats a min of 400 million savings.

    Is anyone else upset about this
  2. Monkey Butt

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    The rest of us understand it.
  3. grinandbearit

    grinandbearit New Member

    I dont understand what do you mean, are you part of it.,.. I dont understand, I'm missing $13,000 over 2011 and n 2012..

    tell me hoaxter what am my missing, spell it out

    who are you, Wouldnt you miss $6500 a year

    I ve read your posts you seem to be a master at all thats posted here
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  4. Monkey Butt

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    The MIP was delayed for 3 months. That's all.

    The 2010 MIP was all awarded in December 2010 as normal.

    The 2011 MIP was moved to March 2012 to match the calendar year. About a fourth was advanced into December 2011 to ease the transition for Christmas shopping.

    You are not missing the amount of money you posted ... if you can't figure that out, what are you doing in management?
  5. FracusBrown

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    Mathematically he's right. Combined earring's for 2011 and 2012 will be shorted one mip award.

    The only thing thats being eased is the transition to getting paid less.

    I must admit, they have been pretty smooth with the reductions. Slow, gradual, steady and methodically thought out to ease the pain and reaction.

    So smooth, some pretty astute people don't even realize what they have lost.
  6. Monkey Butt

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    Pretty simple ... the MIP award was delayed by 3 months. That's what management lost and that was explained up front.

    This has several management people in my group befuddled and perhaps that is why I reacted as strongly as I did.

    I get tired of explaining everything to these couple of people over and over again while the others understand immediately and roll their eyes ... the MIP shift by 3 months is one of the things that has been explained to them at least 5 times over the last year and they still don't seem to grasp it.

    The fact that the 3 month shift resulted in MIP being awarded in Dec 2010 and then again in March 2012 resulted in 2011 not being having an MIP award (until UPS advanced half of the immediately awarded MIP in Dec 2011).
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  7. FracusBrown

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    Its one change of many. Seemingly small, but combined they are significant to each recipient and substantial to the earnings of the company as a whole.

    Health benefits, pay raises, vacation pay accrual, disability insurance, prescriptions, MIP, 401k, tuition reimbursement, retirement, and retiree health care all took a hit and there was virtually no reaction.
  8. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    All good points of the real reduction in compensation ... especially in regards to take home/discretionary income.
    There was no significant reaction probably because there is little or nothing one can do.
    Many people have said, "It's a two way street." which is true and the consequences will eventually be realized.
    I personally still think UPS is a good place to work ... although certainly not as good as it was 20 years ago.
    I believe that most people who think UPS is such a terrible place have never worked in a comparable position at another large corporation.
    I have talked to many others working at big corporations and UPS appears to be better place to work than those places ... better in some ways and worse in others but overall better.
  9. Monkey Butt

    Monkey Butt Dark Prince of Double Standards Staff Member

    One thing that as not mentioned here is that the calculation of retirement benefits does include an equalization for years 2011 and 2012 so the 3 month shift does not affect retirement calculation.
  10. beentheredonethat

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    Hoaxster, even if you use UPS own words to us and that is was delayed 3 months is just a part of the story. They have said we slightly missed our target goals and therefore got 95% of the target awards. If it was really just a delay, then they would have said 95% of target * 1.25 years so the MIP would have been higher. But instead they gave us 95% of the target but for only one year of data. So in short, they delayed us by 3 months and we LOST permanently those 3 months. That isn't a delay, that's a total loss. Even that alone is minor compared to the fact that the MIP used to be 15% of gross profit. They took this and determined the factor by taking the 15% of gross profits as the numerator and then divided by (sum of supv monthly salary + 2* sum of mgr monthly salary). They aren't doing that any more. Instead it's on some metrics that change year to year. Also, even Kurt Kuehne said one of the reasons we missed our element on service was due to inclement weather. Huhh?? Bad weather where there are no GSR impacted our MIP?

