5 to 10 percent wage decrease

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    I know this might be a pipe dream, but this is what I proposed to my center manager after he handed me a sales lead card. I told him every one from Eskew on down to the pt or maybe just the ft should take a 5 to 10 % wage decrease and earmark the monies for shipping rate reductions or no rate hike. I hate having to go with my tail between my legs and giving the cd(rate hike) to my shippers. For once i would like to say to them because of all (mgt and hourlys) scrafice there will be no rate hike or maybe even just a slight decrease in rates. This could generate a lot of new bus. Yes ups is making a profit as of now, but lets be pro active. Were like the mom and pop store, we have service but not the price. thats how walmart killed its competion by price and very little service. Im not saying abonden service. but if we were to get price and service we would kill the competiton. We must never forget most of us would have a lot less if it werent for ups. By no means is ups perfect. Id rather make a few dollars lesss and hr than go to somewhere else and make basically nothing.

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    Remember UPS operating costs are mind boggling. If all the pkg drivers were IC this would be a different game. Just think how much FDX is saving by not paying for Maint,Insurance,Fuel and others like the electronics are rented by these IC's so you know that the savings are passed to their customers.

    This upcoming contract negotiations will be interesting...keyword: Concessions

    All I know is I'm looking ahead and not making any big purchases until I see what UPS offers and what they want in return (reduced benefits),

    No, I don't think UPS will want to start a price war with FDX and DHL, We already carry more pkgs than both combined. They will continue to cut costs at the expense of us pkg drivers and stretch us out even thinner.
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    Whatever he is smoking... I'll take two.
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    Maybe if Eskew just took a 50% paycut, he'd still make more
    money than he can spend in a year, and we wouldn't have to
    raise rates...
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    Eskew is from the Menlo side,he helped us all right down the tube,that is what he will do for Ups
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    When my workload gets reduced to maybe twice the workload of a Fed-ex driver instead of 6 times the workload, I might consider taking a pay cut. Other than that, there is no way in hell I'm taking a pay-cut. Nobody at UPS should be taking a pay cut. We as drivers make the most in the industry becuase we work the hardest, are the most efficient, are the friendliest, and the most respected of all delivery drivers. We are paid the most because we DO THE MOST and deserve it. If a Fed-ex express driver is getting paid 22 bucks an hour to deliver 75 stops and 150 pieces in one day, then are not UPS drivers justifed in getting paid 27 bucks an hour to deliver 175 stops and 325 pieces in one day????

    You may say we are uneducated and thus don't deserve the money. The fact is though we are highly efficent at what we do and are deserving of a higher wage than out less-efficient, less profitable counter parts.

    Has anyone ever seen a full 1200 cubic-inch DHL or Fed-ex truck? I know I never have. These DHL guys are getting paid 22 bucks an hour to basically drive around and do the least work out of all of us.

    So there is one point I will make as to that us UPS drivers are not over compensated.
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    I'd say you are highly educated in UPS methods, practices and policies. That particular education won't be worth much money at another company, but it gives your work value for UPS.
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    To be honest, most front line supervisors and managers HAVE seen a 10-20% cut in pay from the way the stock bonus was re-structured. Of course, that money was gobbled up by the level 20's and above, but still.
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    Dude you have to get that big chip off your shoulder. I never said you were un educated(Paragraph 2). The fact is each full time driver with salary,ot and paid benefits (pensions and ins) comes to well over 100 grand. The fact is the majority of drivers and including myself would make less elsewhere. Its not because were dummies. Theres alot of factors involved. Geography, where you live. Are you motivated enough. etc etc .