Allah Called, you've been replaced

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Bush: "Jesus, help me win a war in the Middle East"

    Bush: "what are you doing here?"

    Obama: "Allah Called".


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    Bush cant even hold the book right side up!


  3. I gotta say something positive about Barry Soetoro though.
    In Hebrew Barack Obama's meaning:

    1. Linguistically, Barack is related to the Semitic root ב-ר-כ, as in the Hebrew word ברכה, brachah, meaning "blessing". Thus, the name could be spelled ברךּ.
    2. Phonetically, Barack is more naturally spelled ברק, which uses an unrelated root and means "lightning". This is how Obama's first name is invariably spelled by native Hebrew speakers, for example in the Israeli press.
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    AllAH called and BUSH "made out with the king"!

    ALLAH CALLED " and mR HaNdY" made an appearance!


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    That makes the king a gay & punishible by death in his country. Here, men are allowed to kiss men.
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    So, it would be a "blessing" if he got struck by "lightning"?
  7. From religious standpoint it is Lucifer's description too, :D for Christians and Jesus followers this is not good news or it is I don't know how they think of it. Without knowingly we worship Lucifer (subliminally), logos, signs, segments in movies, our flag for instance, most of our institutions, Statue of Liberty, 911 twin towers were symbolic too, all seeing eye a lot of the stuff comes from Egypt, Babylon. Freemasons build this country the founding date was symbolic too, from GW to our 44th last (foreign born, that's why the media covers for him) president Soetoro most of them were Freemasons. How is that for "elections"!!! Now I don't know if Obama is the "antichrist" but surely he does go after the churches and the descriptions of him in most revelations fits for him. This war/story has been going on for thousands of years and we are at the final chapter.
    Epic and exciting year to live in for me that's for sure. I don't like any-kind of war, but I realize that for this to stop would need a global revolution with solutions and ideas, not violence. Clearing out the whole entire system including political/military/corporate/MSM members. But some people still stuck in that "republican or democrat" limbo and arguing issues that doesn't really matters to me at least.
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    Really? where does it say that in your bible??