why are we getting the heat by the ...........why me ???

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    As the economy worsen everyday the heat of upsers are getting are more than ever. I was on a good path and nothing seems out of ordinary, not even a dark cloud is over my head, no thounder, lighting, and not a drop of any fire on me. Until i was covering a blind run for a week. just a week, i think i am over 2 hr or less over allow everday. Man !! the heat was on the top of my head in seconds. By this time no matters how good u were in the past u are on a Black Hit List. :devil3:
    I was just following EDD and trying my best to gono my day for this particular blind run. The second day in office with two other members, man!! I wished i had a voice recorder. It was unbeilable how a mangment team would accuse us that we are the low life of sum that just here to stealing time and money from the company. I have realized that we are nothing but slaves to them and the numbers are the key to their successs of the company. It will get even worse :ill:Any taker on this subject
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    Hero to zero - that has a familar ring to it. I could never figure out why UPS only hires liars and thieves. From the day you start you are automatically accused of stealing time and lying about why it took so long. All I can suggest is to learn to live with it:peaceful:
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    Your boss was verbally abusive to you because he is just a scared little man trying to meet a quota.

    Be grateful for the fact that you have far more job security than he does. Be grateful for the fact that, unlike him, you will be getting a raise this year. Once you are able to really grasp these facts, it will be easy to feel pity for him even while he is mistreating you.
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    Perhaps you should explain to him (as I do) that the UPS Policy Book makes it clear that all employees are to be treated with respect and dignity.
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    Soberups hit the nail square on the head. It's just a game, be a player. Let the crap roll off your back and don't look back. You are obviously at peace with your conscience. They put you in a bad position and you did what you could. Don't lose any sleep over it. Like he said try and find pity for them. Be glad you aren't in the position were you have to do and say things that you don't believe in. Managers do this in the name of "it's my job". In other words for the money. There is a name for people who sell themselves. I think that word is whore.
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    Calling it your job doesn't make it right, boss.
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    In that situation, I would kindly invite the center manager to brown up the next day to go for a little ride. Tell him obviously someone had failed to train you properly and you need HIS wisdom to make you the perfect delivery machine.
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    Pop, safety pin, pop. :happy2:
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    THAT is always the best response to this harrassment. Show me, using the proper methods, of how to do this job better.

    This thread reminds me of my brother's reaction to my stress when he was my helper one peak. He didn't understand it. All he saw was all the money that could be made by doing the job right and holding UPS to their own game. Of course he didn't have a family or mortgage at the time so he was fearless but I guess that is the point though, we must aways try to remain fearless. The fact that we have an excellent job does not give management permission to force us to compromise ourselves.

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    Any driver is only as good as yesterday's numbers !!!!

    Been like that since I've been here.

    Though I agree, you should get a lot of leeway for running a blind route.
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    I was on a blind rt this week and made it known to mgt. that what they dispactched me with would be impossible to deliver in one day. I told them that I could do it but not it a days time. All week mgt. sent a fellow co-worker who is on taw, that was familiar with the area to help me. He drove and I did the rest. On average we ran 90 miles 147 stops and 370+ pieces a day. I didnt get back into the bld until 9-930. A supe told me this is what the normal driver is dispatch with and he is in by 430-500. I told him bs. Can u say cutting corners, When 2 fulltime drivers can't do the job of one reg driver cause he is cutting corners and imo obivously running like a scalded ape. I dont know if we were over or not (really dont care) but only heard praises for the driver who is on vacation. i was never told how to run the rt, just that it had to be done.
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    "why are we getting the heat by the ...........why me ???"

    Why you? Because it's your turn. Next week they'll forget about you and move on to someone else. Don't worry about it!
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    I remember 20+ years ago a driver could go out blind and management was happy as long as he got better everyday. Of course that same management team would send you out at 90% the first couple days then up it to 100% on the third. They gave you a break.

    In the past the company would only promote folks that had at least made it 30-90 days as a driver. I could be wrong but I seem to remember they required a minimum of 1 peak season as a driver before getting promoted. Not anymore, now the company has folks in high level positions that never ever drove. Shoot, our last CEO was hired directly into management (IE). That information came from his bio at ups.com.

    Good luck to you, I’m happy to have a lot to look back on as opposed to looking forward to with UPS. Just remember this, if you’re looking for a “Go Team, Hooray!” job, go to Wal-Mart. If you can let a lot of garbage run off your back and let noise go in one ear and out the other, welcome to UPS. Enjoy your stay.
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    You are unfortunately feeling the consequences of a poor management team.

    To me a poor manager manages by result. What I mean is that a poor manager looks at a result and based purely on whether the result was positive or not, determines if people did their job properly.

    A good manager should manage by behavior. He/she looks at what behavior needs to be changed or strengthened in order to get a positive result.

    If a good measure is in place, good behavior will lead to a positive result.

    This is what UPS was based on. Follow the methods, work at a good pace, make good decisions, and this good behavior will lead to a good result.

    My guess is that your manager just wants a result improved but doesn't know what to tell you to change in order to improve it.

    I know it would be hard for you to do this, but when I have been faced with this situation in the past I have calmly said "tell me what I should have done differently".

    Best of luck.

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    P-Man You seem like a very reasonable manager. You mention trying to achieve a "good result". The problem we as drivers face is that the "good result" changes from day to day based on the whim of some IE or District number dictated to us by people who probably couldn't even find our center.

    We were told at our PCM Friday that we were always number 1 or 2 in the district on the balanced score card. I don't even know what makes up the balanced scorecard. All I knwo is everyday we need to raise our stops per car, improve our pickups within 15 minutes, turn in more sales leads, and reduce our over allowed.

    The balanced score card thing was the first positive comment I can remember receiving in a long time and the person who said it was a District visitor not one of our management team.
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    I really enjoy reading all of your posts! I do not always agree, but i can see that you are a very reasonable management person. You make a lot of sense (from time to time)lol. i do not always agree with you, but i do have a lot of respect for you. You my friend are an asset to this company and i would work for you any day!

    Original poster, remember you are only as good as your management team! If your lacking it is because of them!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    LOL..I have a neighbor that once in a while I can hear them arguing (it sounds just like that lady) and the guy (older gent) just smiles and never talks back.
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    Rod, I agree and disagree. we are all lyers and thieves ( re my car was towed thread )

    But We Don't Have To Live With It !!!!!!!

    Go into these meetings with steward and talk Mano o Mano with these people.

    Crap rolls downhill and UPS managers are getting it from above and have to try to get results to keep their jobs.

    You have to remember that managers are Human ( ?? ) too and have children , homes, etc but they don't have Union protection.

    I don't like the extra scrutiny either but if you put yourself in their shoes ( empathy ) you'll better understand their behavior.

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    Agree. I was at a party yesterday with an on-car and the dispatch/preload supe. They are getting the same crap from above that we are. They have to force things upon their people that they don't necessarily agree with.
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    OH NO!!!!! the rank and file are getting soft. Next thing you know you are going to believe management cares about you more than "their numbers":wink2: