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    I was working today and my driver found out another driver hit some people's property and damaged it and got stuck up for a accident. I'm just curious what happens to the driver when a mess up like that happens?
  2. cosmo1

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    No tip for him.
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    If he reported it, management will yell at him, charge him with an accident and slap him on the wrist
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    Unless he knocked the house down, he should get a warning letter charging him for an accident and life goes on.

    As long as that was his first one in a year. If it was his second, progressive discipline may allow for a suspension. Third could be a discharge.

    Hopefully it was his first and life goes on. He lost his safe driving award, which we don't get anymore anyway.

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    Did your driver actually tell you this story and either not finish the story or not answer your questions ???????