A New Level of Haterd For This Company

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Jul 3, 2013.

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    Everyone knows I think FedEx is a shathole, but they have stooped so low and in such an underhanded manner that I find myself hating this place at a level even I thought was impossible. If Fred and Matt were standing in from of me right now, I'd drop them both and then kick them over the goalpost if I could. Jesus, they are such bastards!! Please...let there be Karma for these people.
  2. Clue us in on exactly what brought on this latest frustration?
  3. MrFedEx

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    First off, I actually do know how to spell "hatred". I typed this post very quickly and in anger. Basically, they are messing with someone very close to me who is an easy target...and it's hard to watch. They are going to get canned for something very minor, and his/her family cannot afford for this person to lose their job. Kid health issues etc...THIS COMPANY SUCKS.
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  5. Do you have other employment alternatives? Take your truck, throw the keys away, and park it in the middle of no where. If you have no alternative, I feel sorry for you. When I ask this, I mean it in all sincerity... Have you ever thought of Ground? It's a bit harder on the knees and the wallet, but easier on the heart, literally and spiritually.
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    Our drivers are leaving as fast as "Wallie Mart" can hire them. Makes me wonder is that why they gave the "couriers/rtd's 2% and the others nada. I really see them messing with the wrong person and it being on the news. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.
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    I agree. With the major late freight yesterday I had to RTB for additional freight. I walked into the office to ask one of the CSAs about a package and they were going nuts trying to deal with angry customers, both on the phone and at the counter. One started crying after a very angry woman at the counter swore at her. We are rapidly approaching the scenario you envision.
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    Everytime a holiday approaches customers get nervous about the fact we're gonna be closed for 1 single day. Then volumes go up and the hub can't handle it and whala.....late freight. The upper management obviously chooses to do nothing about it so Fred can pocket the extra dough that he saves by providing the customer with crappy service. He doesn't give a rat's ass either. Happens all the time.
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    MFE must've received the new Heathcare benefits plan in the mail. I wonder if all the Express people can vote Fred Smith out of office like George Zimmerman formerly the founder of Men's Warehouse. They booted him when they felt he was destroying what the made the company so successful.
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    If Im not mistaken, he owns 51%. He's going nowhere.
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    Fred doesn't own anywhere near that percentage of outstanding FedEx stock.

    There are just under 317 million shares of FedEx stock outstanding and Fred Smith (as of about a year ago), is listed as owning just under 20 million shares.

    Dividing 20 million by 317 million yields 6.3 percent ownership of FedEx.

    Assuming he owns the same now as he did last August (I'm not going to check for stock options he has exercised since August of last year or shares he may have sold in that same time period), the value of FedEx he owns at current stock price ($97.72/share) is just over $1.9 BILLION.
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    I don't know about you guys, but at Express in Socal our volumes have been down everyday since '08. Ground has destroyed us.(Express)I said it in the beginning and I was right...all we are now is P1, F1 and IPF. I can understand the jubilation in Memphis regarding Ground's profit margins to a degree, but Ground didn't build this company into what it is today. WE DID. They called our customers and told them to send their stuff F2, F3 and I think it's 5? day freight and then they look at us and ask, "why are your numbers down"? I'm like....what?????
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    In stead of our managers telling us volume keeps going down, like its our fault, I would love it if one would be honest and say the diversion to ground plan is working as planned. I would respect that honesty.
  14. The future of Express is me. I am 360 pounds, have a beard and mullet, have tattoos on both arms. I spit tobacco in the street. I have cheeto crumbs on my shirt. I'm very lazy. If packages are too heavy, I driver release them in the yard or drive way. I am Ground, there are many more of me. I am not the fattest or laziest one at my hub either. This is the future of express. Embrace me.