$75 million?????

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    You must be retired and have zero idea. Not talking podunk , talking about a building of 300 plus drivers and a preload that is a s*** show everyday. The pds has to pick his/her poison...

    The only people that know of baseplans are the ones that have never done the job
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    and that’s what i’m saying

    it’s literally their job to improve the dispatch; so what if they can’t fix everything in 1 day with the push of a button? persistent effort would have fixed it by now if even a couple PDS had broken that cycle in any given center

    there’s a lot of :censored2: in IE that needs fixing, doesn’t mean i get to sit back and say YEAH THATS MESSED UP OH WELL ::SIIIP:: NOT MY JOB TO FIX
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    you have a completely :censored2:ed up building then if they don’t even know what a base plan is
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    Ok, I can't understand that. You just always come across like it's some easy fix PDS can do. Now I understand why it's not happening.

    Again I think my PDS is a hard worker but I dont see him dealing with a 1 year project until he's forced too.

    Probably why we are not held to any ORION numbers.
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    That’s a load of bs. Cut routes...add routes...not enough preload/drivers...pkgs up to the ceiling...when does the pds fix anything? But I do see the ie guys getting a drink of water in groups of 4 and 5
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    That went right right over your head...oh well.
    And yeah the building is fd up...so how does the pds go about this methodical process that so easy, that no one can show him/her how to do it?
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    you listen to drivers complaints and track down the root cause where the tech isn’t doing something logical:
    parameters first, then the map, then the DOL; rinse and repeat
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    Ok I’ll pass that along...everything is so easy.

    I’m thinking you’re only familiar with podunk centers...
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    you think wrong
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    Then you just know it on paper... not in an actual operation
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    No offense but my IE guy has never been on car... ever. You've mentioned being on car a few times as IE. So I think you're in a small area also.
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    He is a part timer to IE promotion.
    No real experience on how actual routes run. Perhaps a few months.

    My ORION team (and several after) tried to "fix" how ORION works on my route.

    None of the solutions worked if all the relevant info was imputed. We are talking a year and a half of attempts by the lead IE guys. Try imputing 50 scattered businesses, many having early closing times, over a huge geographical area. ORION solutions yielded outcomes that added 20-60 miles a day. They tried everything. It would work 1 or 2 days a week if stops were light, cutting 2 miles a day then costing 20+ miles a day 3 days a week.

    Eventually they removed the closing times to yield solutions that were close to what I normally ran. The problem is that I still had to get to the commercial stops before they closed. So I would either run ORION (breaking off to avoid missed stops) and add many miles, or ignore ORION and cut miles and time.

    They eventually begged me to stop running ORION.

    Here is how a day could go (same stops, same day)....
    My way .............................................................200 miles
    ORION projection with close times programmed in....230 miles
    ORION projection with no close times ....................170 miles

    Now the 170 is unobtainable without missed stops. So if I ran ORION, and broke off for missed, I would put on 220 miles on a 170 projection.

    So they have bounced around the plans, sometimes mirroring RDO, sometimes completely letting ORION run wild with no AM/PM stops named.

    A complete disaster.
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    What looks good on paper just doesn’t translate to real life. You’re looking at things best case scenario and that’s never the case. You are either really new and doing what you are told with no life experience or really old and not in the game of day to day operations and have lost perspective.
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    Just ask @soberups
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    you’re wrong

    i’ve explained it as best i can without putting you in front of DPS for a week sorry
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    So want is your rate and rank as a pds and how did you achieve those results?
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    This is my exact experience as well with ORION. On some days, it basically mirrors the old RDO and life is easy. Then on other days, it's all over the place, telling me to do pickups and dropoffs at the same time in the morning despite pickups not being ready till 4pm. Telling me to do business deliveries after pickups end at 5pm. Telling me to go to a single place three different times, one for NDA, one for NDA savers, and the final time for the ground. Oh not to mention a lot of those places are pickups so that makes four times. Just a bunch of nonsense.
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    He doesn’t know
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    UPS destroying equipment. How sell the parts that resealable? so the company has money to buy towels and soap