Will They Ever Get The Hint?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, May 9, 2007.

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    The Democrats are at it again. Bush vetoed their war funding bill because they tried to tack a withdrawal date onto it. The ink hasn't even dried on that veto yet and they are already trying to sneak another one on us.
  2. govols019

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    Exactly how are they trying to "sneak" another one on us?
  3. Overpaid Union Thug

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    It's pretty obvious that the Dems are trying to present bills that appear to be war funding bills but the real aim is to end the war before it is finished. That is why Bush will keep vetoing.
  4. Jones

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    If it's so obvious then they're not being very sneaky. Polls show that a solid majority of americans favor setting a deadline for ending the war, so in that sense it would appear that the elected representatives of the american people are just doing their jobs.
  5. diesel96

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    Majority Rules!
    Can't wait till 2008........And vote this Bush League administration out of office and watch far right wing Republican politicians fall like bowling pins.This so called war/occupation in Iraq is a huge waste of tax payer $$,and a huge waste of our soldiers lives and families.

    Dems are not trying to sneak any War funding Bill past Bush and his adminstration,the Dems are in his face relaying a message from the majority of people of the United States.

    The Gov't is supposed to be run by the people for the people,not by Neo Cons and religious fanatics who dont care what the majority wants and not by far left lib anarchists.We need more moderates to rise up and take charge of this divided country.
  6. SeniorGeek

    SeniorGeek Below the Line

    Consider this:
    • Bush does not read the newspapers. "As for newspapers, Mr. Bush said, "I glance at the headlines" but "rarely read the stories." The people who brief him on current events encounter many of the newsmakers personally, he said, and in any case "probably read the news themselves."
    • Bush "takes pains to insist that he gets his information on what the world is saying only in predigested bits from his appointees."
    Thus, when a bill comes before him, he may not know what it really says. He may be spoon fed someone's interpretation of some high points.

    After 6 years of never having to read what he was signing, Bush might just accidentally sign something his handlers want him to veto. That is sneaky.
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    Setting a deadline is fine but not when the deadline is set for a time when the job isn't even finished yet that is problem. And yes they are being sneaky. They tried to pass a funding billl that had a pullout date tacked on to it. Sounds pretty sneaky to me. Whether they are "in Bush's face" or not is not a factor because if it was then they'd just come out with a bill that asks for the pullout only instead of trying to attach it to a funding bill. And now are trying to pass another bill that would dry up early with the hopes that our troops will have to start comming home before the job is done. Again...sneaky.
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    Another liberal conspiracy. Actually a pretty good example of one.
  9. diesel96

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    In otherwords Pres. Bush has "someone's" as his handlers and appointees making his decsions for him.

    The President's source of information,news,views,etc..is the same as any other President,in the past,this is nothing new as you make it sound.The difference is he's being fed bad information and trying to legitimize failed policies.

    What "job" are we supposed to get done out there?
    Extinguish all Terrorist hiding amongst the population?
    Create an infrastructure of Democracy amongst factions that hate each other for life?

    War is not being Police Officers and Consultants searching nieghborhoods and homes.Our Soldiers are sitting ducks out there and this Administration wants to send more troops and money.It's time for Iraq'ies to step up to the plate and take over as best they can.I believe our job is done out there.

    Conservatives,You need to stop listening to Ultra Right wing talk radio and Fox News and move a little more to the center.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our job is not done until the Iraqis step up to the plate. Until then...if they aren't part of the solution they are part of the problem. That goes for our representative over here as well.

    Stop watching Fox News??? When the other options are CNN, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, etc., I don't believe there is much of a choice.
  11. toonertoo

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    "The difference is he's being fed bad information"

    Yes he was, from the broken down CIA and intelligence from the Clinton Administration? And every country who was our ally, not to mention every far left democrat out there including , Kennedy, Kerry and Clinton&Clinton.....He followed the lead of there were WMD's and there have been Wmds found, but you wont hear it on your far left websites.

    "Conservatives,You need to stop listening to Ultra Right wing talk radio and Fox News and move a little more to the center"

    Please:w00t: I am stuck with one left wing radio station for 10 hours a day. I finally feel free when I can get in my own truck and wash these idiots out of my brain. And I do listen, I have no choice, I keep waiting for something to convince me my thought patern is wrong, :confused:1 I dont hear it.

    All I hear is why we need to raise taxes, how we need to bring eveyone home so we can take care of a tornado in Kansas, (instead of 11 people dying we can lose 3000 more at a time.", and how great socialized medicine would be. How everyone should have a job, and be able to make a living wage.

    WEll there were bums during ww2 and there are bums now. The only difference was they lived on the street and now they live in subsidized housing and buy big screen tvs and terrorize neighborhoods since they have nothing else to do with their lives 24/7. And not because there are no jobs, because they can live better off me, and you by the way, who give a very large portion of our hard earned dollars to them.
    And the democrats biggest wish is that we all have the same.

