22.3 combo people are being told not guaranteed 8 hrs of work

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    I'm a driver and a steward in the central plains district and have heard that our 22.3 combo people are not going to be gauranteed 8 hrs. of work. Apparantly managements stance is that they are working 2 different shifts, and like part-timers who are gauranteed at least 3.5 hrs of work on one shift, the combo people are only gauranteed 7 hrs. of work 3.5 hrs per shift. Does anyone see this happening in their centers. Our BA is not standing behind these people and needs to be seen to the door, but at a recent union meeting the President of the union backed the BA. This gesture just might result in many bargaining unit employees filling out withdraw cards. If you ask me our union is very soft and needs a complete overhaul if we want to stand up to UPS.
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    Thats pretty brazen by management if true. I'm a 22.3 combo and I get my eight hours each and every night. Its just too bad the union isn't backing them up on this since this is such an easy fight to win. Not too mention all the back pay those combo workers would be getting as soon as its won.

    Just wanted to ask, what kind of reasoning is the BA and the union President using to support management in this situation? They get the same benefits as all the other full timers, get fulltimer vacation pay, and even get credit in the same pension plan as fulltime drivers do. How can they say they are not guaranteed eight when they are labeled a fulltime employee?
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    Our supplement states that 22.3 employees get a minimum 8 hours. If your supplement does not, then it is open to interpetation.
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    Even though the 23.3 language has been weakened in this current Contract, the term "full-time" is still used four times just in Article 22, Section 3 alone. It's also used in Articles 40 and 41 additional times in reference to 22.3 people. These references are all from the Master Contract.
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    This really isn't all that surprising considering what the union has done to the cover/utility drivers in regards to our 9.5 hrs. It pretty much sucks though. :biting:
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    Does the "Master Contract" contain terms that defines "Full Time" as those union employees guaranteed 8 hours?
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    I had a friend that was a 22.3 combo driver and many times he got his shuttle run done sooner than scheduled because he would meet another a driver from another center on occasions. He would ask for time worked and not get his 8 hour guarantee. He claimed it was a good deal for UPS and him. He hated working the reload that was already fully staffed and he got to go home before dark.
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    We have a few combos in our building that I call "part-time" combos. Everyday they work their first shift then go home. Nobody forces them to stay, and I am guessing the company wants it that way. Its a shame because there are current part-timers who would love to have that job and would work the full eight hours.
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    Like Sleeve said, the definition is in the regional Supplements. I'd be very surprised if any Supplement defined a "full-time job" as less than eight hours a day. Does anyone know of such a Supplement?
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    Sounds like the center manager just tightened the numbers noose around his own neck.

    I'm not sure a definition of full-time is necessary. The full-time employee would be last man standing on the shifts he is bumping into because of senority and the center manager would have to have every part-timer off the clock in 3-1/2 to make this work. Yes?
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    I was just told that all of the combo people in Omaha came in last week and were told they were part time again. This is getting a little to close to home for me. We need the mob back in the Teamsters. They're a bunch of cowards now if you ask me. I'm thinking the sticker may come out of the window of my car and I may keep my $600+ a year if things don't start changing.
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    I have talked to a couple of 22.3 employees in Omaha I know and this is what I get from them.

    On Friday the 14th management told 87 combo employees that they were being laid off. Upon layoff they would have the option of bumping back into there old jobs, bumping into other jobs that senority and qualification would allow or pick one half of their combo shift and be allowed to return to part-time status. Return to part-time would be permanent.

    According to mangement by laying off the employees they would no longer be considered as 22.3 and therefore no longer gauranteed 8 hrs, rather 3.5 on each shift like a part-timer.

    The companies rationale is that volume is down and that they need the ability to adjust start times or finish times on the twilight and mid-nite shifts to accomodate. This could mean coming in later for some employees on early shift or taking up to a two hour lunch prior to second shift. Of course that later start time and/or extended lunch is coming out of the 22.3's eight hours.

    At a meeting held by their local this past Saturday, union management told rank and file that they agreed with the company to allow changing of start times and extended lunches rather than the layoffs. The union rationale was they would be risking the future loss of 22.3 jobs if employees went into a layoff status as well as the jobs of anyone who went back to part-time and there were a number of 22.3s who wanted to take the part-time option.

    I assume the local made that decision under the advisment of the national headquarters. My friends don't know the details of the agreement but I would like to know if there is any kind of deadline or parameters that have to be met before the 22.3s get back their 8 hrs.

    This basically means about a 11% pay decrease for a 22.3 who has hours reduced by the maximum. I guess if you have 22.3 jobs at your building be aware of this tactic.
  13. Pickles

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    Some wanted to go back to PT even thought they would lose their 22.3 pay?
  14. jim50321

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    From what I was told there were a some who have close to or over 30 years. Some were "red circle" which if I recall a return to part-time might actually be a pay increase per hour. I think they wanted to finish the last couple of years part-time and consider it sort of a semi-retirement. How much of that was just talk and how many would really follow through I don't know.

    Supposedly there were a few who would go back to par-time for the benefits and persue other interests.

    I don't know how accurate is the info my friends related to me. But I can see why the union would not want anyone returning to part-time. All those 22.3 jobs would get lost and never be re-bid like hundreds of others nationwide.

    After going through the archives and seeing posts about other 22.3 jobs flat out eliminated, maybe the union has decided to make concessions temporarily to keep these 22.3 jobs on the books.
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  15. UnsurePost

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    Many, many 22.3 jobs have been eliminated here at our hub. Infact I recently bid out and the 22.3 job I held is not being re-bid. there is a part-time woman being trained on my clerical half (a new hire, which is a major slap in the face IMO)

    This is in the face of stronger language in our supplement (new england supplement) to maintain the jobs than most other areas.
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    I am/was? a 22.3 Combo and tell your friend and all others beware of what they are told and what is in the Contract doesn't mean spit once your job has been "dissolved". We have been forced into split shifts with any jobs less than 5-6 hours apart deliberately kept from us, not being allowed to bump jr. part-timers even though Contract says we can and the list goes on and on. Our supplement does require we get 8 hours and we've fought with grievances to keep it. It's not coincidence jobs we went on strike to gain are the targets of IE and Management, but everyone else should take notice..where we go you will also follow because they can.

    I do wonder if IE has studied there might be too many of them now that we're downsizing?? Bet not..
  17. Pickles

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    If I lose half of my hours I may just go postal...
  18. Red Dawn

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    they have been doing this in local 767...i was replace by two part timer and called "laid off" have split shift. preload twl. they tried that 3.5hr on us..article 48 is clear if two shifts available you are guaranteed 3.5 per shift BUT 8 in a day. each center will point the finger at each other and say i don't have enough hrs so you need to get the rest of hrs on other shift..I went home when i was told, and filled got payed to be at home. after second week and me showing contract to them..we got our 8 in a day. remember not to say your guaranteed 40 but you are guaranteed 8 in day.. i know its the same. lol. ups is still not allowing us to displace anyone on noonday...they want all of us to have 8hr and 5hr splits between shifts..they hoped we would quite..lol boy they were wrong and now we have been educating all part timers on their rights. lol
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    They're laying off, too.
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    ...and offering buyouts in the hope of reducing their numbers by 30,000.