Worked 5 minutes.. Sent home! Denied work 100%

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by HPLude, Mar 24, 2008.

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    Ok, before anyone gets all excited and thinking "allways think there right", thats not the case here. I will be the first to admit a mistake, like the one that happened today? I live about 40 mins. from my hub. I knew I was going to be running 10-20 mins late so I called my supe to give him the heads up. He says "alright, hurry up". I ended up getting their 14 minutes late. I called him at 3:34 A.M., start time was 4 A.M. and I got there at 4:14 A.M.. When I got there his first reaction was "see ya later", not even knowing it was me that called him to tell him I was going to be late. When I said I called he was like "oh that was you". He was complaining to the PT supe about work, so they had me go in a bulk load that was finished and pull out the bags and send them up to sort. Took about 7 mins. Then they said go home I have no work and you were late so nothing you can do. OOOOHH but the center manager can enjoy scanning bulk as PT preloaders unload it right?? Yeah I don't think thats legal. Where are my(our) rights?

    Couldn't he have told me this when I called 25 mins before start?? I understand about being late and what not. Can he do this?

    P/S- I am a PT preloader with 7 mths in the game.
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    1. If you called in late, YOU WORK. You did the right thing by letting them know.

    2. If you started work (even if it's only 7 minutes), you're guaranteed your minimum hours. You have to get with your steward tomorrow and grieve this.

    They had no right to send you home
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    First thing you need to do is find your steward and tell him what happened and if he can't work out a fix with talking to the sup you need to file a grievence. Management "CANNOT" work if hourlies are being sent home. It's pretty cut and dry you should have no problem winning that. Good Luck!!!!:peaceful:
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    Thanks alot guys, I appreciate this very much. I spoke with my stewart, we found the supe. told my stewart Im done, now work, go home, end of story. Stewart is talking to another stewart about a greviance. Can someone explain a greviance in my situation? How long it will take? Type of settlement?? haha sounds like court terms... BUT IM WINNING..sorry :greedy:
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    Can I say where I am located, or is that not allowed?
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    As for the center manager working that day, I am not sure if anyone was sent home, but wouldn't be suprised for 1 NY Min... Reminds me of the day they said air was 3-5 hours late and 85% of employees punched out, AS THE 2 AIR TRUCKS PULLED IN WHEN EVERYONE WAS IN THE PARKING LOT!!!! I think we should all be paid a retroactive pay... haha
  7. dilligaf

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    Hp you can give as much info as you feel comfortable giving. no cussing no flames (slurs)no racial stuff but pretty much every thing else is ok
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    If any of these sups has any common sence it shouldn't even come to filing a grievence. If you were sent home and a sup was working you will be paid,if not grieve it and it might take a week to 10 days to settle but in the long run you will win. I'm a steward and thats the kind of grievence I would love to get once in a while!!!!
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    I had a previous account here and was pulled aside at work one day by 2 stewarts and was told to watch what I say on here.
  10. HPLude

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    Today I wasn't there long enough to catch a supe working, stewart made it clear that he better not catch a supe working. What will I get in return? 3.5 hours? Also on another topic, FT supe changes were made after peak. I told my previous supe about I day off I needed last week. Well I didn't bother to remind him (honestly not my job), nows hes saying NCNS and I will prob. not be getting my OPD hours..
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    You should have said you didn't SAY anything on here, you type
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    The real killer was that they put him to work for 7 minutes and then sent him home.
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    HP, yes they do watch. This has come up in a thread also. If you always stay honest in what you say you shouldn't have any problem. If you have any doubts though or are concerned about retaliation then I wouldn't give away to much info. Everything you say or do in here however, is subjective to evryone else. mgt or not. It's your choice how you post in BC, it's everyone elses choice how they take.
  14. dragracer66

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    You should be paid the hrs you normally work if the hours vary you would get the 3.5. I would tell the sup you had the day scheduled already. But as for saying where you work I would just leave that alone.
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    aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh- How many times do we see this on here-it's STEWARD!!!!!!!!! Sorry, tension breaker-had to be done
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    At least we haven't seen anyone try to use "stuart".
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    I second that emotion:happy-very:
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    So many supes work in our hub it's nuts.. at least 6 of them do everyday.
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    Our supes are generally pretty good about not working, minus the outbound supes helping out a loader when they are being pounded.
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    What if the steward's name is stewart?