1. B

    New Young Feeder Driver

    Hey all. 25 year old feeder driver here. I am the newest low man (on call). This is so exciting. I look at the seniority and bid board, and people have FT seniority dates dating back to the 70s and 80s. It's insane, but makes me excited to make a career out of UPS and have about 35+ years left...
  2. T

    Will feeder position eventually stop drug testing ?

    Just a question in the future if they would ever stop drug testing for marijuana since it’s starting to get legal around the world?
  3. clevelandtrucker

    UPS Feeder Job & "Disability Accommodation"

    I am a Class A CDL holder whom is restricted to the automatic tractor. My question is, is there any accommodation that could be made to someone who is in the predicament of not being able to remove the restriction due to medical reasons? I know a lot of the facilities have a lot of both auto and...
  4. S

    Sleeper team transparency

    Long story short, I went from first day on preload to feeder and now sleeper team in a little over 4 year at the company. In that time I became a steward when I was a package car driver for various reason. Now I try to be as active as a sleeper team member can be ( it can be difficult when you...
  5. A

    Express RTD to Feeder… worth it?

    I’m currently a FedEx Express RTD with 15 years in. Have my own route. But still, not topped out. I’m currently making $27/hr. Have 4 weeks vacation plus 4 floaters/personal days & 5 sick days. I also have a family with 2 toddlers…. Well I have the opportunity to go permanent FT Feeder off the...
  6. BobTailing

    Feeder CPU local service area vs HUB

    Is anyone aware of any language in the contract about local service area CPU work for feeders being made by HUB feeder drivers instead of the local service area feeder drivers? I am a local cover feeder driver and my local service area just gained a large CPU account that has the work to create...
  7. U

    “On Call Feeder”

    Alright anyone got an answer for me on this one? I work at a fairly large hub and we have an on call feeder list. We’re told we have to answer our phones and/or call back within 15 minutes. If we don’t call back within 15 minutes we are put on the bottom of the on call sheet. *We’re also not...
  8. C

    what should I do?

    Hey yall, I started Feeder back in September and since I've started I've had issues with my pay rate. for whatever reason it says my current pay rate is $15.00 hr and payroll has to go in every week to adjust it. I filled a grievance 3 weeks ago about the issue because I was in the system as...
  9. U

    UPS Freight vs. UPS Feeder Driver etc vs OTR Dedicated vs UPS Air Driver,etc, etc

    I have a current CDL with doubles/triples, hazmat, twic card and been telling everyone and their mother that I have my CDL. I just made Combo Driver (package car) and I'm still in my packet. I took the position as I was looking for full-time work anyway and wanted to secure my spot in UPS. I'm a...
  10. R

    UPS feeder or freight school.

    Does anyone know how long you have to sign a contract with UPS once they put you through school? Not that i plan on leaving such a great company, i just might be moving to a different state and heard its pretty hard to transfer. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. L

    Charged with a accident

    I just recently began driving for feeders. I have driven a handful of times and I don't have my seniority yet. Last night I forked my back box while attempting to couple. I contacted dispatch and was immediately told to unhook and return to my hub. I was then told to punch out and leave. I'm...
  12. D

    Local 63/Ontario Feeder Dropping 1 year safe driving?

    has anyone heard or know of anyone with less then 1-year safe driving in package going to feeder. Heard that Ontario CA need a bunch of feeder drivers and they are considering dropping the one-year safe driving
  13. S

    Feeder Training

    Hey does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Feeder Practice Quiz?
  14. D

    Past Practice

    I am currently an ADA package car driver that got injured while driving in 2006, and received an accommodation in 2008 when the economy took a dive, at that time all they had available was a part time porter position(which I accepted). I drove for 3.5years as a full time package car driver from...
  15. S

    Classification bidding

    I recently made 30 days as a ft package driver and signed the bid list for 5 feeder coverage positions. In my region (southern region) we have classification bidding so from what I believe package driver get dibs first and then it goes to article 22.3 then part time. Is this correct? Also since...
  16. L

    Southwestern Feeders Going on Stike?

    hey heard a rumor that the southwestern feeder drivers are going on strike in November. Anyone have any info on this? Also some of you guys that have seen this before what would it look like? Doesn’t seem to me like it would have that big of an impact because couldn’t UPS just contract out the...
  17. F

    Feeder Driver Training Pay - HELP!

    Drove package for a month, now going to feeder. Why don't they pay for first week of training? Already have my CDL.
  18. cheryl

    King of the hill: an elite group of UPS drivers would get as much as 96 cts per mile in a few years

    King of the hill: an elite group of UPS drivers would get as much as 96 cts per mile in a few years - Freight Waves The sleeper drivers for UPS can look forward at the start of August 2022 to make as much as 96 cts per mile. That was one of the details revealed Monday in a conference call by...
  19. Ya Dad

    Pay drop when moving from one FT position to another

    Can you find any language in the National Master that says if you made progression as a Bid Air Driver (part-time), move on to Combo Inside/Inside and get red-circled on your top air rate, then within 2 years go into Feeders, your pay drops down to starting Feeder rate? If so, guess that's on...
  20. Tired Driver

    Medically Benched

    On a Worker’s Comp injury, after the FCE, designated as medium work, 20 lbs to 50 lbs max and up to 8 hours a day. Not ready to retire yet. Want UPS to create a job for me as per contract. Has anyone heard or have had this happen to them? I am an old yard dog and not ready to be porched.