You call a Cab??

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    I finally witnessed it with my own eyes. I roll up to one of my car dealerships this morning and there it was, a shiny yellow taxicab delivering FedEx packages. The trunk and back seat were jammed full of boxes several of which contained fenders that had taken an odd shape. American Honda Parts Distributors switched to FedEx a while back and the dealers hate it. Time in transit increased and damages have gone through the roof (or back seat, or trunk LOL!). Now the dealers have to deal with cab drivers delivering their parts. The cab driver unloaded then drove away, no signature. When I returned for the P/U, the manager told me three of the fenders were trash.
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    f-word company trying to get all business from ups..f-word company doesn't have enough drivers to deliver all the packages.
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    Actually F is cutting routes, laying off drivers and using Taxis to deliver the packages. The F driver on my area told me the company has been firing folks at a high rate lately.
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    Interesting about the Cab deal. My center serviced a major Honda distribution site and from what I understand Honda went with FedEx when they undercut UPS on price. So much is said about FedEx taking business and yes it's a concern but if they are doing it at the risk of very tight margins then FedEx may win a lot of battles but UPS may in the end win the war. Not suggesting we get cocky but there may just be a whole other side to this FedEx Ground and our focus should be providing top quality service and everything else in the end may take care of itself. JMO.
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    I too, have received information from Airborne and Fedex about their ground services and they say that they will beat UPS's rates for our business, but when I finally got all the paperwork, it was just way more hassle to start over and to think that I will probably be saving only about $0.20 (I checked and compared rates) for small packages.

    I also like the convenience of being able to ship packages online, while I would have to fill out the forms by hand with Airborne.

    As far as claims go, we did have 2 claims this year ($200 and $80 items). After UPS paid the claim, which was no hassle whatsoever, I started getting packages returned to us for "better packing required." Kinda ticked me off since we ship about 150 packages a month!

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    The nicest thing about our UPS deliveries is that they always are within a certain timeframe everyday. We've had FedEx miss deliveries because our building has closed. (Airborne has actually been the earliest sometimes, but that's because I think they get so little business out here - I mean, they drive vans!)

    But FedEx gets points for somewhat better uniforms, at least in the summer... I have to admit the FedEx ground polo t's look pretty nice.
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    When we first opened our account with UPS the scheduling wasn't quite as regular as I had hoped. Sometimes we've waited up to 7PM just for pickup and I've had to call the hub to make sure they were gonna show up! The good news is that it is pretty regular now and within 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hour timeframe.

    As far as the uniforms go... I dunno, my driver looks pretty good in anything he's wearing [​IMG]

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    tahoepu...mr_roboto is an a.m. clerk.

    the clerk and pre-loaders work early every morning (out of public eye) to prepare and load all packages for delivery .

    we wear what ever we want. i promise you....
    mr_roboto looks good all the time!
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    I don't know about their uniforms..come on purple and green, red and purple. Sure wearing brown gets hot, and our uniforms could use some sort of change, but I'm glad I'm not running around in that gear.
    As far as service goes, does a-company have daily pickup? I've seen packages being shipped through a-company laying on desks for a couple of days before they're picked up.
    During December one year, F-ground got behind in their deliveries. They were hiring anyone who had a vehicle to deliver packages at a per-package rate. Man, if I wasn't working late during peak, I'd moonlight.
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    <font color="0000ff">Fed Ex Ground uniforms almost look like clown uniforms. They just need a wig and honking nose attachment.</font>