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    Back to the original thought behind this thread. Prior to 97 85% of all customers were single carrier primarily UPS. In todays world less than 15 percent are single carrier. Its safe to assume that this migration would have occured to some degree with the increase of competition; you have to wonder if it would have happened quite so rapidly without the strike.
    One more thought in my world we would normally have planned major volume reductions the day prior to the 4th and the week after. It appears this year something has certainly changed..Volume for july 4th has not dipped and may actually be increasing a little. Could it be the return of the one year contractees from july of last year( contract negotiations) or is the economy starting to pick up steam?
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    Tieguy you have to read the context of the post. I would not vote on a contract that I didnt know the money and all the small print also. It has to be a balanced contract. What I said and you have proven is that there are people who will look at just the money and think that is the only part of the contract that matters. Even though there could be wording in that contract that could eliminate them as an employee.Answer this : You mean to tell me that if UPS offered you a contract which contained a 100 pages and the wages were listed on the first page you would go vote on it with out reading the rest?? No you wouldnt, but then you post that the stupid people who think this way should be able to decide the future of the rest of the people with common sense who look at the whole contract . You think that we should let the stupid people vote on the contract because it benefited UPS. If it were your future you would want More qualified people then yourself to go over it first to see if it was a balanced contract. Which is what my post dictated and you would agree if it was your future. For the people who got it the first time I am sorry.
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    yes I would agree that no matter how asinine the logic or methodology each member has the right to vote based on those factors that are important to them. I don't believe the process would so limit itself. I believe that each of you would have read the offer and made the effort to educate each other on those parts of the offer that you did or did not like.
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    My opinion based on my own interaction with a small segment of your overall membership.

    Was this "small segment" part time or full time members? The needs and wants in a contract for these two types can be very different as most of us already know.

    When I was part time, I used to try and educate my fellow brothers about the contract proposals, but the worry of running out of beer always seemed more important at the time.
    Ahhhh the good old days !
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    Both. The economy is starting to hit on all cylinders, and some of the customer base is coming around.

    As to the membership voting yes on the companies offer. It would have been 80-90% for. It was a good offer, and I would be for raises tied to the companies growth and profit. I would even be for shares of company stock as part of my income package. ANd it would not have been a short term only vote. UPS can take wages back, and if the company was on the ropes, the Teamsters would have no choice but to agree to the thought. They can ill afford for the largest block of members to become unemployed.

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    "They can ill afford for the largest block of members to become unemployed."
    True, but unfortunately our Union has never thought "long term", something I feel UPS is very good at. Believe me, the Union isnt even planning for the next contract yet, but UPS already has the next three planned.
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    Tieguy you believe that everyone has read the contract before voting on it?????.. Would you be willing to bet your life on that???? I will be making the funeral arrangements.... Will you please take off that silly looking tinfoil hat too......
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    What has cost us a lot of business is the constant increase in charges for pickup service and other fees. Small folks who only ship now and then are dropping their UPS accounts. Frequently they turn to a rival instead of calling us back. The poor quality of the people they've hired to answer the phones is another problem well spoken about but never listened to. The company has lost the personal touch which made relationships with people, and the drivers lack the knowledge of all the many options people might have. The only good service we provide is delivery service, but you need more than that to keep people happy. I'll be retiring in eight months, and then I don't have to worry about poor management any more.
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    Congrats to you, sendagain. An employee who understands the problem and speaks out.

    You are right on with your points.}}
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    Tieguy is right about not having stupid people voting for an ups contract.. Same goes with voting a U.S President into the White House.. The Electoral Voting system stops the stupid people in their tracks from electing any Tom,Dick or Harry into the White House!
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    "Tieguy you believe that everyone has read the contract before voting on it?????.. Would you be willing to bet your life on that???? I will be making the funeral arrangements.... Will you please take off that silly looking tinfoil hat too"

    You always try to be so dramatic? No all will not read the contract, all will not participate. Many will and many will share what they like and don't like.
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    MY LORD, forget about the contract already............Its over and done with(even though we are still waiting for our contract books)A contract is only as good as people who enforce it.Its time to move on........
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    Agreed. The subject will always stir discussion. After all it was "the event".
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    Hey Tie, I think we should trade in our tinfoil hats for some lead shoes to put Kidlogic in.

    Know any deep polluted rivers? I would use the Cuyahoga, but it's actually getting cleaner.
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    lol, I'm afraid we might be throwing br rabbit in the briar patch if we do.
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    Local804....I work at a VERY small extended center and even we have our contract books! What gives?
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    The local keeps telling us that at the local level, the suplements in our area, went on much longer than the national part of the contract. So even thought the contract was ratified, they still had to iron out some issues.
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    I agree about the phone center. I get calls to go get anything from ARS, to pkgs going to some unknown to me foreign country with people I cant even converse with to tell them what they need to do, to send it. They have no paperwork, no label, no ASD, nothing. Makes me wonder who takes these calls. We may have bilingual in CS, but not on the truck. Just send it to the driver and let them sort it Out! And it is always with an hour to get there at the end of the day when you just thought you might be done by 7 for a change!!! GOOD GRIEF, of course now we blame summer help, soon we can blame peak help. there is always someone to blame, but it ends up on us, and it never gets rectified, just passed on.
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    "MY LORD, forget about the contract already............Its over and done with."

    I agree 100%.

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    nice headgear....