Will UPS ever offer driver buyout?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by newanryland, Aug 26, 2019.

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    Our ability to offer competitive shipping rates is very much affected by how the corporate heads divi up the profits.....
    I see exactly where you’re coming from and you make a good point. For the life of me, I don’t understand how we can be ok with centers across the country:
    not having enough trucks
    not properly staffed
    won’t even buy DR bags when we have a bad quarter.....
    What I’m saying is; the finances and what we can and can’t do is severely affected by the fact that David Abney took home $13.7 million.
    $13.7 million!!!!!! And we didn’t have toilet paper in the men’s bathroom for 3 weeks earlier this year because we had “fallen on tough times.”
    It’s not enough for him to simply make $2 million a year??? And take the difference and apply it to freaking operations??? $13.7 million is absolutely, 100% unnecessary. Period. And I’m quite certain there’s more guys who literally contribute nothing to operations, sit behind a desk, bark orders, and collect obscene amounts of money, which increases every year with bonuses and raises, while at the same time LOWERING THE DRIVER PAY SCALE.
    Perfect example of “irresponsible capitalism.”
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    Deauthorization doesn't give you the right not to join a union. Being in a state with RTW laws gives you the right not to join a union.

    My center grew 30% last quarter. I know that's not the case everywhere, but things are nowhere near as bleak as you are implying.

    Calling Amazon's delivery service garbage would be an insult to garbage. If they don't compete for better employees with better wages, their service won't get better either. And guess what, Amazon's retail side has its competitors as well, and they are starting to get their heads out of their butts. Target, Walmart and Macy's are getting their online sales processes dialed in, and now Amazon has to play catch up to their hybrid brick and mortar/online business models.

    You simply can't look at one factor in a very complex situation and make accurate predictions based on that. If UPS was concerned at all with compensation costs, they would have fought tooth and nail to minimize them during the last contract negotiations.

    We don't need people like you running around explaining why we need to make less money. The decision makers understand the labor and services markets better than you do, even if they don't always make the best decisions. We need people arguing why workers should be making more money.
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    Amazon profits over 2x what we do.
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    Earn that money
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    Almost all of those profits come from AWS
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    I would hope so since UPS is only a delivery company. This entire discussion has been a largely pointless exercise built on weak speculation and little knowledge about how either company works.
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    We can't hire enough drivers at $21/hr.
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    Believe it or not, Abney is not paid that much compared to other CEO's in America running smaller businesses. It's a lot of money but CEO pay has increased from 30xs average workers' income to 300x to 400xs the average workers' pay in the last 30 years. Greed is rampant in our country!
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    These types of posts only provoke fear. Fear is of the enemy.
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    nobody mentioned what kinda buy out? how much would it take? how many years ya need in to qualify? im in my early 50s now and just hit my 30th full time year so i can max out now at $4400 minus medical. i have no plans on retiring yet but a check for two years salary might make me rethink that.