Women UPS drivers?



We have 3,
two are pretty much great drivers.
one is always calling in sick.

Over95, why should it matter if they are gay?
while it might be an interesting statistic.
How many male drivers are gay?


Over9five, ROTFLMAO, thanks I needed that!

The rest I dont know about. Female, male, gay or straight, I dont think there is any preferential treatment at UPS. There really cant be, because there are both sexes just not cut out for it. Just because there is a quota, if they cant find someone to fill it, they can show they tried.
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I think we're all equally abused by UPS.

We have had 3 women drivers and have more trouble from customers than UPS.

Have you men ever been kissed on the mouth in the cab of your truck because the regular driver was coming back from vacation and you would be missed.

Had the DIAD held over your head and then tossed back and forth between 3 employees. Kind of a keep away from the driver.

Get a rudeness complaint from a customer who because of your tight schedule didn't have enough time to chat you up.

Have a guy expose himself at a resi doorway (as you're delivering the baby's new car seat)or in the backroom by an employee with a crush.

Have some sicko in his vehicle masterbate for your viewing pleasure at the red light.

Been run off someone's property because you're taking away a man's job.


Fredly, It doesn't matter to me if their gay or not. Let me explain why I'm curious:

100% of the gay FT female drivers I know are very masculine in looks and physique. Sooo, I wondered if this (being a gay female driver ie. masculine) was an advantage in a very physical job.

The subject is "Woman UPS drivers", which in of itself suggests there is a difference in either themselves or how they are treated.


ms pacman.
That would really suck.
They dont take my Diad as they know I am bigger than most of them.....
The naked guys I have gotten used to, some very yukky, others,,,,,not too bad, and well appreciated.
the guys at red lights, just another break in my day and gives me a laugh. Usually they are cool, and give me a great big smile. And that is so important. A smile and a "you go girl" takes away my stress.
Ive been on one route so long I am just part of the scenery and appreciate the respect I have earned. Actually they are just part of my family of friends.
I havent had a negative customer in awhile as far as my gender. I am just one of the guys.

I do usually shave my legs, and there are those that appreciate my feminity. My former driver friend who is now in an office of our local union, once told me never to forget that part, the feminine side, and it still works for me. As I get older, it may not, but presently I still get mistaken for my childrens sister or wife, so I will use that power long as I can!!
The rest is just part of the job, if someone doesnt respect you, smile** them. They dont have your job coz they cant! We all had to get a break to get here, (male or female) and that is nothing to be sorry for.
My Dad used to complain about me working this type of job. His driver that delivered his medicine told him how hard I must have it to be a woman in this job. This driver knew my Dad well, though I dont know his name I would like to thank him. He took the time to yak with some old man, and I am sure he wasnt on track because of it. When I told him how much I made, he was shocked. He didnt make in a month, sometimes what I make in a week. And he bragged to everyone how well I had done in my job. So for that I am grateful. My Dad was proud of me, because a fellow driver I didnt know told him he should be.


Since I'm out in the country I would love to see some of those red lights come my way. All I get to see is cows and dogs and other farm animals getting after it. Or the most excitement I see out of my customers is when I delv. one of those gray cylinders with little swimmers inside it. (for those who dont know what I'm talking about it's pig or bull sperm on dry ice) That farmer is soooo happy and always ask if I would like to help because he could use an extra hand. hahahaha I always keep that gray pkg away from my lunch box so things never get mixed up.
What I have a real problem with is with-in a week I will have a call tag to pick this same cylinder up and I just know that farmer didnt wash his hand when he was finished. Then to top it off they leave it outside in the sun till I pick it up.

But hey, "you go girl"

As for having fun before work two can play any game. If anyone jacks with me I will take thier keys and zip tie them to the oil stick and lets see who the joke is on now.... It's funny to watch them freak out and almost have a heart attach after they have supposedly done thier pre-trip. All I do is say hey did you check your oil today? This driver said well yes and I just laughed and said check it again ol boy. There sits his keys right in front of him hanging from the oil stick. All he could say was "well I did check the oil yesterday."

As for someone getting in my truck while out on the route they better think twice... If they dont step out of the truck then the pkg stays with me. I do not allow anyone in my truck and I will stand my ground on that one.

I think every driver at some point has been flashed or been exposed to at some point. Maybe it was because they just got out of the shower or work midnights and hurried to the door so they didnt miss thier delv. All I do is just smile and say have a good day and get a good laugh for the rest of the day.

Life is too short to take eveything so serious all the time. My family is fighting cancer and my mother deserves the right to see her grandchildren grow up.

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Actually Ms Pacman, yes I have. I have been pinched on the posterior several times and been grabed in the crotch a time or two.

There are many things I am sure you get more of, but it seems to follow all the drivers. Best thing to do is like Tooner said, keep your sense of humor.



