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    The stop counts are rising and the pressure to remain under 9.5 is still being enforced. What is the TRUE meaning behind the 9.5 rule anyway? I believe it is just another attempt to create a sense of urgency by imposing a deadline. Another way to get the SPORH # up. A rookie driver came in the center the other night claiming he had no lunch and almost had a severe accident because he felt so much pressure to come in under 9.5. I wonder how many accidents/injuries can be attributed to this "pressure"?
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    The 9.5 rule is a union thing. The company would love you to work as long as legally possible.
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    Give them a 9.52 They really like that, Thats what i worked tonite! Just couldnt work it out!!!

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    9.5 means nothing but I do believe it was create by UPS, before the union use of 9.5.
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    Yea don't you just love when they bust routes out when the weather forecast is predicting 2 to 5 more inches of snow on top off the 12 inches you already have. Then they tell you to be safe and get in early to beat the storm. Where do they get some of these people. But safety is the biggest concern. RIGHT

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    I know managers use to have a investment if they center was under for the year on planed 9.5s, but 9.5s haven't meant anything in my center for the last few yrs.
  7. It's the same stuff like before. My center manager said a few weeks ago that he is concerned about me making cut off, so let it be. I am on the 9.5 list now. For me the meaning of 9.5 would be that you got less chance to get into accident or injured rather than working 12 hours per day and become a zombie by Friday. However I would support a 9 hours cut off in the next contract(s).
  8. You can't let the pressure get to ya. Go out every day, and do your job to the best of your ability. Follow methods, follow methods, follow methods... And just let the BS they spew roll off your back!!! Leave your work at work, both mentally and physically. Then go home and enjoy your family/life...

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    They don't pressure us to get in here. They send a message asking, will you be in by 9.5, my answer last nite was see you at 19:30. Never heard back from them. I certainly wouldn't skip my lunch or breaks just to get in under 9.5. If they want you in that bad, they can take stops off.
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    Around here, over 9.5 means triple time. If they don't have a problem loading me up, I figure they won't have a problem paying me.