1. R

    UPS feeder or freight school.

    Does anyone know how long you have to sign a contract with UPS once they put you through school? Not that i plan on leaving such a great company, i just might be moving to a different state and heard its pretty hard to transfer. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. L

    Charged with a accident

    I just recently began driving for feeders. I have driven a handful of times and I don't have my seniority yet. Last night I forked my back box while attempting to couple. I contacted dispatch and was immediately told to unhook and return to my hub. I was then told to punch out and leave. I'm...
  3. D

    Local 63/Ontario Feeder Dropping 1 year safe driving?

    has anyone heard or know of anyone with less then 1-year safe driving in package going to feeder. Heard that Ontario CA need a bunch of feeder drivers and they are considering dropping the one-year safe driving
  4. S

    Feeder Training

    Hey does anyone know where I can get a copy of the Feeder Practice Quiz?
  5. D

    Past Practice

    I am currently an ADA package car driver that got injured while driving in 2006, and received an accommodation in 2008 when the economy took a dive, at that time all they had available was a part time porter position(which I accepted). I drove for 3.5years as a full time package car driver from...
  6. S

    Classification bidding

    I recently made 30 days as a ft package driver and signed the bid list for 5 feeder coverage positions. In my region (southern region) we have classification bidding so from what I believe package driver get dibs first and then it goes to article 22.3 then part time. Is this correct? Also since...
  7. L

    Southwestern Feeders Going on Stike?

    hey heard a rumor that the southwestern feeder drivers are going on strike in November. Anyone have any info on this? Also some of you guys that have seen this before what would it look like? Doesn’t seem to me like it would have that big of an impact because couldn’t UPS just contract out the...
  8. F

    Feeder Driver Training Pay - HELP!

    Drove package for a month, now going to feeder. Why don't they pay for first week of training? Already have my CDL.
  9. cheryl

    King of the hill: an elite group of UPS drivers would get as much as 96 cts per mile in a few years

    King of the hill: an elite group of UPS drivers would get as much as 96 cts per mile in a few years - Freight Waves The sleeper drivers for UPS can look forward at the start of August 2022 to make as much as 96 cts per mile. That was one of the details revealed Monday in a conference call by...
  10. Ya Dad

    Pay drop when moving from one FT position to another

    Can you find any language in the National Master that says if you made progression as a Bid Air Driver (part-time), move on to Combo Inside/Inside and get red-circled on your top air rate, then within 2 years go into Feeders, your pay drops down to starting Feeder rate? If so, guess that's on...
  11. Tired Driver

    Medically Benched

    On a Worker’s Comp injury, after the FCE, designated as medium work, 20 lbs to 50 lbs max and up to 8 hours a day. Not ready to retire yet. Want UPS to create a job for me as per contract. Has anyone heard or have had this happen to them? I am an old yard dog and not ready to be porched.
  12. B

    Loading feeders

    Hey everybody, Could I get some advice on keeping my PPH up? I load feeders and periodically the sups will send someone (usually me) on the belt to unload package cars. Trying to figure out a way to keep my PPH from dropping when they send me over. I feel like I'm working at the same pace as...
  13. B

    Unused sick time

    Did we get paid out for unused sick days on 4/30? I just checked my Time Off Viewer and I have nothing left. I had 24 hrs last I looked.
  14. R

    Feeder Newbie

    Recently I’ve had the opportunity to go feeder and question is what are the Scheduled weekdays like? Are the M-F? T-S? I know it’s on-call to start but I just want to get a clear picture on what my workdays would be? Thanks in advance !
  15. R

    Non Union Technical to Tractor/Feeder Driver

    I have been employed with UPS since 2014, I am currently on a non-union technical role. I want to grow with UPS but it seems only the union staff is growing. I had no idea a union existed prior to being hired. I would like to become a feeder driver. I will get my CDL in the next few months. I...
  16. Big Babooba

    Recently turned 60

    I turned 60 in December and on March 7th I will celebrate 39 years with this great company. Thanks to my recent divorce, I am looking forward to another 39 years of package fun. My question is - Should I go into feeders and ride it out or should I skip all the formalities and shoot myself now?
  17. PhatPattheRiverRat

    Question about F/T Driving Position

    Before you start in on me: meant to write F/T driver position on subject, not sure why I blanked out and wrote cover. Hey again all. So I have only been a local sort goon for all of 1.5 months at this point. Haven't signed any bid sheets yet because my buddy, a longtime driver said I need to...
  18. TakeABreakDriver8

    Feeder -vs- Package

    I signed a bid sheet and have been called about going to feeders from package. Can you amazing people, especially those who have behind-the-scenes experience, help me weigh out the pros and cons? A bit about me, specifics to consider: Driver for 4 years, never drove a semi-sized vehicle before...
  19. B

    Heard new DIAD upgrade coming RDO will be gone

    I don't think the company understands how bad this will be.
  20. P

    Seniority rules when a Local joins another Local?

    What are the seniority rules when one union local joins another? Ive heard dovetail for seniority, but both locals have a different progresion time for becoming full time. Example one local has a 10+ years to become full time and the other is a few years less. Anyone has info on this?