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  1. aldelancey21

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    i applied for a package handler job about 3 weeks ago. After i attended the appointment that i set up on the UPS website i recieved a call one week after. I went to that and everything went good. Today i got a call back and was asked to come in wednesday at 730 pm. They told me to bring 2 forms of ID. This is my 3rd time going in. Any reason to believe they will offer me the job this time? Thanks in advance.
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    Can only speak as to how things went for myself - the 3rd time was the last time for me, during which I brought the ID, diploma, etc.

    Good luck.
  3. aldelancey21

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    How long after your 3rd interview until you started work?
  4. curiousbrain

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    It was right before peak and the shift supervisor wasn't really ready for new hires yet, so I was told to come in a few days later, which I did; he then told me to come back on the Monday of the next week - been at work every day since.
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    This is going to vary from location to location according to a particular building's staffing needs. The Human Resources person giving you the interview would be the best person to ask. Good luck.
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    congrats....there is a 4th, 5th, 6th interview.
    The 4th interview is pretty easy, you do the union stuff and answer a 100 question quiz.
    The 5th interview is the most challenging, in my opinion. they do the "breathe" test to make sure everything is okay.
    The 6th is a piece of cake.
    Then you are hired and the hard part is over and done.