Am I SOL in this situation?

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    Little background: Been with UPS 7 years, been a pickoff for the last 2.5/3 years. In my local, pickoff is not a bid job, but there is a past practice wherein seniority is considered when choosing pickoffs.

    About a year ago my sort(night) had a transfer from day sort who has about a year more seniority than I do. He's always been a loader. He's now been on my sort for about a year, and yesterday decided that now he wants to pickoff and is pulling seniority on me. Is there anything I can do, or am I just screwed?
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    Won't fly. File a grievance in the off chance it does, but my understanding is that a part-time employee can't pick their work load or unit, but can change shifts. If a pickoff is open, they can then request to be moved to the open spot, by seniority.
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    Are you better at that job? Most sups want the better ones sorting to cut down on missorts.
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    I'm definitely more experienced, he's hardly picked off. Afaik, if the employee really pushes the seniority, at least in my hub, and can do the job reasonably well, there's not much the supes can do about it. I need to get together with a steward but ours is out on injury at the moment.
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    Going to depend on how your local supplement handles preferred jobs, but in my area the senior employee gets to pick-off.
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    If there is past practice language in your supplement, then you're SOL. But he should be bumping the least senior pickoff so if there's a junior pickoff you might be able to keep your spot. Also you could try to argue that you are already qualified and they can't replace you with someone who isn't qualified. But yeah your most likely SOL.
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    Depends on your local. In my local if you willingly change shifts you cannot bump someone out of their job even if you have more seniority. He would have to wait for you to quit, get fired, move on, etc. Now if his sort was eliminated then he has a right to your job.
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    normally in my hub they go by whoever was doing the job first, unless the person with more seniority does file a grievance then they let
    the union decide or try to find a spot for both ppl. if you have that much time im sure u can bump someone else out.
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    Years ago when I worked the local twilight sort, we were always told that as part timers we were all classified the same and thus management could put us whereever they wanted.