1. G


    Hey all, been working for UPS for a few years now as a loader and decided to write my first post questioning the logistic decisions being made by upper management. It's not even peak season yet, but for the last 2 months I have been having a hard time completing the load for my set of package...
  2. UPS Preloader

    Require OSHA Enforce the 28” exit route egress guidelines at UPS, FedEx, and Amazon.

    If you have egress issues in you building, please sign and share this petition. Require OSHA Enforce the 28” exit route egress guidelines at UPS, FedEx, and Amazon. Please sign and share.
  3. KearsargeCoop

    Calling all Wellness co-chairs...

    I did some digging with the ole search button and found very little to do with Wellness. Any co-chairs out there? I'm interested to see how active you are on a daily/weekly/monthly basis? What are you discussing? Etc,etc. Thanks
  4. cheryl

    Some UPS drivers want more safety measures in place

    Some UPS drivers want more safety measures in place - Fox 5 Some UPS drivers said they're worried about their safety while delivering packages. Almost 2,000 of them have signed a petition calling for more safety measures to be put in place. "We've had people shot at, trucks shot up, people...
  5. 1

    Method for pushing out drivers side mirror? How can it be done safely?

    Almost had my arm ripped off by a Ford friend-350 yesterday and it has me rethinking the safety of pulling/pushing my drivers side mirror. The truck had ladders hanging off the sides and it was too close for comfort. Whats the official method to do it safely? My arm is more valuable than a $50 mirror!
  6. cheryl

    Bartlett UPS employees concerned about work safety

    Bartlett UPS employees concerned about work safety- WREG Employees at one UPS facility say they’re worried about staying safe at work as they say they’re not getting adequate security while on the job. Throughout the pandemic as many did their best to not leave their homes, delivery drivers...
  7. meritocracy

    How often do you go #2 on the clock?

    Asking the difficult questions.
  8. F

    I want to start being safer on preload!

    So I’ve been on preload for a little over two years and I’ve worked in the same position for the vast majority of that time. During this time I have had to walk on this particular chute to occasionally break a jam and no manager or supervisor has ever complained about that it’s just kind of an...
  9. Over70irregs

    Covid Mental Illness?

    They will sacrifice you and leave you hanging long term. Protect yourself and others. One in five COVID-19 survivors develop mental illness: Study. Just want peeps safe. We deserve that.
  10. N

    Covid policies for training new hires

    Hello everyone, I’m almost through my first week of training to become a package delivery driver. I’m looking forward to what will hopefully be a new career working for UPS. I wanted to share my experience and some concerns about my experience to see if I could get some feedback. Although...
  11. cheryl

    ‘Culture of Fear’ Grips UPS; Workers Say Injuries Underreported

    ‘Culture of Fear’ Grips UPS; Workers Say Injuries Underreported - Bloomberg Environment Retaliation alleged against those who do complain Company staunchly defends its safety policies After a worker fell from a loading dock and broke his hip, pelvis, wrist, and elbow last December at a United...
  12. T


    I’m an unloader/worked there for 3 months So, this happened Last Friday: I was unloading (I’m a part timer with seniority) and near the end of my shift, I felt discomfort in my wrist. I told FT supervisor and he told me to talk to safety. I told them that this was on the clock and that i had...
  13. D

    Local 63/Ontario Feeder Dropping 1 year safe driving?

    has anyone heard or know of anyone with less then 1-year safe driving in package going to feeder. Heard that Ontario CA need a bunch of feeder drivers and they are considering dropping the one-year safe driving
  14. cheryl

    UPS safety relay chooses Newark as a hand off site for baton traveling the U.S.

    UPS safety relay chooses Newark as a hand off site for baton traveling the U.S. - Newark Advocate A baton is traveling the nation in the name of safety for UPS delivery centers and has made a stop in Newark, Ohio. Each week, the baton is shipped to a new center and on Monday, Oct. 1, it arrived...
  15. zubenelgenubi

    Safety committees

    Since the IBT now approves of 70 hr work weeks, shouldn't they reinstate the safety committees?
  16. ChrisTheBrown

    Harassment-- "ETA TIME"

    A couple of drivers at my Center were being harassed today about our ETA time, return to building time. Without going into too much details here, I'm just curious what course of action should be taken. They preach about safety and all of this stuff day-to-day, but yet at times often completely...
  17. AsweetGirl

    Topic topic on topic

    Do you feel safe at work? Are you in a center, hub, store or warehouse that lacks the proper security measures? Do you deliver to a dangerous part of town?