Who is Rep. Ted Poe

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by av8torntn, Jun 13, 2008.

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    I think I like this guy.
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    I like him too......and I don't have any of those "piggy-tail" bulbs in my house!! Thomas Alva Edison is my friend! :thumbup1:
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    I admit I replaced all my regular bulbs with those CFLs. I think they are great considering how much less energy they use, and I have never noticed any interference with any of my electonic equipment including my plasma tv, wireless network, or cordless phones. I would also like to point out that the CFL is a direct decedent of Nikola Tesla's Fluorescent light bulb. The same man who brought us alternating current, the electric induction motor, and quite possibly an earthquake machine.

    With all that being said I would never support forcing anyone to use these bulbs. Congress needs to lay off, and let the free market do its thing. I use them because the three 13 watt CFLs I have lit up behind me use less energy combined than one 60 watt incandescent, yet they put out the same light. I would also like to point out that CFLs are a transitioning technology, not a replacement for incandescents. The next phase of low wattage lighting will be LED lighting which will use less energy to put out the same amount of light, and they will not contain the dangerous heavy metals, like mercury, that we find in CFLs. Mr. Poe made an excellent speech.
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    We've installed and are testing LED lights in unload doors in my building as we speak in place of the 277 VAC/175 Watt metal halide lights that are standard. I've been real suprised at the amount of light these units put out and it's also not as harsh a light as the metal halide. I've been using a Xenon/Led flashlight for a couple of years now and the light being in a different spectrum is actually brighter even though it uses less power and 3 AA batteries last about 3 to 4 months with me using the flashlight every day. With the old mag lights I went through 4 D batteries in less than a month. The other nice part is the Xenon/LED light fits in my pocket and you'd forget it's there where as the mag light feels like you're totting around a baseball bat.

    I've not been able to watch (hear) the youtube above as my darling 14 year old music writer installed a music composing program on our computer and for some reason it's disrupted the audio function but I will watch it once I've pulled out all my hair and fixed this problem. Do you sense the frustration in my voice?