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    I’m an unloader/worked there for 3 months

    So, this happened Last Friday:
    I was unloading (I’m a part timer with seniority) and near the end of my shift, I felt discomfort in my wrist. I told FT supervisor and he told me to talk to safety. I told them that this was on the clock and that i had Informed FT sup. They said that they could have me switch to an easier position.
    I agree.
    Following up this past Monday: safety tells me that if I wanted to switch out of unload, I said yes. They expressed their concern for me to FT sup because they don’t have the power to switch me; a FT sup does.
    I tell sup in the middle of my shift about wrist AGAIN and he said “Well, you’re going to use your wrist in the building soo..” (Meaning, he REFUSED to switch me) It’s not the fact that I’m using my wrist, it’s the amount of strain I put on it. I go to safety after that and they tell me the same thing, but they also added that they were going to have me do something easier next day
    (yesterday)(here’s the kicker)
    All the PT supervisors had me tape because the FT sup had told them about my case. Near the end of my shift he sees me taping and asks me if I had unloaded; I said no I’ve been taping. He then says:”Well if your wrist isn’t feeling better THEN YOU CAN GO HOME, SEE YOU ON MONDAY” in such a direct way. Note: I had only been working for 2 hours and 36 minutes that night so I went to safety for the 3rd TIME, and told them that I am GUARANTEED 3.5 HOURS OF WORK. They agree and had me handle smalls and totes.

    What I’m planning to do:
    Show up Monday, ask FT sup for the final time to get out unload. If not, I’m going to file an accident report anyways because I DID NOTIFY FT SUP on Friday and it in fact was on the clock. I also plan to speak with the sort manager to see if he can override FT sup decision.

    TLDR: Wrist discomfort a week ago, notified sup and safety, sup refuses to move me out of unload after notifying him TWICE and tried to send me home early without guaranteed hours. Safety had me do easy work meanwhile.

    So what do you guys recommend?
    Please, I need help; I’m trusting you guys because I’m new and I don’t want to be “another victim who got taken advantage of”
    Thanks in advance :)
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    Report your injury go on TAW and then work comp. When you feel better come back and start unloading again. It's not that difficult.
  4. Active Member

    Really simple solution.
    Got to FT sup and say: I have an injury I would like to report.
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  5. I can't help some of these people , my friend. Especially someone with so much seniority....
  6. Get your steward and fill out an accident report, then go seek medical attention.
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    Probaly carpal tunnel syndrome..had it for 40 yrs..had surgery last year
    .shake it off try to work through it til you are a permanent part time employee.. Simple can do it..
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    You sprained it at work. Next time just tell your supervisor youre hurt and you want medical attention. It goes on their insurance not yours.
    Safety cant help you. Tell the shop stewards.
    At this point i might even call the union hall sonc3 theyre even tefusing your 3.5 hours
  9. Take it easy on your pickle...
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    Time to nutup or shutup
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    What you need to be planning to do is go to work on Monday, get a shop steward, and report this issue to a MANAGER and not some :censored2: PT / FT Sup.
  12. BestMgrEver

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    I usually take ass beatings by my bosses on my views on how to handle injuries, but that's okay because I have morals. The company wants management to avoid reporting any injuries that may result in a fine. Most of the time we're told to try to sweep it under the rug. If someone comes up to me and say they're injured, I report it in the system that day. For one, it's worse than being told about an injury, and they say it's going to be okay. They go home and it gets worse and they decide they go to the hospital that night. Hospital puts them out of work and we end up with a lost time injury anyway. It's easier to report it, take them to the doctor, end up with a TAW rather than a lost time.
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  13. I go to MY doc first. YOURS, WITHIN 10 days. Bestsupever
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  14. DriverNerd

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    Listen to everyone here. If you have an on the job injury report it. If they give you light duty work try to rest it and see if it feels better. If they don't give you light work then you need to stop working and seeing a doctor. If you say "I need to go somewhere out of unloading instead" you sound like you're faking your injury to move to a different area. He's right in saying you're going to use your wrist doing anything else in the building just like unloading. They're not going to move you somewhere permanently that is less labor intensive.

    *If you're too hurt to unload and they won't give you light duty, then see a doctor.
  15. Indecisi0n

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    Stop acting like a child . Either report it and stop working or keep going. You say your wrist was hurting and they offered to let you go home but then turn around and say you want your guarantee , sorry that's just being an ass .
  16. Poop Head

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    Sounds like an over-use issue. Use your other hand for a week, then alternate from then on out. Should be good to go!
  17. burrheadd

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    This should be hung near the time lock
    In every center in the world
  18. Superteeth2478

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    Great idea, then Liberty Mutual can deny your claim on the basis that it was an off-the-job injury because you went to your own doctor prior to going to UPS's doctor.

    It's best to just go to UPS's doctor and then go to your own doctor for a second opinion if you don't agree with their sellout doctor's opinion.
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  19. Super teeth, who does the UPS doc work for...... hint, UPS. WHO does your doc work for?
  20. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    You see the company doctor first, then you see your doc if you are not satisfied with the results. And a 3rd hopefully impartial opinion later on if necessary