You leave this building and your fired!

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    Hope to get some input and advice on what I should do. I work the evening shift 5-9:30 or so. Been loading the same belt for couple years hardly ever have a misload and usually put up the best numbers in the building. We got a new center manager about 3 months ago and this guy is nuts. You cannot work hard enough for this guy. Our belt got slammed and everyone was doing over 400PPH and we were still backed out and he goes off on pur belt. Like we could go any faster. Anyway, we also got a new sup on our belt. This guy couldn't run a lemonade stand. Anyway he has been complianing about everyone on our belt to the Center manager says were not listening to him. So tonight I am done with my load go help three others rap up and one of the Sups that was guiding our new sup and showing hime the ropes said I could go. So I go clock out and as I am on my way out the door the center manager yells for me to come back and ask if my sup said I could go and I explained to him that the other sup said I could go the he said DID YOUR SUP SAY YOU COULD GO. I said what difference does it make. I said I am clocked out and leaving and was told I could go. The Center manager says if you walk out this building you wont have a job. *** I am furious so I walk back and yell at the sup that said I could Go *** and the center manager yells at me to watch my mouth. What jappened was that our new sup saw me walking away and radioed the center mananger and told him I was leaving with out permission. So I go back and stand there because I am clocked out and am not working for free. Finally he came by and said I could go there was nothing left to do. What should I do about this, I am not going to stand by and be set up like this. Can they come back and fire me on Monday? this is absured :biting:
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    Peak is a pressure cooker, especially for those lower-level trying to make bonuses and MIP and whatever other incentive goodies by yo-yoing you around. From my understanding, this is your 2nd peak. You won't be fired because as long as you can move 400pph Monday they will need you there. Next week is next week, have a nice weekend for now. :)
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    Tie; Please correct me if I'm wrong but MIP and 1/2 months have already been passed out. It sounds like the new guy is not much of a leader! I don't think you have anything to worry about. Merry Christmas..
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    I would file a grievance and get paid for the time you had to wait to leave the building. I am 100% serious.

    It will be the easiest 4 hours pay you have ever made.

    When you get the check, make a point on thanking the supe that would not let you leave for the nice holiday bonus.

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    1) If a sup thats not your sup tells you to leave double check with your sup first. If they have different answers let them fight it out amongst themselves.
    2) If a manager supersedes their order you listen to him. If he were to tell you to go,you go,stay,you stay.

    3) The moment your told to stay you inform them you need to clock back in. Even if they say no unless your allowed to leave your getting paid.

    4) File on your pay from this night.

    5) No you won`t be fired,even if they tried a good steward would head it off before it got anywhere.