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    I'm curious what i should do about excessive overtime. Tues 10.38 hours. Wed 10.5 hours. Thurs 9.63 hours. Fri. 10.2 hours. Is it worth filing a 9.5 greivance?
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  3. The Blackadder

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    We should all greive this in every building all over UPS.

    UPS wants to work us 10 11 12 hours a day, they dont want to hire new people, they want to cut routes, I guess it saves them money.

    The only way to stop it is to greive and hopefully win, and get money. Money is all UPS cares about, period, the dont care about safety, health, they dont care if you see your kids between monday and friday, they care about CASH PERIOD.

    If we greive and win and make them pay then they will notice, nothing else will make them wake up. Not accidents or injuries, they will just blame those on us, never mind if we are in our 46 hour of work on a thursday.

    No unless they have to pay us they wont ever stop.
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    I've filed a 9.5 grievance every week for over 2 months now. I missed 9.5 every day this week so I will be turning another one in on Tuesday. Once I finally get paid for these, it will be a very sizable check, but my quality of life sucks right now. No amount of money can make up for missing out on my family life. I hope like hell, our new contract addresses this mess.
    Think again! The piddly little amount they will pay us in grievance pay is still way less than having to pay a new employee his wages plus benefits. I got nearly $1000 last year in grievance pay and they are doing the same thing again this year. What we need is new language in the contract.
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    i never have been one that files grievances but i've had enough. I am currently a part time cover driver who has been covering a guys route who has been out for 8 weeks with an back injury that required surgery. He'll be out anot.her 6-8 weeks recoverying. I don't know if i can do another 8 weeks of 10+ hour days. Have any of u filed a 9.5 and won?
  6. idrivethetruck

    idrivethetruck Slow & steady wins the race.

    Everyone in our building who filed last year won. One guy got around $1600 total.
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    If your a cover driver your steward will give you details on your situation but for FT drivers, we had about 15 people on the 9.5 list in our Center and now its about two. I don't know about your area but here when you get on the "District" list routes get fixed since they monitor the Center Manager. The center manager's will hide you if they can.
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    If you are a cover driver, then your SOL for over 9.5 grievances. The contract was ratified to make it almost impossible to grieve and win. In your case, the driver of the route you are covering would first have to be "on the list". You would then have to BID his run and go over 9.5 at least 3 days within 5 (doesn't have to be consecutive) to be able to get on the list yourself. Then would have to bid his run again, go over 9.5 again (3 days within 5), and then you could grieve. By the time you've managed to get all those ducks in a row, they'll have moved you to another route, and screwed you out of your grievance. Pretty slick eh? Thanks Jimmy and Ken! You really looked out for us cover drivers. I'll be looking out for you when the ballots land in my mailbox. :angry:
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    I love how that works, its as if we, as cover drivers don't count and can be abused and run to the max day in, day out and we have to sit there and take it.

    I've gotten to the point now where I just come in, work and go home. I don't give them a minute, nor do I expect them to give me one. If they dispatch me with 10 hours of work then I will stay out for those 10 hours which are required to run it. I couldn't care less if I scratch, or am 100+ clicks over, as none of that matters to me. If I scratch a route all that means to me is that I screwed myself out of money, and I certainly will not do that.

    Time to make that money
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    There is more to life than money.
  11. cachsux

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    If you consider that excessive I suggest you not go into feeder if the opportunity arises.
  12. idrivethetruck

    idrivethetruck Slow & steady wins the race.

    But feeders isn't strenuous work for 10+ hours every day of the week.
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    Pt freight = 45 to 50 hr wk
    Fill time freight = 50 to 60 hr wk

    UPS formula is Low pay = more hours.
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    File, send a message, maybe they think you want it, so they are giving to you
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    The physical strain would be replaced by the long drives in bad winter storms with all the knuckleheads driving in your safety cushions on all 4 sides of your 18 wheels. Low visibility, trailer doing iceskating and needing much more thought into stopping when hazards occur in front and narrow turnings on streets. Oh, and winter wind throwing your trailer around like a rag doll on the freeway while having those tiny little cars struggling to fly past you ever so closely. Mental stress and greater responsability but your back and knees will feel better. I'm not in feeders but have experience. Feeders earn there keep in the winter and I give them respect for those things.
  16. idrivethetruck

    idrivethetruck Slow & steady wins the race.

    I wasn't implying their job is easy, just not physically demanding like package car. I'm approaching 50 years of age and while my body is slowing down and aging, UPS is adding more work and telling me I have to go faster. UPS used to respect their older employees, now they just want to replace them asap.
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    Funny, I logged in to the site to research this very topic.

    How do the rules relate to FT drivers who's routes have been cut? I've put in 116 hours in two weeks and when I asked my half assed shop steward about helping he said nothing could be done because I'm not running my bidded route. In fact, I haven't run the same route back-to-back in a month.

    So much for bidding on a route :sad-little:

    What rights if any do I have?
  18. cachsux

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    No, it`s strenuous for 60 hours a week. Try making a pickup route with no power steering and a 53` trailer on your back. You`ll complain about a 80lb box. We have 80,000lbs behind us. On crappy roads, dodging idiot drivers, in weather they call you guys in for.
    Seen lots of package guys come in tough. Seen quite a few go back scared.
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    First post of mine on here, but here it goes. Take it from another driver who's route is cut out most Mon, Tues and some Wed...you can still file 9.5 grievances no matter what route you're on. Unfortunately your steward doesn't sound like he wants to do anything for you. As for your route being cut out, talk to the other drivers in your loop and make sure they are taking their break between the third and sixth hour. If they're taking their breaks at the end of the day (shame on all drivers who do) to get businesses off, this helps managment cut out your route. Also don't think for a second that you're supposed to run the same as the normal driver if you're bumping lower seniority drivers off their route. THEY are cutting out YOUR route and YOU have the right to work. Good luck man and don't be scared to fight the good fight.
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    Not necessarily the case. Depends on your location.