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  1. derrick

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    i'm a air/in building worker. I've been asked a few times to deliver grounds and sure packages. I just found out that i'm supposed to get paid package car rate to deliver them. so if i'm asked to deliver them do I get paid TOP package driver rate for the rest of the day or just for the time I delivered? or is it base package driver rate? asking because it might mean when I go into the building I still getting top pay driver pay to load trailers.
  2. PT Car Washer

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    You should get top ground rate for the entire day.
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  3. cosmo1

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    That's the way it was here.

    One ground delivery, or one ground pickup or out for an hour was full rate for the entire day.
  4. RolloTony Brown Town

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    If you move 1 piece of ground then you should be paid top package driver rate for the whole day.
  5. derrick

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    i'm looking into it. but if its true they been screwing me over they owe me about 20,000 because I've been doing it for months.
  6. Rack em

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  7. Cardb0ard.

    Cardb0ard. Beer and more beer

    You should file....
    I’m also a air driver and preloader. Every time I touch a single ground package I’m getting my $29 ah hour.
  8. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    What supplement and rider do you work under?
  9. BigUnionGuy

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    You might have missed out on $20,000.... but, you're not going to collect all of it.

    There are time limits on filing a grievance, and how far you can go back.
  10. derrick

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    filed article 40 and all other articles that may apply and stated I want back pay dating back to June 2018. I thought there was a time limit too. because if you are filing on a manager doing union work you have 5 days to file. but being as though its a pay rate issue I think I can go all the way back. that like if I was getting paid 19 a hour and they never gave me 1 dollar progression for a year I can go back and file for all the back pay. I touching grounds every day and putting in 53-55 hours a week.
  11. zubenelgenubi

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    In the western region you have to inform your direct supervisor, and/or a steward within "(5) working days of the known occurrence giving rise to the dispute, alleged contractual violation or grievance."
    If the matter is not settled within one day, you then file a grievence. The exception to that is underpayment on a paycheck of less than $20 for part timers. They can add that amount to your next paycheck.

    That doesn't mean remedies can't stretch back further than the 5 days. Under our rider, claims for shortages on pay checks can go back 90 days. And that, still, does not prevent you from seeking remedies through state or federal law. Once you've gotten your back pay through the contractual grievance process, you can seek further remedies as allowed for through State agencies, and possibly the courts. In my state, I don't believe there is a limit on how far back you can go to claim underpayments on your paycheck. Your mileage may vary.
  12. RolloTony Brown Town

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    Good luck getting that money. I don’t see you getting every cent of that money back, but whatever you do get will send the message to the center that they best pay you the proper rate from here on out.
  13. Cardb0ard.

    Cardb0ard. Beer and more beer

    From what my steward said, no... is he wrong.?
  14. Cardb0ard.

    Cardb0ard. Beer and more beer

    Just went through the new contract.. didn’t see anything about air drivers delivering ground at top rate.
  15. WTFm8

    WTFm8 Active Member

    Did it at a previous union job.

    My state goes back 3years intentional and 2 years accidental, for pay disputes.

    Got the pay and seniority on my own cause the union didn’t fight for it ‘cause I wasn’t a member’ because of HR screweup.

    They were nice enough to take all dues from when I got it back-dated along with charge for insurance that I didn’t/couldn't use.

    Month later I quit. Union in building (IAM) was so :censored2: I didn’t even get a withdraw card after requesting twice
  16. zubenelgenubi

    zubenelgenubi Well-Known Member

    NMA Article 40 section 1a-7

    "(7) Air drivers may, on an exception basis, be used to make service on packages which are not air packages.

    An exception package is intended to be when an Air Driver is making a pick up, as outlined above, after the regular driver has been at the customer’s premises, and the customer has an exception ground package(s) for shipment, the air driver may make service on this package(s). Air drivers may continue to pick up Automatic Return Service packages but the features of this service will not be expanded.

    Any violation of Section 1(a) (7), shall obligate the Employer to pay the Air Driver involved the difference between his/her rate of pay and the top regular package car driver wage rate existing at that building. Grievances concerning violation or abuse of this shall be referred directly to the National Air Committee."

    Unless the ground driver top rate in your building is $29 you have a grievance on your hands. Please direct your steward to this article. You can also file a complaint against your steward with the local for misrepresentation.
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  17. Cardb0ard.

    Cardb0ard. Beer and more beer

    UPS is about to owe some big money back!
  18. derrick

    derrick Member

    yup. but i have a feeling they will go to panel or try to settle for a quarter of the pay. I have sick days so I can go to a panel meeting. out our building top ground is 36 a hour I think.
  19. derrick

    derrick Member

    I have other shop stewards calling me to just remove it in good faith. WOW. I must have a strong case to get phone calls from other shop stewards that have no parts in the case and I didn't even file with to be calling me. hmm well I can say from filing this I know who is on the union and UPS side of things.
  20. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Your Union stewards should be backing your grievance as it is a penalty against UPS for not hiring enough package car drivers and paying them top rate. My building uses PT and art 22.3 air drivers everyday to deliver ground and have no problem paying us top ground rate. Currently $36.89/hr. It is still a good deal for UPS as they are not paying into the FT pension plan or only using us as needed.