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    If you become sick or hurt on the clock no matter how serious or not serious you think it is,call a supervisor to take you home or to a hospital,dont even try to work thru it,you may not be aware of your injury or illness,remember heart attacks have no age limits.God Bless:thumbup1:
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    That will get you on the pay back list here. We had a driver do that- went to the hospital- it was legit---and that driver is being harrased beyond belief now!
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    I had a co-worker report he was sick to his supe... The supe contacted the safety supe... The safety supe asked if he could work an hour until a replacement could be called in... The Center Manager showed up and the guy ended up having to work the full shift... Afterwards the employee drove himself to a clinic and found out he had a 104 temperature and his blood pressure was going through the roof...

    Shows how much management really cares...

    The guy was out four days with that bad virus that was in the news a couple months ago. We are just lucky the whole center was not infected. Because he was forced to work a full shift...
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    Of course they're going to try to get you to finish the day.

    If you're really sick or injured, the best thing to do is call for an ambulance. That way there is no question that you could finish the day. Let the EMT call your center.

    Before someone flames me, I only suggest this if you're really, REALLY sick.
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    I had that virus, Norwalk virus is what it's called. really really nasty. Hit me in the morning just before the PCM. Told my sup I needed to go home. got the hold on line. Center Mgr. wanted me to go on the road for a while, I just told him if I did I would most likely have an accident. Left the center that day, and stayed out 4 days. Most of spent running to the can every 20 minutes. You just got to be firm and stand your ground. If you're sick or hurt, do not let anyone intimidate you into working or staying 'just a little bit longer'.
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    I :censored2: off the wrong person 1 day. So when I called in sick after getting sick on route they came out and got me and fired me for what they said was being dishonest. They said I was not sick. Went to doc. that day he said I had a ear infection which made my head spin which made me throw up. You lose no matter what if they want you to. 20 years ment nothing.
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    Once got sick in the AM right after PCM...
    I felt it would pass, I was puking out the door of my P1000 every 200yards,
    I finished my Air, came back puked on my ctr managers shoes, and at that
    point I think he realized I wasn't faking it... thank goodness it was a light air day.
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    Ive always felt it was easier to get through work pt sick than when I was ft and sick.
    I dont get sick much, the few times I have, its over. Im not coming in, or I am going home. I think maybe once in the past 15 yrs. Ill tell them I think I can make it just dont slam me, give me a break just this time, if you really need me.
    But if you are dizzy, and reeling, you cant work. If its a cold, and you just feel like crap, you probaly can.
    I always enjoy calling off when I feel great, and working when sick.:ohmy:
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    We had a driver strain his back at one of the nearby centers a few weeks ago. He called in and explained he could barely walk and had to be helped by his customers just getting up some steps. His sup told him there was no help available and do his best. He called an ambulance and after they took him away, wouldn't you know, they found someone to finish the route.
    The part I like best is when the center manager gave his PCM the next morning he explained that there was an 'alleged' injury. Guess if someone else is doing the hurting it isn't real to you.
  11. Sammie

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    One of the ladies in the offices was feeling very ill and asked to go home. No. An hour later, she slumped over onto her desk. They thought she was faking it. Then she started bleeding, very seriously. They told her to go to the restroom and get "cleaned up.." She came back in, still bleeding. Come to find out, she had been miscarrying all this time that she was "not allowed to leave"...

    For God's sake, you people are adults. If you're sick, go home or seek help and don't allow yourselves to be bullied...
  12. MR_Vengeance

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    i would lay on the ground and play dead............some bystander can call 911 and take me to the clinic.
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    Sad example. But good advice.

    On the other hand, as has been alluded to here, we have ones that fit the old fable about the little boy that cried "wolf" too many times. We know who they are and management knows who they are. So how do they deal with it? Logically, we ALL get the treatment.

    How do WE deal with it? Be a responsible adult and call in sick when we're sick or go home when we're sick. Just don't abuse it and the problem will go away and OUR health will be much better for it.