    Although I'm bummed and a little upset about the changes, overall I'm fine with it. Why am I fine with the changes? I realized as others have siad, it's just a job now and it's no longer a partnership. In the past I routinely worked 60 hour weeks, when there was something due I worked longer. When I went away on vacations I took my laptop and did at least 20 hours of work on a vacation, oftentimes 40 hours. My wife was :censored2: that I wouldn't leave work for a week to spend time on vacation. Now... I leave work, I work closer to 45 hours a week, and I see that number decreasing too. Now I plan on doing my job, doing it well, then when it's quitting time, go home and deal with the rest of it tomorrow. If anything, per hour I'm making more then I used to since I work a lot less hours. I figure if UPS wants to pay industry avg or slightly above industry average, then I will give industry average for hours worked, or slightly above industry average for hours worked.

    I am definitely happier about life and a lot of pressure has been removed, I still make enough money to live comfortably on.
  11. Monkey Butt

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    That's a different point than where this thread has been going so far.
    I don't know of anyone that disagrees with you ... this is a universal feeling amongst all management.
    Everyone likes the old formula for calculating MIP - it was predictable, non-arbitrary and made sense and was based on something that you felt you could work towards and contribute towards.
  12. humpinbundles

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    Well said. That seems to be the consensus and when you look at it, you make your own hourly wage. Loyalty is a two-way street. You may lose a little money, but you can certainly improve your quality of life.
  13. FracusBrown

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    There have been a series of reductions to the retirement plan beginning back in 1991. While the 3 month loss or delay is not used for calculation purposes for those retiring now or in the next few years, anything that reduces final average compensation equals a reduction in retirement benefits for future retirees.

    It's still a good job overall, just not as good as it once was.
  14. SignificantOwner

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    I don't find upper management's pursuit of being an average public company to be very inspiring. Of course they don't care because being an average public company means they get to pay themselves more while they pay the minions less. What was the LTIP factor this year? Was it less than average like MIP?
  15. Fishsmell

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    UPS is working on alietaning all management people ...how can you be satisfied with a 2.5 percent increase if you are a fully accepable performable ?

    Tell me how this is fair to " PARTNERS "?
  16. sosocal

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    DITTO - perfectly stated
    - I think I went through all the cycles one would go through in a divorce....Anger, frustration, worry for the kids (young management folk), and even guilt when I first started matching my partnership efforts to a declining partnership reward. But now I feel like a person that is not defined by my employment....No longer encumbered by it...No longer stressed due to it, and most importantly I again have hobbies and interests.... I like my job...I used to wish I could just have a job ( a regular job)...Now I can - i am good at it... and I enjoy it...It is simply a different employment proposition - not necessarilly worse - It just depends how you look at it.
  17. Pacman

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    Class warfare at UPS has extended from the traditional management/non-mgt to option level vs all lower levels. There are too many holes in our processes, exceptions to our service, and variables in the daily a operations to believe a workforce that no longer feels part of the company can sustain giving it's all without being appreciated. UPS isn't even slowing down in it's run toward the cliff.
  18. Mick32

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    I was told today that there is no "fifth quarter" from last year and that the MIP factor simply would have been lower had it not been for the extra 3 months.
    I find that hard to believe, honestly. I'm not saying that this isn't the reason being handed down to us, I'm just saying it's nonsense.
  19. grinandbearit

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    Tell me Einstein,

    If in
    2008 = 13000
    2009 = 13000
    2010 = 13000
    2011 = 3000 (partial)
    2012 = 10000 (rest of mip)
    2013 = 13000 (if its still around)
    2014 = 13000

    I'm Missing a mip.....so dont tell me its just delayed. Show me your math!
  20. Monkey Butt

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    In your presentation from Jan 2008 - Dec 2014 the amount of compensation in MIP is $78,000 over 84 months and your point is that if MIP had not changed, it would have been $91,000 over that period.

    If you extend the period for 3 months to Jan 2008 - Mar 2015 then the amount of compensation in MIP is $91,000 over 87 months. That's the 3 months loss that everyone else has been talking about.

    Dec 2008 = 13000
    Dec 2009 = 13000
    Dec 2010 = 13000
    Dec 2011 = 3000 (partial)
    Mar 2012 = 10000 (rest of mip)
    Mar 2013 = 13000 (if its still around)
    Mar 2014 = 13000
    Mar 2015 = 13000
    Total = 91,000 over 87 months