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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Raw, Oct 23, 2010.

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    After he gets his job back with full back pay, he should file a lawsuit.
    I smell a swift settlement.
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    He wasn't actually fired, he was sent home for the day (still wrong obviously). His BA says he will be paid for the day.
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    Hey, that's my morning news station (KTLA) and that was Eric Spillman.
    When I moved to CA. in '91, I didn't know a soul and the entire morning news crew were my coffee buddies.....meaning I had my morning coffee while watching them.

    Off topic much?:peaceful:
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    Reverse the players and what would the response and actions be? What if a union worker wore an Obama T-Shirt to a Bush or in this case a republican rally of some sort?

    I agree this guy will likely win in the end but he made a choice based on politics and he'll just have to see it through now that he's down that road a bit. If you wear a Black Sabbath T-Shirt to a Jerry Falwell Revival (I know he's dead) you have no expectation of being ignored!

    Something about that thought does appeal to me!
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    He wore a shirt and hat in support of his son who is in the Navy.
    The vessel that he mans was named after George Bush (senior).
    There is no political agenda there.
    These Hollywood types take themselves way too seriously politically.
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    There are no ships named "Obama", so that will never happen!
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    Barack Obama's Action Team !!:funny:
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    Buy Obama Another Teleprompter
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    The launching of the USS Obama.