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    Vote no If you are a full time employee for UPS Freight P&D or Road and have only been working for under 5years after the new contract is ratified you could LOSE all pension that has been accumulated. YOU NEED 5full years to be vested! Then you will start the new flat rate pension fund IBT/UPS is trying to stick up your ballz. If you are a Road driver
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    The thread of "Please Vote No" didn't cover what you wanted to say ??????????????????

    Here's some other thread titles.......You Vote No, I Vote No, All God's Children Gotta Vote No, See Dick Vote No, Jane Votes No, See Spot Run To Vote No,.....feel free to use any of these when you start you next new thread!!!
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    Its a long one i tried to copy and paste it wouldnt work...
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    If you are a Road driver and only travel in a 30 mile radius and your HUB does not produce enough freight for long distance runs and travel terminal to terminal to a bigger terminal for freight to be broken down to other trailers to create Road work the bigger terminal with road drivers at the terminal will TAKE the work. WHAT WILL THE ROAD DRIVER traveling short distances BE DOING AFTER the CONTRACT IS RATIFIED if you vote yes... . ITS CALLED BE PUSHED to LHD(Line haul driver) board Or GO TO P&D and do the bumping process because they don't want you shuttling they want you to DO ONLY the MILEAGE work!!!! IT HAS been stated during the union hall meet up for the 2013 contract. Prepare for a fken change and get fuked! If you are a Road driver the new hire LHD are not your friends. If you are a Dock worker and want to become a Road driver you will be put to LHD board. If you are a P&D driver and see no issues with the contract and are leaning towards YES vote you sir are :censored2::censored2::censored2: up. sdf If you have a no good BA agent at your local union hall well guess what he is the man to talk to if you want to pull up ETA times and other information in regards to possible grievances at your Hub. No longer will your shop stewards have power to pull up ETA times. The pay raise needs a small bump up per year! Rumor has it the IBT will pass 2013 tentative UPS Freight contract regardless of a 75% no vote. FIGHT!!! Fight for your jobs FIGHT for you FAMILIES!! FIGHT!!! Spread the WORD!!! TAKE a PICTURE OF YOUR NO VOTE!!!! Health care is an issue too but not as big as the language that is being proposed. Vote NO!
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    Why No vote! Pension is no longer based on performance it is proposed flat rate per year. You need to work 1400 hours to be fully vested per year unlike the 2008-2013 pension you need 750 hours per year to vest per year(5 years to vest). The new Line Haul Driver classification could kill Road drivers over time. Road drivers are the line haul drivers. Terminal to terminal freight no matter the distance belong to Road classification. Protect your short and long haul road work. One way freight or two way freight it is RDDR work big or small terminals 30 miles near by. Pay raise needs a small tweak. Stewards are unable to pull up ETA for grievances they have to go to the local hall Business Agent. Tons of weak language and loop holes. Nothing was really changed looks like IBT/UPS crossed the good out and put in the ugly. Vote NO! Fight for your job your future and families. Fight FIGHT!
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    Just double checking the pension formula and I decided to do the math before my contract explanation meeting this weekend, this is what I got. 75,000*1.725% equals $1293.75*25 years of service, equals 32,343.75 divided by 12 months equals 2,695.32 per month. divide 2,695.32 by 25 years equals 107.81 per year added to our pension plan yearly based on 25 years of service and $75,000 per year.

    Tell my that isn't a decline, and that is just a city driver, what would a road driver lose per year? Substitute your yearly wage for the last 5 years and put it in the 75,000 and you can figure it out for yourself.

    Pension formula is years of service x 1.725% 8 years of service divided by 12 to figure out monthly payments.

    Page 1 of the pension plan book is where it says that you only need 750 hours of service in any year to be eligible for your pension,

    Article 25 section 6 end of second paragraph it says that if we work less than 1500 hours then our benefits will be prorated at a based of $105.00 per year.
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