Ann Coulter's Piece On Jerry Falwell

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by big_arrow_up, May 20, 2007.

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    She is so hot!
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    I think I'm going to pull a Borat on her at her next autograph signing.
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    Ann Coulter is a dog and a media whore.She's the equivlent of Rosie O'Donnell only the opposite side of the spectrum.
    Carefull now,according to Falwell your going to Hell:devil: fantasizing about Ann Coulter.Did'nt you know she used to be a guy:helpsmili.Everybodys giong to Hell if you don't see things Falwell's way.He's done some good, but all these TV Evengalists interpet the Bible according to their views only,there living standards are way to extravagant,and they want to raise all these little Neo.Con babies for future Rep. votes.

    This is our America not Hannity's America!
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    Better than raising all the welfare children, and whole lots of them for democrat votes. And keeping God out of everything will ensure its growth.
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    You mean keeping TV Evangalists out of every thing.I don't consider them Gods.The Pope works for my God.

    Welfare children,democratic votes?
    I don't think they give a hoot about politics,what there really interested is their next meal and a place to sleep.Plus I don't think they volunteer to be welfare children.
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    "The Pope works for my God."

    Oh, good example. The head of one of the largest child abuse hiding organizations in the world. You must be proud.

    "Plus I don't think they volunteer to be welfare children."

    Perhaps not. But they sure don't spend any time or energy trying to get off welfare.
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    Coming from an Ann Coulter :censored2: kissing bigot,such as yourself,that holds alot of weight.

    That's what you Coulter Cult fanatics are all about,sterotyping,labeling,bigotry and stirring up controversy to steer away attention from the inevitable downfall of the far right conservative repulican party.
    Shows your true conservative colors.

    Concerning children on welfare,what do you want them to do,work in child harbouring "sweatshops"run by republicans.
    I expected you to attack the welfare childrens parents,not the children themselves.

    This is our America not Hannity's America!
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    "Coming from an Ann Coulter :censored2: kissing bigot,such as yourself.."

    That sounds very much like a personal attack. I ask the moderator team to delete that hateful post.

    Sorry Mr Diesel, I was hoping you could debate without resorting to personal attacks. This conversation is over.
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    So anyone that believes in conservative and Christian values is a bigot? Now that is funny. I recommend shock therapy. And let me tell you something else. If the far right, as extreme as they are sometimes, falls then this country will fall. And it'll be at the hands of whacko Liberals. Please explain how we are all about stereotyping, labeling, bigotry, and stirring up controversy? This should be interesting.
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    That post was deleted, it sounded like a personal attack. Diesel96, its fine to disagree with another User, but you need to debate ideas without the name calling.
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    "and they want to raise all these little Neo.Con babies for future Rep. votes. "

    Unless Im wrong diesel, this was in your post. :crying:
    But I cant come back and say welfare kids grow up to be democrats?
    Its really silly that you even took it that way, especially since you did the initial slam.
    No its not the kids fault, its the parents, and the ones sleeping in the gutter, and starving are the ones who need help. The ones who have slipped through the cracks, usually mentally ill and drug addicted. The ones on welfare dont live that way, and you know it.
    Im leaving, I feel a Howard Dean coming on.:lol:Oh wait it already happened and I missed it sorry.

    A famous white Christian leader dies, and barely a peep about it. Thats what the posts are about anyway.
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    In response to diesel 96,------------------------------------ Hey diesel 96 i graduated from Falwells university and decided to stay here in his home town. It always surprises me how people make up their mind about someone from getting their information from a bias, liberal ,God hating media. Jerry Falwell has always given any and all credit to the Lord Jesus Christ. Has Falwell made mistakes--yes. Its not Falwells way as you have stated, its Christ way. Falwell has always made it clear that it is --you,that makes the final decision on whether or not--you--choose to accept the death,burial and resurection of Christ. Dont sterotype all the TV evangelist into one group, just because there are a few bad apples. Believe or not, God is not just someone that made the earth and everything else and just forgot about it. He wants to be a personal God that care about every aspect of your life. Jerry Falwell was the real deal. An old school preacher that told it like it was(from a Biblical stand point). and that offends alot of people. Many of the disciples and prophets had the same unwavering approach. When judgement comes it only going to be between you and God. no bs no excuses.
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    Ann Coulter is definitely a media whore. Whenever she is on TV and someone disagrees with her, she starts to verbally attack them and it`s usually something personal about that person. And no, I don`t think she`s hot. As a matter of fact I think she`s really scary.
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    I understand your decsion Scratch,but when someone attacks and discredits and"name calling" The Pope and The Catholics Faith as "child abuser hiders" as if the Pope was involved.I am compelled to defend his Name ,Honor and respect.

    Would you consider leaving post and editing statement you felt unessccessary?There was some other valid points in that post.
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    Hey Jones,
    Funny you should bring up Hitchens as I just happen to hear some folks talk about his appearance on Hannity and Colms last week talking about Falwell. I work evening so I don't watch much TV and considering all I hear about it I think I'm blessed not too. :lol: I did go out to FoxNews and read he show transcript and WHOA! Boy he held nothing back as it's obvious there's no love lost there. Ralph Reed also present on the show got in one sentence and that was it.

    I happen to believe that the teachings of Christ are the greatest out there but after many years and doing lots of reading and even learning to research in the original greek and hebrew language, I've pretty well written off organized religion on all fronts but that's a personal choice as the vast majority of folks enjoy and derive purpose and meaning from it.

    As to Falwell, no argument that he changed the political landscape in America and whether for the better or worse, time and historians will have to judge that. The one thing that I do think that Falwell did that was good is that in all the talk about experiencing diversity and being inclusive by many out there, Falwell forced those so-called advocates of diversity and inclusion to be shown that at the end of the day they were unable to accept those in society who choose a limited willingness to have certain things in their lives or around them based on religious conviction.

    Accepting diversity and being tolerate of difference means you are that way to all people even when they show their own willingness to not be inclusive in all matters. I've often found that crowd preaching diversity, love eveyone and being inclusive only exists with open arms as long as you change your thinking to fit their preconceived ideas of perfect society. I have no problem for example living around gays as a lesbian couple live right across the street from us and have for years and are super neighbors. However, at he same time if Christians want to ban together, buy property and form a community with a rule of no gays, knock ya'self out! I support their belief and choice to do that even though I myself wouldn't choose to do so.

    My problem with Falwell or folks on the otherside of the isle is that they are unwilling to tolerate people making their own choices for themselves. Contary to any religious dogma or societal utopian secular dogma, I believe in the right of the individual first and foremost. I'd have to say if I were a devote fundmental christian in our world today I might be and seem rather intolerate myself for the simple fact I'm not allowed to live as I believe. The moment however that I depart from defending those folks is the very moment they enter the town square and try and codify their religious dogma. On the flipside, there are others who have also entered the town square and have been successful in some areas of going way overboard and now they complain of the reaction? Personally, in the public realm I want nothing to do with either side as I'll choose how to live my own life thank you very much!

    Again, JMHO

    And lastly, take care Jonesy and thanks for the link.