8 hour requests = work preload

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    Here is a new twist to work as directed. If our center management teams feels the will have a problem honoring an 8 hour request on a given day they tell the driver they have to come in and work the preload and then deliver early AM's or help with regular NDA's. There are numerous contract violation here I am sure , but most drivers just go with it because the can be off the clock by 1pm. Again , it is a case of bending the contract to fit the needs of UPS.
  2. Jones

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    If I'm not mistaken (and without double checking my contract book), 8 hour requests only have to be made 24 hours in advance while a change in start time requires 48 hours notice. I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.
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    The contract (here in chicago) states they can give you an earlier start time to honor the 8 hour request. Keep in mind that you MUST have 10 hours off before returning to work. this is a dot violation. You must be up on drivers this week for them to pull that, its never been attempted here, but ive been waiting.
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    Actually that scenario would work for me. Since it would be my first time ever working preload, I doubt management would have me do it again.:lol: :lol: Preload here starts at 3:00 AM, so getting off by 12:00 noon would be sweet. :thumbup1:
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    I would also go with this if it was offered to me. Getting on the road for a weekend trip at 1:00 is a hell of a lot better the 5:30 in my opinion.
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    I've done it several times. After spending 8 1/2 years on preload I'm still a preloader at heart.
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    here in atlanta 24 hrs notice is required if the start time is changed by more than an hour....i would be like the other poster tho ...never worked pre-load and i am sure i would never work it again:tongue_sm :thumbup1: BC
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    Don’t fall for such nonsense unless it is explicit in your own contract. Check your Local’s supplement. In mine, there is nothing that says you have to work out of classification. You do your own route, if you have one, and they must get you off the clock in 8 hours. That means they must take work off you. It's as simple as that. It doesn't mean dispatched 8 hours either. The 8-hour request must be submitted in writing 24 hrs in advance but they usually don't require it in writing in my center.
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    If your 8 hr. request is approved and on that day you call the center to request help so that you will finish in 8 hrs. Your sup. gives you grief about it and doesn't send help--------so you end up finishing in 9 hrs. (instead of your usual 10-11 hrs.) and then file a grievance. What should the outcome be?
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    I probably should have been more specific about the answer that I'm looking for.

    Anyway, I can't find anything in the contract that addresses this, but I have heard 2 different things. One is that that you should get paid double-time for any hours over the 8.0 hrs. The other said that you would get paid time and a half for all hours worked that day if they exceed the 8 hrs. requested. Either of these correct? (I'm in the Atlanta area.)