About the nudity:
Our building had an old man in a trailer park that would ALWAYS come to the door without any clothes on.
It did not matter if you were male or female, you were invited in for a cold drink.
We were all VERY happy when he married the old lady across the street because she made him keep his clothes on after that!


I once had a girl in the back of a car lean out the window and flash me her collegiate gifts while driving past me on the freeway. Due to a traffic jam, I caught up to her, having unbuttoned my shirt on the way, and leaned out of the truck with my shirt open. Since I'm a male, I felt my job would not be in jeapordy.We all had a good laugh. I'm not sure what the other motorists must have thought.


The DIAD over my head happened at a regular stop when I first started not at the center.

Sendagain- I've had times where girls have slowed down to look and are so embarrassed when they see a female driver.

Back to the topic though...Mojo who disqualified you? The D.O.T.? And what alternate work did they give you?


Ms. Pac,
I actually was in driving school 7 days before UPS kicked me out due to FDOT regulations. I just feel if I am classified as 'physically unable', this 1 female, who constantly called in sick on preload due to back problems, migranes, shoulder problems and is way over weight, should also be qualified as 'physically unable', and no way should they cut her route in half, when to my knowledge, its never been done for any other person.

As for alternate work, I kept my International position for another 6 months though I got bored, went to preload, and ended up giving p/t supervision a shot since in our small center, was the quickest way to a full time position.

Probably not my smartest decision, definitly not my worst either.


My son recently took his physical for his DOT card. In reading the form for the physical I believe it stated you must have vision in both eyes. I remember this because I thought it sounded strange. I am fairly sure that the card is US DOT not a state deal.

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hahaha doesn't seem like much has changed. For those customers that say, "Oh they sent a woman to do this?" I reply, "THEY sure did, but if you want a guy you'll have to wait until next week for your package".

I don't mind the male receivers who give a helping hand....but when they make a point of saying, "I'll help you with the heavy ones"...I hand them the 5 lb. box and throw the 75lb over my shoulder.


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Was just curious of what the deal is in other centers about what is expected from the women drivers.
Do they all get less stops per day then the men on the same run or are they treated as and expected to perform as equals?

I'll explain further why I am curious after a few responses

Easy answer from here. The woman here, all 1 of her is treated no different than the men as far as stops and certainly is expected to perform as well as the men. She does. I have seen worthless women and worthless men at this job. I have also seen the opposite. I think the job can be as mental as it is physical. Some can handle it, some can't.


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none treated differently in my center,including me...if anything, theres three guys that are either given the option of going home or running air for the morning..They wont place them out on a rte blind, nor a route with more than 120 stops...
And Ive been told more than once by each of these guys, how good they are as a driver...:crying:


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"I don't mind the male receivers who give a helping hand....but when they make a point of saying, "I'll help you with the heavy ones"...I hand them the 5 lb. box and throw the 75lb over my shoulder."

forget that, if they want to help then I say to them with a smile..help away.. Unless theyre old people..I always feel like theyre going to tumble over if i hand them anything weighing heavier than 10lbs. So, I always carrier theirs and place it on something waist level for them..

screwed up the quote


Thanks Gman. My spirit is broken, but not gone. And one thing that always helps is the hours I know I will when I get back. Ill be too busy to think again. Thanks for the kind words. It all helps. And we will all deal with it someday, kind words are comforting, and its not a female thing

OK2Bclever;;;;;;;Life is too short.

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I too did not know of your loss. I wish I knew the words to comfort you. Your spirit comes thru in your posts and I pray it is not broken. You are right that it is not a female thing. It is a human thing. May you find peace and comfort from this day forward.


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Since this thread started 1 1/2 yrs ago, I see not much has changed. Although I have been on vacation enough that when a runner is on my route and cant run early, he spouts off to management about how he didnt even have time to stop to PEE and still couldnt run early. So I feel vindicated.
Im still the only woman, but somehow in the last yr people have been starting to help me more. I dont know why, guess its coz they now recognize I can do it, Im there every day, and the girls getting older.
Of course I dont show it,(sarcasm inteneded) but hey if you want to help, knock yourself out, I gotta pace myself. And I will ask older custmoers if I cant please slide this inside your door, than leave it on the step for them to struggle with it. Truth is if people dont do what we do, a 40 pd box is Heavy.
Ive been lucky, Ive blended well. I think if you do not carry an attitide, you are generally well accepted. But do expect to prove yourself, and I agree, we should, because at this company, you literally have to be able to carry your weight,(with some help) or you should not get the job. And personally if I couldnt do it I wouldnt want it. I wouldnt want to be the one who ruins others day, because I always needed help.

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it's not a bad job, just seem to have some bad days and try to make the best of awkward situations on the job. I've come across condescending attitudes (i should have said the receiver in previous post was laughing when he saw I was picking up) less and less and am hearing more of "it's so great to see a female delivery person" from other females on route. The guys in the centre are great to me, it's the customers I'm working on now!!