    I dont feel they give a hoot about what happened on 9/11 and what has happened since, they choose to ignore it. They dont give a :censored2: about our people fighting with their lives to keep us "safer", break up terrorist rings WHEREVER THEY MAY BE, lets name a few, Buffalo. NJ six, just for two....they want to play games, and Ill fight on the side of anyone who is against that mindset. Maybe you leftys should watch something else, and maybe you could actually think...and something besides air america, or ed schultz, just for :censored2:s and giggles, and see if maybe you can learn, instead of being FED bull:censored2:. You can be more informed if you listen to both sides, I have I know. End of rant.
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    HOLY CRAP! You rock! That was pretty good.
  13. diesel96

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    Here we go ,typical far right right excuse,blame Clinton Adm Yrs. ago for bad info.for attacking Iraq instead of concentrating on Afghanistan.

    You sound "brainwashed" they way you rant that far right Cons garbage talk of classifying ALL Demo's and Lib's as unpatriotic,uncaring,don't care about our 3000 dead soldiers,don't care about 9/11.Any body who doesn't agree with your lame Neo Con views is a "far left Lib"and not a true American who doesn't loves our soldiers .I say thats Horse****!
    Rosie Odonnell and those who share her views DO NOT speak for MOST Demo's and Libs,so don't catergories Demo's and Libs as all "Far Left"

    Lets talk Soldiers,most of our beloved soldiers come from working class and poor Democratic families.I guess their not Patriotic.

    You say" we dont give a sh#t about people fighting w/their lives making "us" safer."
    Our people are fighting w/ their lives keeping Iraq Safer not "us".The Terrorists there are internal not external.Our prolonged occupation is brewing more Terror cells in neighboring countries and eventually here at the homefront.
    We laid enough of a foundation for the Iraq'ies to take charge,now they want to take a 2 month vacation.I feel most Dems and Libs care more about our soldiers by pulling them out of Iraq and protecting our Borders and surigically attacking Terrorist Cells abroad.Not sacrificing thier lives by occupying a civil war torn country.

    You say "Break up terrorist rings such as Buffalo'@ NJ Six,"
    First of all Buffalo Cell turned out to be bogus charges and the first incident since 9/11.( https://web.archive.org/web/20131021072252/http://www.coldtype.net/Assets/pdfs/MN.27a. Sept 02.pdf )and NJ six is another rare incident since 9/11 still under investigation.In the past 20yrs we've had more terrorist acts against America by non-Muslins than Muslins. This is the typical Far Right Con way to scare and sensationalize the general public.And the Far Right want to take credit for breaking up this NJ ring which was a clerk or waiter that tipped of Police and FBI.

    You say "your stuck with One Left wing radio show, I do listen, I have no choice"
    I believe you have many choices on that radio dial,just like I choose not to listen to Rush Lindbaugh and Bill O'reily tabloid news shows..

    You say"They want to play games and I'll fight on the side of anyone who's against that mindset"
    Well if you want to fight why dont you get your ASS up away from your computer an enlist in the ARMY and help out our boys there?I compare Far right Spokesman and Politicians are like armchair quarterbacks,they all want to talk tough on their Lazy Boys and Executive Chairs but when they or their children are ask to be deployed to Iraq, lets hear them talk tough then.

    You said something about Bums and WW2,but that didnt make any sense so I wont go there.

    You quote the Libs"How how we need to bring eveyone home so we can take care of a tornado in Kansas, (instead of 11 people dying we can lose 3000 )
    Truth is, the Nat'l Guard has the men,but lack the heavy eqiupment to clean up the debri in a timely matter.The equipment is in Iraq.

    And you mention the Clinton Adm @ taxes.The last time this country balanced the budget was during the Clinton Adm.He did lie about a blow job I give you that,but nobody died,and boy did the Far right Rep's all up in arms for his head,wanting impeachment and jail time.Now the Bush Adm has got us in this mess and people are dying.

    Majority of Americans and "leftys" and Moderates such as myself, have learn something and "actually think" and learned were "being fed bull****" by Bush Adm and Far right neo cons.
  14. Overpaid Union Thug

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    "Lets talk Soldiers,most of our beloved soldiers come from working class and poor Democratic families.I guess their not Patriotic."

    Oh really? LOL

    "He did lie about a blow job I give you that,but nobody died,and boy did the Far right Rep's all up in arms for his head,wanting impeachment and jail time."

    Nobody died huh? Ask Bosnians about that. They'll set you straight.
  15. toonertoo

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    Oh where to start.
    First off my radio gets one station, the local one. So I have no choice, but it gives me a chance to hear both sides. Which is good, keeps me assured that even after the bushwhacking I hear all day, at the end of it, I know I think right.
    The comparison to the tornado is because it has turned out, it was a lie, that there was no National guard available. In fact there was more than enough. But certain people chose to use the death of Kansans, as a chance to bash the president, something like his polls are so low who could resist. The constituents should boot her out.
    Woe is me I cannot enlist, I am too old. but I have a son proudly serving for his family and his country. and he loves his boss. His pay is better, and his advancement has been swift. He is a lifer. My stepson served two tours. So that takes care of that statement. And I had a brother who is now gone, who served in Vietnam, and did as his country asked when it was a draft army. That is when it was the poor and the minority and the kids who either had to go to jail or go to the army to get straightened out. Now it is all volunteer, and to say that they are from working class and poor democratic families is so bogus, about as bad as Kerry saying they "get stuck in Iraq" My son was/is certifiably on paper one on the most intelligent people in his class in America. ( I still sometimes wonder if I got the wrong baby from the nursery) He could have gone anywhere to college. Since he was 12 he wanted to join the military. I was against it. I finally agreed to sign him up early, so he could choose his path.

