2010 Census. To mail or not to mail?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by ups1990, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. ups1990

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    I just received the 2010 Census in the mail. After reading that failure to mail back the questions is a crime, my focus shifted to the questions. Wow! cannot believe what my mind was reading. Why in the world would the federal Gov. need to know my mortgage payments and if I have a diffucult time making decisions?

    We all have a hard time making decisiosn especially us Men. The number and types of questions is troublesome. Are we being counted or signing escrow papers. The Constitution asks for a count of the people and for one have no quarrels about it, but this census is way over the top.

    Maybe I'll pretend it never arrived and when called by the Cenus for it. My new mantra will be " The Census is in the mail".
  2. Monkey Butt

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    Not mailing it back will only result in a personal visit from a census taker ... experience.
    Letter is better ... it doesn't stink, have bad breath or use the opportunity to case your house out.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    The form asks you to list up to 12 people living in the same household. I wonder what the Duggars (21) will do?

    I didn't see anywhere on the form where they asked for the amount of my mortgage payment.
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  4. wkmac

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    I did not take part in the 1990' and 2000' census and yes you will get visited at least 3 times with the threat levels escultating each time. Before you decide to walk that walk you better have done your homework studying the appropiate US Code Titles that apply. You need to start with Title 13 but I'll warn you they changed the law after the 2000' census (more draconian I might add) so knowing all the ramifications is very important. Also study the admnstrative laws under the OMB requirements and proper procedures including Federal Regisiter publication requirements (US Code Title 5) to know where you stand with the form you have in hand. Also the OMB numbr found lower left corner on form is useful in finding it's publication in the Federal Register (a requirement of Title 5 to be positive law) and the citing in FR of all applicable laws that require the public to comply.

    Be careful following any advice by big talking pundits as most all cite the Constitution but rarely go the distance citing US Code and other underlying law. I won't tell you to do one way or the other nor would I even have mentioned this had you not brought it up but don't blindly walk into this thing without doing the homework. I've battled the gov't on many levels and am still here to tell the tale but once you mount the tigers back, you just can't jump off at anytime when the purpose suits you. Trust me, most people aren't ready and should just comply instead of become a easy target and win for the gov't which sets bad case law making it that much harder for the more hardcore to overcome. Gov't lawyers love bringing out those lists of easy prey they've consumed and then you have to do the extra legal work to show how your case and position is different.

    And don't be influenced by grandstanding politicians like Michelle Bachmann as all politicians lie and they're never held to the standard of law that we are anyway as should be glaringly apparent when one looks across the ruling elite who violate law all the time and get away with it. Admire your spunk but if you asked me I'd tell you to just grit your teeth, fill out the forms and find another way to protest.

    Good luck!
  5. over9five

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    I heard a quick blurb on the news this morning that different people get different versions of the census. Mine did not ask anything other than who lives here and their ages.

    Anyone know why certain people get the one that the OP got?
  6. moreluck

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    I already filled out my census......my black crayon needs sharpening all over again!! I mailed it already. I gave my name and the # of people who live at this address. The squares for my phone number, I filled with zeros. I'm listed, idiots!!

    As far as age, I live in a senior community, so those age blanks got filled with zeros too. They already have all this info on my tax returns!

    As far as race, I listed black.....what good can come to a white in Southern Orange County?? Maybe listing as black will bring us a special project like all of those flip-floppers on the health care vote are getting.

    Can't make sense of the census!! :sad-little:
  7. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    I listed myself under race as other......"AMERICAN".
    everyone should also do the same.
    after all the census is about counting how many citizens there are.
  8. Lue C Fur

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    Excellent point!!!!
  9. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Thats a great move , NOT !!

    That will give the government more reasons to hand out more money for miniorty churches, and programs.
    Besides, companies, cities, and states, will need to hire a higher percentage of minorities (based on percentage of population).

    Do as you will, it's your country.
  10. cachsux

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  11. diesel96

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    And if Republicans were in charge, would my misguided Conservative friends be sending back Census forms in droves via "next day air", no questions ask, with Easter Seals and flag stamps decorating the envelope, chanting USA ! USA ! USA ! ...:raspberry-tounge:
  12. pickup

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    I haven't filled out my form. I am exercising my fifth amendment right to not incriminate myself.
  13. moreluck

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    You just want someone to try your doorbell to see if it works. I didn't want any of those creeps coming to my house ,so I answered the 10 questions (my way).
  14. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Klien, put down the beer before you post.
    You are making no-sense
  15. over9five

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    Excellent tie-in.
  16. toonertoo

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    I filled mine out and did the same.
    I got the visits, I got chosen for extra ones, they made my life hell. I do not look forward to the visits, I dont have time for the homework as wkmac emphasizes.
    Now today I got a new one.....same addy same questions. Real good savings there. But its going through the usps, so savings dont matter, we just pay more.
    When they came for a visit, they did it and followed up every month for four months. I did not volunteer, I was the chosen one.
    Same questions. income, overtime, why dont I rent the house next door, could it be rented, why dont I rent it.
    They do not leave willingly. They went so far as to wake me up at 8am, ask me to shut off my vehicle and answer some questions they have, and told my husband to shut off his motorcycle so they could get some questions answered. (3 separate visits)
    And all this was under Bush. I shudder to think what will happen now.
  17. Channahon

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    Fill out a census form? Let the federal government employees figure out how to query the systems available such as Social Security, IRS, Birth and Death Certificates. Every responsible legal person living in the country will be counted.
  18. klein

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    Do what you guys and gals want. Only hurts yourself. :

    Census information affects the numbers of seats your state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives. And people from many walks of life use census data to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more.
    When you do the math, it's easy to see what an accurate count of residents can do for your community. Better infrastructure. More services. A brighter tomorrow for everyone. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each year is spent on infrastructure and services like:
    • Hospitals
    • Job training centers
    • Schools
    • Senior centers
    • Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects
    • Emergency services
  19. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Klien you should read the questions this thing asks.
    The hispanics have one whole question devoted to themselves.
    For your race you can choice negro, white, american indian, asian, pacific islanders, or other. My passport says I'm an american; not a negro american, nor white american, nor hispanic american.
    Other questions want to know about my living conditions; like do you have running water ( no mine kind of just sits there ).
    As for our hospitals most are closing due to the current lack of funding available, job training centers for what jobs, there aren't any except government ones, our public schools turn out really dumb kids who see that being a school teacher as a no heavy lifting job with 6 months off every year.
  20. moreluck

    moreluck golden ticket member

    There's just enough room at the bottom of the choices to sketch your own box and check it and write in Eastern-European-American.

    As far as "seats" in the house.....when it come to having no representation or having the likes of Boxer, Finestein & Pelosi......I'll take none, thanks.