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Hello all,

I will be starting as a part-time loader on tuesday. It's nice to see a whole forum dedicated to Big Brown. On to the question, Are high-top boots/ shoes required or are normal low-cut work shoe/boots ok? The reason i ask is because i have a size 17 foot and would have to internet order high top boots. It completely slipped my mind to ask today at my tour. But i have heard conflicting definitions of the shoes required. "nothing below the heel...ankle support... high-top or low we dont care as long as they are sturdy, non slip, and thick soled." Thus i am a bit confused.
Any help is greatly appreciated. I hope to post often.



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At my hub they just emphasize that it have a non slick sole. I've never heard anything about it having to be high tops. Of course I have seen people wear normal tennis shoes on a regular basis to work and never get bothered about it, so I would ask your training sup what he suggests.


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UPS regulations vary from area to area. There has been talk about requiring workers to wear steel toed boots, but either giving them a discount or reimbursing them for the purchase.

In your case, getting a proper sized shoe is not as easy or is it available off the rack, so they would need to accommodate your needs, at least as long as it takes to get the new boot in.

Ask though and find out.

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