    Im not a big debater but it has been a fact talked about on all talk shows and materials I have read, that our intelligence went to next to nothing before 9/11. All of a sudden we thought well maybe we did need it. Yes I guess we did.
    AS far as terrorist rings, do you think any station tells us about all of them?. I would hope not.
    Actually I think more should be done in our homeland to make our streets safer. But the fact remains, based on intelligence agreed on by almost all of both parties we went to Iraq. And our military is there, and now is not the time to play power games with the president on getting them what they need. Our Congress needs to work til they are done, like we do, and quit taking vacations, go to their sessions and briefings, since that is why we pay them and they are paid VERY WELL. If I got stuff to do at home I dont go on vacation and neither should they. I guess thats where the Iraqis got that idea, Heh?

    As for bums and World War ll I was making a statement that it is NOT the governments job to take care of us, to provide us housing, to pay our bills, but they have made it their baby, to suck all of our money away. So we have no time to band together and discuss issues, They want us so backed up with time spent at work, so we can give more and more of it to them. That we are too uninterested to notice what is going on. Back then in the good ole days, you took care of yourself or you died trying. The social programs have made it so easy to raise generations after generations of people who never discuss carreers at the dinner table. And this will be the demise of the USA.

    Back in the Clinton era I did as my parents told me to. I voted democrat, Never knowing why, just doing as I was told, since the Democrats care about the people. Republicans Bad. There are many, many people like that on both sides, who just vote as their parents did, or because their teacher says so. And do not think for themselves. Im embarrassed to admit I was one of those. Now I wonder if they know why they were always dirt poor. The mindset was wrong and they didnt understand. I made that change on my own. So nobody died under Bill Clinton needlessly?
    Thanks for the discussion, Im always open to things which could change my mind.
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    Well said Tooner. I wish I could add to your Rep again, but the Rep program won't let me yet. My parents grew up in the Great Depression, FDR was great at helping people back then. My mom is a diehard Democrat to this day. Now the Democrats want us to be a weak nation and tax the hell out us working folks to pay for the welfare class. I quit voting for them a long time ago.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Ditto on the Rep Program. I also like your part there at the end about taxing the working class to pay the lazy..OOPS..I mean welfare class.
  18. daytonupsfreightguy

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    Very well spoken Tooner,send thanks to your son for serving our country,we all need people like him.I also know alot of older die hard democrats that will not vote any other way,they don't realize thier party has left THEM, and in all reality the "leaders" of the democratic party today,are nothing more than socialists,and marxists that ARE NOT patriotic,and have thier own polital agenda..........
  19. diesel96

    diesel96 Well-Known Member

    Why do the Dems have to tax?

    Who do you think is going to pay the enormous deficits the Reps leave behind when your were voted out of office in the past.
    Our children,or our children's children? Do you think the treasury prints monopoly money$$?It grows on trees in Republican's back yards.

    Reguarding the welfare issue,which dwarfs in comparison to the nat'l debt,millions,yes I said millions of american workers have lost thier jobs under the Bush Adm.and Corp.America to overseas corperations at a fraction of the cost.Yeah,there's always going to be a few who abuse welfare and are lazy,but look at the bigger picture like why people are on welfare.Lack of good paying jobs w/ beneifits,union busting,outsourcing ,nafta to name a few.Do you think people can live on minimum wage.

    Reps seems less interested in solving problems on the homefront,they care more about re-elections campaigns,Big Business,Corperations,covering up failed policies,and the list goes on:


    As far as "Nobody died under Clinton Needlessly"? Bosnia?
    You mis-interpreted my post"Nobody died under Clinton as a result of a blow job" from Monica.

    Someone said"Now the Democrats want us to be a weak nation".Sounds like your watching Fox Tabloid News too much.

    Besides a strong Military,should'nt we have a stronger Economy,pay more attention to domestic issues, good paying jobs, and improved relations with our allies,and potential allies.I dont see how that would make us a weak nation.

    And Big A quoted"Ditto on the Rep Program. I also like your part there at the end about taxing the working class to pay the lazy..OOPS..I mean welfare class"

    Are you calling past Veterans,people with mental illness,widows w/ children,abused women w/ children etc..Lazy because they have collected a welfare check.
    Not everybody collecting welfare is barefoot and pregnant and popping out kids for more money.Just another example of Conservative sterotypying and labeling people they dont agree with.
  20. daytonupsfreightguy

    daytonupsfreightguy freight relocation guru

    Why would my post be deleted???