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    Just so we are clear, you can multi-quote instead of making multiple post.

    And, the answer is NO and want strike to speed this agreement up.
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    Why would I want to do that?
    And who said I needed it to be clarified?
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    .70 cents × 40 hours=28$ a week raise. Wow now 28× 250,000 employees =7 million a week they hold of our money each week ×26 weeks that=182 million. I wonder how much they make off holding our raises. I actually do own stock I'm really praying ups gives 22.3 jobs that doesn't involve driving because many long term employees would like a full time job and driving a truck just isn't for them.
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    Has any local started taking strike fund? No because it's no chance it will happen work under old agreement until it gets fixed Bo big deal wait for a better deal vote no

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    There is no way that both the Company and the Union want the Feds to get involved with a strike and particularly a lock out. It would make the Russian investigation look like People's Court. The DOJ, DOL,FBI and every Government and State agency with time on there hands will be looking at every piece of evidence of collusion, corruption and fraud on both sides. The executives and union officials will start turning on each other to save their own, much like what is happening in Washington now. It would be time to sell your stock, loyalty is a two way street and most feel betrayed with the way their perks and benefits are being eliminated.

    Another question about the possibility of a lock out...Why not do it tomorrow if you are the company, if it is feasible for the company to proof a point go for it...Tony Q is fear mongering on this for whatever reason. If that decision is made, those making that decision will be prosecuted to the ninth degree..Real jail time, assets taken..It would be a case just to see if really "Rich People do not serve Time".

    The Strike possibility is still out there, whether the leadership is willing to use it is another story..This is going to take a lot of time everybody be prepared, start planning and do not get discouraged. If it helps, try to think how it was the last couple of peaks, does anybody want to go through that for the next five years..This is the time to change that.
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    I think the best time for a strike is during seasonal. After all, I know teachers don't play nice when they go on strike, and they did it during school time.
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    Were you explaining a bad dream here? Federal investigation of a contract dispute?
    A lockout during the term of an existing contract would obligate UPS to huge damages.
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    UPS has too much to lose during a strike. You make it seem like UPS is the victim(s). The whole point of a strike is for UPS to lose, and lose a lot.

    There's no need for a strike fund, we strike and sacrifice pay. UPS gets grilled in the process.

    There is no convenient time for a strike for UPS, every day is a 'Record Number day'.. What do you think UPS and the IBT are going to get a pocket calendar out and say "You can strike on these days, but not these ones" ?
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    Then it'll come to me real fast.
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    I talked with 10 drivers from 3 supplements at a meet point this morning, I am the only person who has an issue with this contract.

    Sadly, I think this POS is gonna pass on the first vote.
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    I spoke to 2 feeders who said "well whats wrong with it were getting a 4.15 increase". I just walked away
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    I hear people throwing around the number 40 like it's all that matters.
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    How are 710/705 contracts coming?
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    Not that I'm saying it will but if the economy keeps humming along at 3-4% growth $40 won't look all that special.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Just curious what would feeders have to be upset about?
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  19. No free donuts?
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    People always want to gage that 40 dollar mark against minimum wage... but the average worker either salary or hourly after it’s all broken down doesn’t make anything near minimum wage ...we are paid fairly but it’s not “over the moon “ by any measure especially considering the hours we work and the toll on our bodies...my wife knows secretaries who pull in 30+ bucks an hour and have healthcare, 401k match and get thousands of dollars a year in profit sharing or Christmas bonus... for someone who sits in their ass and answers calls... conducts walk in business, and orders supplies.....30-40+ jobs are out there, you just can’t be looking for them at 7-11, or papa johns...