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  1. eastboundandbrown

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    hey guys, just wondering if anyones buildings have a 9.5 list posted?? I was hearing alot about it a few weeks ago but then it all just disapered?
  2. Theichii

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    at our local meeting they said the union had some kind of agreement to where it didn't have to be posted every five months like the contract says it has to be, but instead you have to go into the office to be put on the list. Which is kind of intimidating for some but you could also file once, because that shows your intent of being on the list, and the second time you file you will get paid.
  3. eastboundandbrown

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    if u file for excessive ot how long do u get paid triple time for?? just that week? cause u need 3days over 9.5 to file
  4. JonFrum

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    Read this article, and download The Memo that changed the 9.5 language in mid-Contract.

    - - -
    You only get tripple-time for the specific dates you went over 9.5 and successfully grieved.

    You only get tripple-time for the minutes in excess of 9.5.

    The 9.5 language doesn't apply during Peak or during two other weeks of the year in which you initially go over 9.5.

    You already received time-and-one-half for the excessive minutes in your regular paycheck so you are only owed an additional time-and-one-half as penalty pay.

    The tripple-time penalty is not guaranteed, even if you win the grievance. You might only get it if your case deadlocks all the way up the grievance chain and the two top national decisionmakers from the Teamsters and UPS choose to award it to you.
  5. Guy Smiley

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    The 9.5 language is all bunk. It was just a selling point for the union to get the contract expiendtly passed.
  6. I laugh all the way to the bank every week.

    Whatever pea-brain executive thought it was a good business decision to load every truck with 9.2 "planned day" gave me the biggest raise since they put EDD/PAS in our building.

    The people running this company are allegedly highly educated people -- makes me think twice about sending kids to college these days.
  7. 40 and out

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    Have never seen a 9.5 list in my building,and have never heard a word mentioned about it. I wouldn't even know what it was if I hadn't read my contract .
  8. 22.34life

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    the do post it in my center,but its not out in the open.they put it in the corner right behind were the door to the center hinges.i have also seen it posted and then covered with another sheet of paper.
  9. srvhero

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    There's a list ??? really ??
  10. In my building the list was posted about a month ago. However the work load has not decreased. I arrived in the bldg @ 1900 tonight. I was one of the first drivers in the blg. The problem is that drivers complain about the work, however they want OT. Also, mgt uses the outdated over/under as the guideline, it's all about the numbbers.
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    I have never seen a list lol....I know they push the 9.5 at the hub but not in extended centers I guess.....Cause I can do 10. 11. 12..no more then 12 though they get cranky
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    As was the COLA language.

    As was the Hourly Trainers language.

    As was the Article 22.3 language.

    As was the National Grievance Committee language.

    As was the Safety Committee language.

    As was the Dignity And Respect At All Tiimes language.

    As was the Oversupervision language.

    As was the Supervisors Working language.

    As was the Early Ratification language.

    As was the . . .

    - - -
    On the other hand, I suspect this language below, for example, means exactly what it says, and is as strictly enforced at all times as the Dues Remittance language:

    Section 23. Union Liability
    Nothing in the Agreement or its Supplements relating to health, safety or training rules or regulations shall create or be construed to create any liability or responsibility on behalf of the Union for any injury or accident to any employee or any person nor does the Union assume any such liability or responsibility.

    The Employer will not commence legal action against the Union, on a subrogation theory, contribution theory, or otherwise, as a result of the Union’s negotiation of safety standards contained in this Agreement or failure to properly investigate or follow-up Employer compliance with those safety standards.