Working Fri after Thansgiving, no Holiday pay.

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    Hello all, I have been lurking on the board for a little while now and have enjoyed reading some of your discussions. My name is **** and I work in a North Jersey Hub as a Part Time Supervisor in International Operations.

    I wanted to bring up an issue that was just brought to my attention to get an idea of whether or not I have the right to complain.

    I was told by my full time supervisor that I will have to come to work on the Friday after Thanksgiving (*UPS HOLIDA*) to help service the international packages. Yet due to a budget tight budget, we (PT Supvs) will have to leave it as a SCHEDULED OFF on PTRS. In severance however, we will be given a day off (NON UPS HOLIDAY) for coming in. This is unethical and wrong in my opinion, especially for a company with a structured pay system for their low level management employees.

    Heres a basic value system I provided to prove my point, feel free to correct me or critisize my thought process:
    UPS HOLIDAY = 1.5

    In theory we should be given 1.5 regular days off for every unpaid UPS Holiday worked. Right?

    Here are the questions I propose:

    Can they demand that we leave the PTRS blank and not get paid the 1.5x pay for working a UPS Holiday?

    Are they doing this nationwide? Does anyone know?

    Thanks in advance, I look forward to engaging in discussions with you all.
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    Be glad you have a job.. You could work for DHL
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    IDK they want me to work an hour less everyday to make up for it HA
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    While your point is rather valid, where should one draw the line?

    If they have asked me (or you) to work a week without pay - 'to help the plan', would you? You would still get paid the other 51 weeks, and have paid health insurance, as well as a job.

    While this is not anywhere near the same example, its just food for thought.

    I also want to know if they are doing this accross the country.
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    File a grievance.
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

  7. rod

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    I really hate to burst your bubble but they can do to you what ever they want. It's part of being on that side of the fence. Greese up
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    Perfectly said.
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    They can and will bring you in on Sat. too if they want..You are tied to the job...There is only one way to escape..Jump at your own risk...If you get a shot at hourly pkg one day, never forget the fantastic treatment and respect that part-time management recieves!
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    You need to accurately record your time spent working in PTRS. If you are being told by your Supervisor to not enter your time talk with your manager or H.R.
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    Welcome to WalMart.

    UPS made how many hundreds of millions of dollars in profit last year....and yet they claim that the budget is "too tight" to pay you?

    You are being lied to. The money is there...its just going into someone elses pocket, not yours.

    If your career goals include being treated fairly and to be compensated properly for your time, I would suggest getting out of management and going into driving as soon as possible.

    They will still try to screw you over, but at least you will have a collective bargaining agreement and union representation to fall back on.

    If you remain in management, not only will you continue to be a victim of this type of treatment, but you will also be expected to do it to other people as a matter of routine business.
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    I have no knowledge of any of this, but I can say, your first mistakes are giving your first name and location. Having been perusing and posting here 5 1/2 years, I can tell you that you want to remain anonymous!!

    Grease up and enjoy the ride. Be honest- you have fudged and lied about numbers, or at least cheated the contract between the union and UPS in your days - this is nothing different than what UPS higher-ups are doing to you. Just as it rolled down to you, you need to let it go or find another job!
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    Funny it says that you are a new poster, nov 2008!
    If your a liar, cheat and thief than yes you should stay anonymous, but just about everyone knows who i am and i hide nothing here or at work.
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    What ROD said goes for me too. They own you.
  16. UnsurePost

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    I have been here on and off since 2002 or 2003, for the record. Yes, some former management caught onto my S/N and I have been made aware of that in the past months, thus the new alias :). I am not "hiding" from anything, but I do prefer privacy and am typically private. Yes, I do know a few posters here personally, but that is the extent of it.

    705red and all have a nice weekend. :)
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    The Sleeve=the baggster:peaceful:
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    WiskyC5, Management will probably point to all the full- and part-timers they forced to work (admittedly at time-and-one-half); and all the full- and part-timers they forced to work at straight time !!! It's all there in Article 40, Section 1 (j).

    I'm in my 34th year at UPS and don't handle air packages, yet I only get straight time on the holiday. If they can do it to those of us "protected" by a Teamster contract, then they can do it to you too.

    It does seem unethical, and possibly illegal, though, to require you to work for "free" now, and be "paid" in the future with a day off.
  19. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When I first read this I was instantly reminded of the Popeye cartoons when Wimpy would say "I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."
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    My advice is DON'T DO IT!! In my district we've had supervisors fired for falsifying time cards. The company can look away when they want but when they don't want to -- you're gone. Don't ever put anything but the gospel truth in PTRS. Especially when they'll be looking for reasons to get rid of people after the first of the year. They can afford to pay the overtime -- heck they pay the drivers o/t don't they? ....and they'll be glad to hand out MIP to each other. DON'T DO IT!!