Women UPS drivers?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mojobuc, May 29, 2005.

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    Was just curious of what the deal is in other centers about what is expected from the women drivers.
    Do they all get less stops per day then the men on the same run or are they treated as and expected to perform as equals?

    I'll explain further why I am curious after a few responses
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    Of the 3 women in our center, I would characterize 1 as going out w/ more stops than average without any complaints (compared to the male driver on the run before her). The 2nd driver goes out with an average load comparable to those around her. The 3rd female driver goes also goes out with an average load but does more than her fair share of complaining about her load quality, stop counts, ovaries hurting, etc...
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    I cant wait to hear the responses to this one, I am all ears.
    As the only female presently in my center driving, I would have to say, NO. When I have a complaint, I basically get ignored but that seems to be unanimously the way they treat all of us.
    If I have a suggestion, occasionally someone will listen, but if a male driver backs it up, it is taken seriously.
    If a male has a bad day, it is expected that he is angry, if its me it must be PMS.
    If I get a complaint, its probaly PMS that she was rude.
    If a guy gets one he was probably justified.

    I would say I have to meet a higher bar to be accepted, until one knows me. And I expected that and have no problem with it. I think all minorities have the same experiences.

    As far as less stops, UH NO. I knew at the beginning if I could not do what was expected, I was out the door. Coming from PT mgmt, it was make it or you are gone. When people say, "this is too heavy for you" (usually a male), and try to take a pkg from me, they have to get their gonads repaired soon after. as I am real strong and can lift heavy things. That is why I made it. Not because I was filling a quota.
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    My experience is management doesn't treat the women drivers any different than the men drivers.

    A route's numbers do not change by the sex that is to deliver it that day.

    From a steward's point of view, women are more liable to come to me and ask questions about how they should react to whatever they are not happy with management about first and guys tend to scream and rant on the belt and get in trouble first before coming to me. [​IMG]

    Men write far more grievances even after factoring in the staffing percentages at least in my center.
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    Sorry about your dad. But I see you haven't lost your spirit![​IMG]
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    Thanks Gman. My spirit is broken, but not gone. And one thing that always helps is the hours I know I will when I get back. Ill be too busy to think again. Thanks for the kind words. It all helps. And we will all deal with it someday, kind words are comforting, and its not a female thing[​IMG]
    OK2Bclever;;;;;;;Life is too short.

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    I saw several wishing you well lately, but missed where ever the news was about your personal loss, my condolences.
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    I'm also sad to hear of your loss Tooner. I wish you and yours well.

    Mojobuc, most centers have no female drivers. The ones that do may have 1 or 2. Do they get less stops? If so I have never seen it. The women who make it at UPS deserve your respect just as they deserve yours. I've seen many a complainer in my time and most are men mainly because that's the majority. If a woman there is a slacker she is no more guilty than the men there that are. This job it tough and the women who actually do make it are never given the credit that the men are given. Seems the men work their butts off and the women just cruise through it. Switch skins and you would surely see most women that hang in have to work much harder than you. Same job, same pay, more will...

  9. ok2bclever

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    We have about 9 females out of about 140 drivers and a much higher proportion of females in the part-time workforce, so I think the percentage of female drivers will continue to slowly climb per the 6 out of 7 contractual hiring rules.

    So'K with me.
  10. wornoutupser

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    Three female drivers in our center.
    2 on work comp and at least the second time for each.
    The remaining one is over dispatched almost every day and has my highest earned respect as a driver and coworker.
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    here it is.
    We have 3 women drivers, all 3 excellent workers, one I had on the preload and would love to clone and have more of.

    my problem is this:
    Recently a female had went to driving school, passed and worked last week.
    Worked a run with an average day being 120-150 stops.

    She is not 'physically able' to do the job of delivering. They sent her out Thurs/Friday last week with only 60 stops MAX. She called in wend. because she was sore, and needed help MOn/Tues. to finish her run.
    My beef is I was told I cannot drive because I am blind in one eye, not 'physically able' to do the job.

    Yet they are accomadating her so she can?

    The union steward is also all over this, asked me when he saw it,"what the he.. is that?" and I returned, "don't know, what the .... is THAT!?"

    I know the other females, ALL the other females work just as hard as any of the males do, so I cannot understand or can accept why they are doing this for her.
    Shoot, they had to bring on another driver to cover her remaining stops, stick another employee with me to accomadate me and I'll have 3 eyes to drive with!
  12. switchoff

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    I think the deal with that is she has just recently started driving. If that was her first week on the road by herself, I can understand why they would want to accomodate her, but I am sure this would not be a long term situation.

    If she can't cut the mustard during her probabtion period, she would either quit or be persuaded to not continue driving. Do you think management would allow a run to go out under-dipatched by 30-50 stops per day? I think they are just covering their butt because they don't want to be seen as 'pressuring a female driver to failure'. They want to be seen as 'fair' and giving her a chance to prove herself.

    My 2 cents...
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    We have had 3 women drivers since 1995, when I started driving full time. They all ran like hell, skipped thier lunch, trying to keep up. All three of them blew thier knees out to the point to which they had to quit. I really miss them too, They were very nice people to be around.
  14. dannyboy

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    We had three, one lost her nerve, and then they brought on two more. So now we have about 5% female drivers.

    One is 100 pounds after a big lunch soaking wet. Maybe. But she can do the job as well as the next driver.

    One of the others worked while she was pregnant and delivered the baby three weeks after her last on road day. Back within four weeks.

    One of the newer ones has had more than her share of accidents and injuries and seems to have problems with getting the dispatched day delivered.

    The newest one seems to be getting into the grove. So all in all, I would say the women drivers are in every way at least as good, or in many cases better than the males in the delivery work groups.

    Ever wonder why more than 60% of FEDEX drivers are women?

  15. switchoff

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    And I always thought there were more women at Fredrex because of broken finger nails. You don't break nails delivering envelopes and paks. However at UPS, delivering those 150 lb crates.....
  16. mattwtrs

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    In our center 25% of the full time drivers are female, all came from the preload. Three of them are great to work with, the other three have their moments that make you wonder what were they were thinking when they signed a bid sheet. I also wonder how did they qualify??
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    We have 3 women drivers in our center. They do their job. Infact, one can out work alot of us. When I was a fill-in driver, I would work on one of their routes. The customers were upset all week long that she was gone. They didn't like their deliveries made by someone who didn't have shaved legs.
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    Well then shave your legs. Do what you can to make the customer happy.

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    did i say 3 women drivers?
    We actually have 6 full time and 2 who just begun.
    The other p/t er is doing fine on her own.

    See, thats why you should never pool party at your neighbors and think/type.

    Have a good day off UPSers.
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    How many of them are gay? In our building there are 3 female FT drivers who all do a fine job. Two of them are gay. I'm now wondering the percentage of gay women UPS drivers, and does that help them be more successful at a very physical job.
    And Tooner, I realize your not!