Why is it a sign that you made it when you get a driving job at UPS?

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    I understand one has to work himself up from the bottom (pt handler) to the top (driver) but why is the driver viewed as a career accomplishment and something of some prestige. There is nothing prestigious about a UPS driver. I do not go out of my way to bow to them. I do not acknowledge them. They are neither bad or good to me, they are just there. It is also a grueling job with long hours where you can be lifting heavy packages throughout the day.

    I never understood why the driver is THAT position to aspire to, yet I bet if you take a straw poll of 100 pt package handlers, 90 + will say the goal is to be sitting in that truck one day.

    ​Nothing special or grandiose about it imo.
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    They can have my seat in 2 years, 3 months, and 21 days!----GLADLY!
  3. you aint even know it

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    The money $$$. 99% of people wouldn't work if they were not getting paid. It's a sign that you are now well off in life, and not making $10000 a year like a loser.
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    Oh look...a new troll....same as the old troll. :stalker:
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    one reason $$$$
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    If you can't debate without petty commentary, then refrain.
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    One can be an accountant and not ruin his body and make more money than a driver, so I'm not buying that.

    I want to know why becoming a driver is viewed as something that is some sort of reward for all the work you put in for years, building yourself up.

    Congrats for busting your ass all these years, you get a driving job where you work 50 + hrs a week tearing your body apart.

    I never understood the reward angle they push and see it as propaganda more or less. Why not aspire to get one of those office jobs at UPS instead?
  8. UnsurePost

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    If you worked at brown for a while, you'd see that you are correct. I've pointed this out before. There are many FT people (not just drivers) that actually look down upon others who aren't FT, as though they have accomplished something. The arrogance; foolish and I never understood it either.
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    But as I understand with the union bidding system, you are just bidding to be another part in a cog somewhere with production in a spider web until eventually a driver retires and you have tenure.

    One does not work as a pt package handler for 10 years and wait it out, correct?
  10. UnsurePost

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    I don't understand the difference between the two paragraphs, but yes some join UPS as part-time employees with the hopes of becoming drivers. And they do wait it out.
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    Money and the Chicks!
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    I know a few accountants I make more than all of them.

    Not everyone needs to be a dr to be happy. If u don't want to go to school and know you'll have a career in physical labor ups is right near the top.
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    Chicks dig the Brown polyester uniform.
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    Not many have it in them to become and stay a driver, that said, for myself I did not finish HS and many who came after me went to college. I made the same as them without a degree. If you can get a better less physical job with your brain more power to you. In my case I drove trucks before Ups and I liked driving. Never looked down on P/Ters but knew that they busted their butts all the time (mostly for the benefits) for less money. I never looked as my position as a reward because I was hired off the street F/T back in 81, and I did have to earn my spot during a couple of peaks in a competition of sorts for the few openings at the time.. Today is a whole new era, and giving P/ters a shot at a driver position gives them that chance however small it seems. Again not everyone will like driving, many come and go during peaks and after a small taste of what your job really entails........many will turn the offer down and or quit before that.... And to become a Stooge was never in my plans seeing over the years how they ate their own, backstabbing each other, to climb over anyone up the ladder of Greed:surprised:
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    Very well said. You and I have just about identical career choices.
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    Go back to the FedEx form where you came from.
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    As I said before, do not comment if you can't stay on topic.
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    ​Integrity Jr. with an attitude.
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    You have 20 posts, joined in September 2013, and start a post by pissing in people's Cheerio's and wonder why you're suspected of being a troll??